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Trinkle tinkle.

"i mean," sez budd johnson, "they wasn't calling it bebop then. even monk couldn't explain it,

but dizzy could, & he could develop. but now, i do remember this about monk. monk's feelings got hurt

because dizzy & charlie was getting all of the credit for this music, this style -

i used to go over to monk's house with him, drink some wine with him. 'come on, i want you to hear

what i'm doing,' he said. 'i'm gonna let them take that style, & go ahead, & i'm gonna get

a new style.' i used to go over to monk's & sit down & drink. his mother would fix some food for us,

& he would just play for me, all this funny-type music that he was playing & he had gone altogether different

from what he had been doing. i said, 'hey man . . . that's outtasight! what're you doing, whaddayou call that?'

'i don't know man, it's just - you know.' he couldn't explain it to me. & i never thought of monk

as a great piano player. but he would fumble on that piano & get these things out & made all the dissonant

chords, & major seconds, & minor seconds. & i said 'hey, man,

that's outtasight.' 'well, i'm going on now with my new music,' he said.

& he did. he did go right on along with his new music."

harmonie park detroit july 11, 1988
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Author:Sinclair, John
Publication:African American Review
Date:Jun 22, 1995
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