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Trillium Software highlights new research.

Trillium Software have announced the results of a recent WiredGov survey of IT professionals in the United Kingdom public sector that reveals Data Governance is a key opportunity for a majority of organisations.

WiredGov's Steve Waldron explained: "The complexity and diversity of data governance challenges for today's public sector is quite staggering. Compliance with the Data Protection Act, the legalities surrounding data sovereignty, the latest Information Commission Officer's survey, which highlights the concerns of consumers and citizens about how their personal details are being shared, all present huge opportunities to the public sector."

Key findings from the research:

* Although 75% of organisations say they have a Data Governance programme in place, nearly 50% of public sector organisations are attempting to govern data using standard desktop-based applications such as Excel. Approximately 13% of respondents have specific Data Quality technology in place today, which is a necessary component of an effective approach to organisation-wide Data Governance.

* 25% of organisations have assigned a dedicated Data Governance team with a further 25% of organisations attempting to manage Data Governance at a departmental level.

* Key drivers for public sector Data Governance programmes included Data Protection (83%), Information Security (75%) and Regulatory Compliance at (75%). Data Governance was only being practiced to support Big Data deployments at 17% of organisations.

"These results emphasise that some organisations in the public sector are relying on outdated approaches to try to manage their data, and there exist many strong opportunities to realise business benefits by building data governance frameworks and data quality solutions that work hand in hand to improve the value of data," commented Kiran Gill, practice director for Data Governance at Trillium Software.

"Budgets and resources are both constrained across the public sector, but investment in data is especially important at a time when the Government is making evermore datasets open to UK businesses and striving to gain efficiency and improved public services through departmental collaboration. Some great progress has been made in terms of opening access to important data assets but the quality of data is absolutely fundamental if that strategy is to yield the greatest return for the citizens and the economy," added Gill.

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Publication:Software World
Date:Jul 1, 2015
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