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Trillium Digital Systems Inc. announces new ATM/SS7 B-ICI source code software product.

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 17, 1996--Trillium Digital Systems Friday announced the first commercially available source code software product supporting the Broadband Inter-Carrier Interface (B-ICI).

The B-ICI interface, as defined by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), defines the protocols and procedures needed for establishing, maintaining and terminating broadband switched virtual connections (SVCs) between public networks.

The B-ICI interface will enable the general deployment of Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) switches in private and public networks. The B-ICI interface is a combination of the ATM and Signalling System 7 (SS7) protocols.

Trillium's B-ICI protocol stack consists of its B-ISUP, MTP Level 3, Q.2140 and Q.SAAL (Q.2110) products. B-ISUP provides the signalling capabilities and functions required to support basic bearer services and management of resources between network nodes.

B-ISUP is suitable for both international and national applications, and provides a reliable means for transfer of information in correct sequence and without loss or duplication between network nodes. MTP Level 3 provides signalling traffic management, signalling link management and route management capabilities. Q.2140 provides the convergence functions to map the MTP Level 3 protocol to the Q.SAAL (Q.2110) protocol. Q.SAAL provides the means to reliably send and receive signalling data across an ATM network.

The current version, first released in December 1995, has been shipped to a number of switch manufacturers and complies to the ITU recommendations. Trillium plans to release a version which complies to the ATM Forum B-ICI version 2.0 specification by the third quarter of 1996.

Jeff Lawrence, Trillium's president and CEO, said, "The release of our B-ICI product continues our tradition of technical leadership and providing reliable and proven software to the communications industry. The B-ICI product draws upon our large installed customer base and years of industry-recognized expertise in both the ATM and SS7 technologies. This product continues to broaden our product portfolio and provides the means for our customers to develop ATM and SS7 capabilities in their products while they focus on their own core competencies."

The B-ICI software (consisting of B-ISUP, MTP Level 3, Q.2140 and Q.SAAL) is available immediately. The MTP Level 3 software will also interwork with Trillium's ISUP, SCCP and TUP products. The Q.SAAL software will also interwork with Trillium's Q.93B, PMC-Sierra LASAR-155 driver and Fujitsu ALC/ATC also NTC driver products. Trillium licenses the software for a one-time fee. The fee includes source software, documentation, a training course and a period of technical support.

Trillium Digital Systems, a privately held company founded in 1988, designs, markets and licenses standards based communications software. Trillium offers software for the Signalling System 7 (SS7), Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), Integrated Services Digital Networks (ISDN), Frame Relay and X.25 communications protocols.

Trillium is a leading supplier of communications software technology to computer and communications equipment manufacturers and has licensed its source software throughout the world for use in a wide range of switching, network access, service platform, operating system and test equipment products.

Trillium communications software is written in the C programming language and is designed so that it may be licensed in source form by manufacturers for integration into a wide range of computer and communications products. Manufacturers license Trillium's software technology to speed the time to market, reduce the risk and lower the cost of developing and providing standards based communications protocols within their products.

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CONTACT: Trillium Digital Systems

Jeff Lawrence, 310/479-0500

fax, 310/575-0172

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Publication:Business Wire
Date:May 17, 1996
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