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Prevention and nutritional therapy of metabolic syndrome. Rozniata, M.; Zujko, K.; Zujko, M.E. Report Dec 1, 2017 3060
Supply Of Pathology Consumables Items,blood Glucose Estimation Reagent,triglyceride Reagent. Dec 1, 2017 119
Triglyceride Kit-lq Company- Spinreact. Nov 17, 2017 120
ROLE OF OXIDATIVE STRESS IN TYPE 2 DIABETES MELLITUS. Menon, Sandhya; Rajalekshmi, G. Report Nov 6, 2017 2228
Evaluation of high nutrient diets on litter performance of heat-stressed lactating sows. Choi, Yohan; Hosseindoust, Abdolreza; Shim, YoungHo; Kim, Minju; Kumar, Alip; Oh, Seungmin; Hwa Kim, Report Nov 1, 2017 5713
Global Medium-chain Triglycerides Market Analysis 2017 - Forecast to 2023. Oct 12, 2017 460
Supply Of Non Medicinal Items For Kcc Hospital. : Micropore 3 With Cutter,liquizone Urea Kit (berthelot Method ) 2x100 Ml Per Kit,liquizone Triglyceride-mr (god-pod Method 5x25 Ml. Oct 12, 2017 131
Triglyceride Kit-lq Company- Spinreact. Oct 11, 2017 120
Reinforced Silver Reinforced 10x10 Cm. Technical Data Sheet: 102857 Bag With Silver Impregnated Triglycerides 10x20 Cm. Technical Data Sheet: 102857 Calcio Alginato In 4x4 Attachment (10 Cm X 10 Cm) Technical Data Sheet: 100568 Calcio Alginato In At. Oct 6, 2017 420
Meta-Analysis Concludes Omega-3 Intake Reduces Cardiac Death: Review showed 17% risk reduction in groups with elevated triglycerides or LDL cholesterol. Clinical report Oct 1, 2017 1718
Carotid artery intimal media thickness and ankle brachial index as predictors for atherosclerosis in pre-diabetic patients. Surya, Prasad R.; Vidyasagar, C.R.; Sakalecha, Anil Kumar; Prabhakar, K.; Kumar, Prasanna Oct 1, 2017 2642
Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Early-Life Exposure to Bisphenol A and Obesity-Related Outcomes in Rodents. Wassenaar, Pim Nicolaas Hubertus; Trasande, Leonardo; Legler, Juliette Report Oct 1, 2017 15025
Triglyceride Kit-lq Company- Spinreact. Sep 19, 2017 120
1 Uristips 100 Strips Bt. 6 Bt 2 Urea 2x50 Ml Kit 6 Kit 3 Cholesterol 2 X 25 Ml Kit 3 Kit 4 Triglyceride 4 X 25 Ml Kit 4 Kit 5 Billiorubin 50t+ 50t Kit 2 Kit 6 Sgpt 6 X 10 Ml Kit 2 Kit 7 Sgot 6 X 10ml Kit 2 Kit 8 Uric Acid 4 X 25 Ml Kit 2 Kit 9 Creatinine. Sep 15, 2017 157
Call For Qoutations For The Supply Of : Omega-3 Triglyceride/fish Oil Concentrate 1000 Mg Caps. Sep 15, 2017 183
A study of association of sex hormones with insulin resistance and obesity for diabetes mellitus risk in adult women. Suganthy, K; Mohanty, P.K.; Jeyakumar, M.; Hariharan, A.; Lakshmi Prabha, S. Report Sep 11, 2017 4835
Viking Therapeutics Announces Presentation of Data from In Vivo Proof-of-Concept Study of VK2809 in Glycogen Storage Disease Ia (GSD Ia) at the 13th International Congress of Inborn Errors of Metabolism (ICIEM). Sep 7, 2017 1508
Medium-Chain Triglycerides - Global Market Outlook (2017-2023). Sep 6, 2017 590
Ph No.:40286 Rg Kit Triglyceride For Erbachem 5 Plus Auto Analyser 5 X 20 Ml. Aug 29, 2017 130
Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) Market 2014-2017 & 2025 - Key Players are BASF, Wilmar International Ltd, Stepan Company, Sternchemie Lipid Technology, Jarrow formulas, Lonza, KLK Oleo. Aug 25, 2017 647
Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) Market 2014-2017 & 2025 - Key Players are BASF, Wilmar International Ltd, Stepan Company, Sternchemie Lipid Technology, Jarrow formulas, Lonza, KLK Oleo. Aug 25, 2017 681
Triglyceride Kit (250 Tests Per Kit) For Cobas Integra 400 Plus. Aug 24, 2017 110
