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Trillium Treats Disparate Data Dilemma.

To paraphrase Len Dubois, vice president of marketing for Trillium Software (a division of Harte-Hanks, Inc.), CRM is (in part) about creating an environment that leverages the entire range of economic, demographic and historical customer information to improve communicating, serving and marketing to customers. Key to fostering that environment is the ability to combine fragments of customer data into intelligently connected information that delivers benefits to an organization's business goals and consistent customer experiences across the enterprise.

Trillium 5.0 "Enterprise Energy Edition" is a multiplatform solution that helps create a unified customer view based on information from every touchpoint (e.g., multiple channels, formats and languages) to ensure accurate customer data and relationship matching. It is an enterprisewide solution for data cleansing, customer identification and relationship matching that resolves data quality problems. To facilitate deployment of a quality-driven data warehouse, operational data store or data mart, Trillium provides functionality to root out data held in legacy and other operational systems, and gives the ability to transform the data into critical decision support information for forecasting and planning or responding to new and existing business opportunities.

New Trillium 5.0 features include a client/server model with a graphical user interface that makes it easier for remote users to access data and permits all users to access the Trillium user interface at their desktops. A pure Java Windows NT or 2000 control center provides users with a consistent delivery method, eliminating the need for emulation software. The enhanced Postal Directory Browser enables users to browse the postal directories of nine countries for data verification and auditing address discrepancies. Non-name and address data processing identifies relevant data in freeform text, recognizing any definable pattern in text. It identifies data by literal text values and patterns, and corrects, recodes, reconciles and standardizes phone numbers, email addresses, social security numbers, product codes, etc. The Java-based data dictionary language (DDL) editor now allows for easier set-up of formats for the inputs/outputs for the Trillium process, tying the format of the data to the data itself. Real -time XML processing enables rapid, more accurate online customer identification. Customer Key Manager, a new accessory to Trillium 5.0, is a utility that provides a consistent view of customers and relationships over the customer lifecycle, recognizing changes in customer data over multiple interactions. In addition, enhancements were made to data file and format verification and customized data matching rules.
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Date:Sep 1, 2001
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