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Trim & Curl Wide-Mouth Bottles in One Machine.

The new TC2000 Rotary Trimming and Curling unit from Belvac Production Machinery Inc., Lynchburg, Va., trims and curls (lip rolls) 2000 wide-mouth PET containers an hour. The system uses trimming technology from Belvac combined with new curling technology from DevTech Labs Inc., Amherst, N.H. The unit handles bottles from 50 to 110 mm diam., 80 to 240 mm high, and up to 0.5 mm thick.

The unit is designed for wide-mouth bottles produced from narrow-neck preforms, which have a dome on top of the container that must be trimmed. Subsequent lip rolling removes the sharp edge. The Belvac unit has six trim stations, each using a C-shaped knife and a trim-removal system. Six bottles at a time enter the curling station, where a heated mandrel compresses the top of the rotating bottle to produce a smooth edge.
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Publication:Plastics Technology
Date:Dec 1, 2000
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