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Tripp feared Monica tapes were illegal.

Presidential confidant Mr Bruce Lindsey appeared at the federal courthouse yesterday, as new information surfaced about what may have led a colleague of Ms Monica Lewinsky to give prosecutors secret tapes suggesting a Presidential affair and cover-up.

New York book agent Lucianne Goldberg said that a month before Ms Linda Tripp provided her secret recording of conversations with Ms Lewinsky to prosecutors, Ms Tripp became concerned her tapes might be illegal and began looking for a new lawyer to seek immunity from prosecution. On the tapes, the former White House intern reportedly alleged she had an affair with President Clinton and had been asked to deny it.

Goldberg said it was that concern that eventually led Ms Tripp to an attorney, and eventually, Whitewater independent counsel Mr Kenneth Starr.

Mr James Moody, Ms Tripp's current lawyer, said his client went to Mr Starr in January because she was being asked by Ms Lewinsky to lie in Mrs Paula Jones's sexual harassment lawsuit against the President.

It was reported yesterday that the grand jury has issued a subpoena to Ms Kathleen Willey, a former volunteer White House aide who reportedly said in a deposition in the Jones case that President Clinton groped her in his office in November 1993.
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Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Feb 19, 1998
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