Medium Chain Triglycerides Market Analysis By Application, By Region, Competitive Strategies And Segment Forecasts, 2014 - 2025. Aug 23, 2017 587
Supply Of Clinical Laboratory Equipments Chemicals And Related Other Nessery Things 1 sgot (erba/span/Fortuna E.g) 5x20ml 2 sgpt (erba/span/Fortuna E.g 5x20ml 3 triglyceride (erba/span/Fortuna E.g)5x25ml 4 chclestrcl (erba/span/Fortuna E.g. Aug 21, 2017 240
Purchase Of Medical Drugs/consumables: glucose Powder (food Grade) Qty-09, Glucose By God Pod Method Qty-9000, Triglyceride By God-pod Qty-600. Aug 5, 2017 133
Lipid profile in current smokers with COPD. Vundela, Dasari Nishanth; Goutam, B.; Sailaja, K. Report Aug 3, 2017 3879
Effectiveness of n-3 fatty acids in the treatment of hypertriglyceridemia in HIV/AIDS patients: a meta-analysis/Efetividade de acidos graxos n-3 no tratamento da hipertrigliceridemia em pacientes com HIV/AIDS: uma meta-analise. Vieira, Aline Doria Sobral; da Silveira, Gloria Regina Mesquita Ensayo Aug 1, 2017 5768
Effects of feeding system on growth performance, plasma Biochemical components and hormones, and carcass Characteristics in Hanwoo steers. Chung, Chan Sung; Cho, Woong Ki; Jang, In Seok; Lee, Sung Sill; Moon, Yea Hwang Report Aug 1, 2017 6042
Evaluation of mango saponin in broilers: effects on growth performance, carcass characteristics, meat quality and plasma biochemical indices. Zhang, Y. N.; Wang, J.; Qi, B.; Wu, S. G.; Chen, H. R.; Luo, H. Y.; Yin, D. J.; Lu, F. J.; Zhang, H. Report Aug 1, 2017 5583
Adiponectin induced AMP-activated protein kinase impairment mediates insulin resistance in Bama mini-pig fed high-fat and high -sucrose diet. Niu, Miaomiao; Xiang, Lei; Liu, Yaqian; Zhao, Yuqiong; Yuan, Jifang; Dai, Xin; Chen, Hua Report Aug 1, 2017 4393
Growth and Energy Metabolism of Tambaqui (Colossoma Macropomum) Fed Diets with Different Levels of Carbohydrates and Lipids. Sandre, L.C.G.; Buzollo, H.; Neira, L.M.; Nascimento, T.M.T.; Jomori, R.K.; Carneiro, D.J. Report Aug 1, 2017 5217
Medium Chain Triglycerides Market Size Worth $2.46 Billion by 2025: Grand View Research, Inc. Jul 27, 2017 952
Medium Chain Triglycerides Market Size Worth $2.46 Billion by 2025: Grand View Research, Inc. Jul 27, 2017 959
Can acrochordons be a marker of metabolic syndrome? De, Devyani; Biswas, Mallika; Pal, Dayamay; Biswas, Tarun Report Jul 13, 2017 2782
Coronary artery disease risk factors in women--a study on serum lipids and Lipoproteins. Nair, Genga Sadasivan; Janardhanan, Jessy Sumangala; Pillai, Sreekumari Sivarama Report Jul 13, 2017 3477
Is a fish oil supplement the right catch for you? Maybe, but get omega-3 fatty acids from food, and consider supplements if you have heart disease or high triglycerides. Jul 1, 2017 949
Plasmapheresis for recurrent acute pancreatitis from hypertriglyceridemia. Kopecky, Kathleen; Moreland, Amber; Hebert, Christopher; Colbert, Gates B. Clinical report Jul 1, 2017 1071
The effect of beta cyclodextrin on the removal of cholesterol from buffalo milk. Nadeem, Muhammad; Zunnurain; Baig, Hafiza Anam Report Jul 1, 2017 4193
Medium-chain Triglycerides Market is projected to reach USD 809.3 million by 2022. Jun 6, 2017 1058
Medium-chain Triglycerides Market - Global Forecast to 2022 - Analysis By Fatty Acid Type, Application, Source, Form & Region - Research and Markets. Jun 6, 2017 577
Medium-chain Triglycerides Market - Global Forecast to 2022 - Analysis By Fatty Acid Type, Application, Source, Form & Region - Research and Markets. Jun 6, 2017 617
