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Trinity Alps planning...houseboats, horsepackers, rafts.

Trinity Alps planning . . . houseboats, horsepackers, rafts In the Trinities, houseboating, horsepacking, and rafting are pleasant through the quiet days of September and usually into October. (See our article starting on page 52.) Operators should still have openings late in the season; if you're making plans, call ahead to check availabilities as soon as possible.

Houseboats rentals on Clair Engle Lake

While you won't find the crowds of houseboaters that neighboring Lake Shasta is known for, you won't find the same level of services either. There are a limited number of boats available; most users reserve well in advance. The season runs from spring through mid- or late October. Rental prices are weekly; range refers to options.

Cedar Stock Resort and Marina, Star Route Box 510, Lewiston 96052; (916) 286-2225. Rents 6-sleepers ($725), 8-sleepers ($895), and 10-sleepers ($1,195).

Estrellita Marina, Box 1163, Weaverville, 96093; (916) 286-2215. Rents 8-sleepers, ($895), 10-sleepers ($1,195), and 12-sleepers ($1,295).

Recreation Plus, Box 156, Trinity Center, 96051; (916) 266-3432. Rents 6-sleepers ($500), 8-sleepers ($850), 10-sleepers ($1,050), and 12-sleepers ($1,250).

Trinity Alps Marina-Fairview, Star Route Box 355, Lewiston 96052; (916) 221-6321. Rents 6-sleepers ($375 to $750), 10-sleepers ($550 to $1,095), and 12-sleepers ($925 to $1,850).

Horsepackers into the backcountry

Outfitters offer several services: dunnage packing (pack stock brings gear to location of your choice), spot packing (guide leads stock carrying you and your gear), and full-service trips (guide, food, and equipment provided; bring your own sleeping bag, pad, and fishing gear).

Six Pak Packers, Box 301, Weaverville 96093; (916) 623-6314. June 1 through October, offers dunnage and spot trips ($37.50 per pack animal and $100 guide service per day), and full-service pack trips (about $125 per person, per day).

Trinity Alps Angling Experiences, Box 176, Lewiston 96052; (916) 623-6757. Mid-May to early October, offers pack trips and float trips for fishing (notably fly fishing) and hiking. Typical two-person overnight trip including meal, fishing gear, and transportation costs about $225 for two.

Trinity Outfitters Inc, Box 668, Weaverville 96063; (916) 623-30000 (also a restaurant). June through October, offers dunnage packing ($225 each way), spot packing (from $225), and full-service trips ($100 to $125).

Trinity River rafting

Length of rafting season depends on water levels. Although the river is dam-controlled and levels should be raftable into August or later, check before making reservations. Overnight trips include all meals and equipment except sleeping bag and pad.

Great Out of Doors, 16475 Julie Lane, Red Bluff 96080; (916) 527-1417. Operates from June through September, offering guided trips from one to five days ($45 per person per day).

Turtle River Rafting Company, 507 McCloud Rd., Mount Shasta 96097; (916) 926-3223. Operates from June on, as water levels permit. All trips are guided and are tailored to rafters' abilities; you can choose inflatable kayaks or paddle rafts. Shuttle service included. Offers one-day trips ($65 per person) and two-day trips ($130).

Wilderness Adventures, Box 938, Redding 96099; (916) 243-3091. Operates May into November on Trinity from Helena to the State Highway 299 bridge. All trips guided; on some, passengers paddle. Shuttle service provided. Offers day trips ($50 per person), two-day trips ($130), and three-day trips ($200).
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Date:Aug 1, 1986
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