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Tripos Releases LITHIUM 2.0 Desktop Tool For 3-D Chemical Collaboration, Visualization and Decision Support.

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ST. LOUIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 24, 2004

Premier Communications Portal Provides Medicinal Chemists With

Access To Computational Data

Tripos, Inc. (Nasdaq:TRPS), a leading provider of drug discovery informatics products and chemistry research, has announced the release of LITHIUM(TM) 2.0, a desktop development and delivery system that provides a collaborative decision support environment, including visualization of 3-D chemical information. LITHIUM streamlines communication between frontline life sciences researchers and computational chemists. State-of-the-art molecular graphics and a user-friendly interface allow biologists and medicinal chemists to view, understand, interact with and share complex 3-D molecular data, gaining access to vital research information.

"With the introduction of LITHIUM 2.0, Tripos provides not just another 3-D viewer, but a true enterprise communications system that empowers any life sciences researcher by providing easy access to in silico information and the ability to understand and share that data," said Dr. Trevor Heritage, senior vice president and general manager of discovery informatics at Tripos.

"Researchers can now examine new-candidate molecules in biological context and share that data through Microsoft productivity applications such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook using standard OLE cut-and-paste features in Windows to present their findings. LITHIUM's customizability provides a mechanism for research groups to gain competitive advantage through deployment of proprietary interfaces and applications on top of LITHIUM's base functionality," Heritage said.

LITHIUM can be fully customized using Microsoft Windows scripting with Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). VBA scripting provides the ability to distribute specific, task-based interfaces and applications along with chemical and related data, allowing more efficient and effective research decision-making. All LITHIUM functionality is accessible from VBA.

Product components included in this release are LITHIUM Base, the enterprise, end-user delivery platform for applications and interfaces, and LITHIUM Developer, the development platform for LITHIUM-based applications and interfaces. LITHIUM Base contains macro recording and playback capabilities that can automate repetitive tasks and run VBA scripts created using LITHIUM Developer. LITHIUM Developer contains the VBA Interactive Development Environment (IDE), in addition to all LITHIUM Base functionality. This development tool allows developers to harness the power of LITHIUM to create specific custom interfaces and applications directly suited to their organization's business needs.

About Tripos, Inc.

Tripos (Nasdaq:TRPS) combines leading-edge technology and innovative science to deliver consistently superior chemistry-research products and services for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and other life science industries. Tripos collaborates with clients to accelerate and improve the creation of life-enhancing products. Within Tripos' Discovery Informatics (DI) business, the company provides software products and consulting services to develop, manage, analyze and share critical drug discovery information. Within Tripos' Discovery Research (DR) business, Tripos' medicinal chemists and research scientists partner directly with clients in their research initiatives, leveraging state-of-the-art information technologies and research facilities. Headquartered in St. Louis, Mo., Tripos spans the world with global research operations and an international client base. Further information on Tripos can be found at

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Date:May 24, 2004
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