Comparative effects of corn-based diet and phase-fed cassava-based diet on growth rate, carcass characteristics and lipid profile of meat-type ducks. Saree, Saowalak; Bunchasak, Chaiyapoom; Rakangtong, Choawit; Sakdee, Jessada; Krutthai, Nuttawut; Po Jun 1, 2017 4553
Supply Of Laboratory, Blood Bank Chemicals& Equipments Glucose Kit, Creatinine Kit, Sgot Kit, Total Protein Kit, T. Bilirubin Kit, Auto Diluents, Triglycerides, Uric Acid, Pseudo Cholinestase, Cover Slip Square, Test Tube Brush, Cbc Analyser Controls. May 27, 2017 162
Supply Of Sgot Test Kit sgpt Test Kit uric Acid Test Kit cholesterol Test Kit triglyceride Test Kit tosi Tube (plastic) ra Factor Test Kit. May 25, 2017 144
Medium-chain Triglycerides Market Worth 809.3 Million USD by 2022. May 24, 2017 1237
Regeneron Announces ANGPTL3/Evinacumab Publication in New England Journal of Medicine and Positive Phase 2 Data in People with HoFH. Clinical report May 24, 2017 2110
Medium-chain Triglycerides Market Worth 809.3 Million USD by 2022. May 24, 2017 1233
Supply Of Various Items : Glucose Kit,urea Kit,sgot Kit,alkaline Phospate Kit,triglycerides Kit,urostick,widal Test Kit Span,chloesterol Kit,srp Kit. May 22, 2017 155
The effects of high-fat diets composed of different animal and vegetable fat sources on the health status and tissue lipid profiles of male Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica). Donaldson, Janine; Madziva, Michael Taurai; Erlwanger, Kennedy Honey Report May 1, 2017 9462
Characterization of variability in toxicokinetics and toxicodynamics of tetrachloroethylene using the collaborative cross mouse population. Cichocki, Joseph A.; Furuya, Shinji; Venkatratnam, Abhishek; McDonald, Thomas J.; Knap, Anthony H.; Report May 1, 2017 7790
Prevalence of impaired fasting glucose in an urban population of central India. Sahai, Shweta; Tyagi, Pranav; Shah, Nikhil Report May 1, 2017 2465
Kidney disease risk raised by high triglycerides and low HDL. Report May 1, 2017 183
Supply Of Bilirubin, Cholestrol, Triglyceride, Hdl Kit, Calcium Kit. Apr 12, 2017 122
Nutrient intake, digestibility and performance of Gaddi kids supplemented with tea seed or tea seed saponin extract. Kumar, M.; Kannan, A.; Bhar, R.; Gulati, A.; Gaurav, A.; Sharma, V. K. Report Apr 1, 2017 7938
Effects of ambient temperature and dietary glycerol addition on growth performance, blood parameters and immune cell populations of Korean cattle steers. Kang, Hyeok Joong; Piao, Min Yu; Lee, In Kyu; Kim, Hyun Jin; Gu, Min Jeong; Yun, Cheol-Heui; Seo, Ja Report Apr 1, 2017 5610
Screening for and managing dyslipidemia in people with HIV. Mascolini, Mark Report Mar 22, 2017 7001
Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides Market Projected to Reach 913.4 Million USD by 2026. Mar 14, 2017 760
Effects of L-carnitine supplementation on metabolic utilization of oxygen and lipid profile among trained and untrained humans. Leelarungrayub, Jirakrit; Pinkaew, Decha; Klaphajone, Jakkrit; Eungpinichpong, Wichai; Bloomer, Rich Report Mar 1, 2017 7260
The association of age with glycaemic and cholesterol control in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. Jan 31, 2017 2640
High triglycerides tied to fracture risk. Brief article Dec 1, 2016 197
Analyze antioxidant impact on oxidative stability of structured lipid-based infant formula. Nov 1, 2016 366
Kit For S-triglyceride System Pack For Fully Automated Chemistry Analyzer Em 360. In 5x44ml 5x11ml Kit. Oct 24, 2016 125
Kit For Triglyceride Estimation. Oct 8, 2016 104
Kit - Serum Triglycerides Liquid Stable Single Reagent. Oct 5, 2016 110
