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Trijicon's spotter and binos.

GOOD GLASS makes our life outdoors much more pleasant. Hunts become more effective if we can let our eyes do the work while we sit on a hilltop and scan more terrain than we could ever walk in a day. Not only do we cover more ground with good glass, we huff and puff a lot less with optics on our side.

In order to be as efficient and comfortable as possible in the field, we need good, quality equipment that gives us hours of use without the eye fatigue and headaches that can creep up on us if we use substandard products. I like to stick with manufacturers known for their quality products when I'm spending my money, and I always keep in mind that performance costs money. I prefer to hover around midlevel pricing while making sure that I'm getting the features I like.

Trijicon's new HD spotting scope and binoculars fall into that category of midlevel pricing while offering top-level performance, both optically and with the features it offers. Get ready to see farther, better.

The spotting scope is big enough for range use but small enough for field performance. The 20-60X magnification is usable across a wide range of environmental conditions. Any more than a top end of 60X and we'll be hard-pressed to find a situation where we can use it, thanks to humidity and mirage. However, the eyepiece is interchangeable, so it's only a matter of time before additional magnification ranges are available.

I'm a big fan of angled eyepieces for those who do a lot of solo shooting. The angled eyepiece makes it possible to lie behind our rifle with the spotting scope positioned low over our left shoulder (for a right-handed shooter). This configuration allows us to stay behind our rifle and still use a spotting scope to assess and track wind. An angled eyepiece also requires less vertical adjustment from our tripod, so we can get away with using smaller, lighter tripods in the field.

Trijicon's spotting scope also has two focus adjustment knobs on top of the scope body, an ideal arrangement. The knob closest to the observer is for coarse adjustments, and the smaller knob handles fine adjustments. A fine adjustment is desirable whether we're spotting game or reading mirage because it lets us get the focus exactly where it needs to be. Mirage can be particularly tricky. I've found that it's best to look for mirage in areas of high contrast (where bright-green grass meets a gray rock pile, for example), then pull the focal plane from the grass/rock pile intersection closer to the observer so that the high-contrast area is blurred slightly. Once we get the hang of it, we can observe mirage and wind quickly and easily, especially with a focus knob setup like the one on this Trijicon scope.

The binoculars are light and compact for 10x42s, thanks to a magnesium body surrounded by rubber armor. Measuring a slight 51/2 x 43A inches and weighing 1 pound, 7 ounces, these are prime candidates for any hunt, even if it takes us into steep terrain where weight is our enemy.

The binos are the classic straight roof-prism design, sit comfortably in the hands and are easy to adjust. There is a diopter focus ring for the right eye and a single focus adjustment wheel that rides between the two barrels. The eye cups adjust easily and stay in place, and the lanyard attachment points are two small, rectangular-shaped loops that sit on the outside of each barrel. Everything about these binos indicates quality customer feedback during the design process and a focus on simplicity and performance.

Trijicon HD Spotting Scope

Power:                  20-60X
Objective Lens:         82mm
Focus:                  Dual, coarse and fine knobs
Eye Cup:                Yes
Replaceable Eyepiece:   Yes
Reticle:                No
Sunshade:               Collapsible
Length:                 15.5 in.
Weight:                 4 lbs.
MSRP:                   $1,899
Manufacturer:           Trijicon

Trijicon 10x42 HD Binoculars

Power:                      10X
Objective:                  42mm
Tube Diameter:              30mm
Focus:                      Single knob
Ocular Focus:               Yes
Eye Cups:                   Yes
Reticle:                    No
Length:                     5.5 in.
Weight:                     1 lb., 7 oz.
MSRP:                       $849
Manufacturer:               Trijicon
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