Effects of octacosanol extracted from rice bran on the laying performance, egg quality and blood metabolites of laying hens. Penga, Kai; Longa, Lei; Wang, Yuxi; Wang, Shunxi Report Oct 1, 2016 4508
Effect of dietary supplementation of red ginseng by-product on laying performance, blood biochemistry, serum immunoglobulin and microbial population in laying hens. Kang, H.K.; Park, S.-B.; Kim, C.H. Report Oct 1, 2016 4266
Triglycerides System Pack Reagent Single Reagent Pkt Size 400 Ml Per Pkt. Sep 28, 2016 346
Reagent Kit For Triglyceride, End Point Or Kinetic. Sep 24, 2016 181
Triglyceride Test Kit In End Point By Espas Gpo.: (packing Unit- 100 Ml). Sep 23, 2016 239
Fatty Acid Ester Market Analysis By Product (Medium Chain Triglycerides, Glyceryl Monostearate, Isopropyl Esters), By Application (Personal Care & Cosmetics, Lubricants, Food Processing, Surfactants & Detergents, Pharmaceuticals) and Segment Forecasts To. Sep 12, 2016 670
Global Fatty Ester Industry. Sep 7, 2016 8676
Rises in LDL and HDL cholesterol, triglycerides tied to lower diabetes risk. Hackett, Catherine Sep 1, 2016 541
Rises in LDL and HDL cholesterol, triglycerides levels associated with lower risk for type 2 diabetes. Hackett, Catherine Sep 1, 2016 842
Ramie leaf extracts suppresses adipogenic differentiation in 3T3-L1 cells and pig preadipocytes. Lee, Joomin; Kim, Ah-Ra; Lee, Jae-Joon Report Sep 1, 2016 3411
Analisis zimografico de metaloproteasas y catepsina en higado graso de pato criollo (Cairina moschata). Wilkesman, Jeff; Padron, Maria Fernanda; Kurz, Liliana; Awde, Sahar; Remignon, Herve Sep 1, 2016 4841
Modification and Validation of the Triglyceride-to-HDL Cholesterol Ratio as a Surrogate of Insulin Sensitivity in White Juveniles and Adults without Diabetes Mellitus: The Single Point Insulin Sensitivity Estimator (SPISE). Paulmichl, Katharina; Hatunic, Mensud; Hojlund, Kurt; Jotic, Aleksandra; Krebs, Michael; Mitrakou, A Sep 1, 2016 6614
More hostile dyslipidaemia in chronic kidney disease patients on maintenance haemodialysis than on conservative management. Aug 31, 2016 3207
Reagent For Triglyceride, Siemens, Pack Of 8 X 50 Ml. Aug 23, 2016 149
Triglyceride Kit. Aug 20, 2016 118
S Triglyceride 1x2x150ml Kit. Aug 20, 2016 136
1triglyceride (liq.stable 6*50 Qty: 8 Null 8null Qty: Null Null. Aug 12, 2016 107
Global Medium-chain Triglycerides Market Report 2016 - Research and Markets. Aug 9, 2016 468
Global Medium-chain Triglycerides Market Report 2016 - Research and Markets. Aug 9, 2016 508
Bio Chemistry Triglycerides - Gpo - Pap Mtd Liophilized Without Diluent, Direct Linearity Greater Than 1000 Mg Per Ml -. Aug 2, 2016 113
Triglyceride Kit 200ml Endpoint Method Suitable For Semi Automated Analyzer. Jul 23, 2016 336
Mylan unveils generic Crestor Tablets for treating high triglycerides. Jul 21, 2016 161
Mylan unveils generic Crestor Tablets for treating high triglycerides. Jul 21, 2016 157
Triglyceride kit mono sl 12x20 ml. Jul 8, 2016 110
Coconut oil increases HDL-c and decreases triglycerides in wistar rats/Oleo de coco aumenta o HDL-c e reduz os triglicerideos sericos em ratas Wistar. Santana, Lidiani Figueiredo; Cordeiro, Katia Wolff; Soares, Fabiola Lacerda Pires; Freitas, Karine d Jul 1, 2016 4012
Take control of your triglycerides: be mindful of your diet and activity level to reduce levels of these fats linked to cardiovascular disease. Jul 1, 2016 1236
High prevalence of primary dyslipidaemia in black South African patients at a tertiary hospital in northern Gauteng, South Africa. Khine, A.A.; Marais, A.D. Report Jul 1, 2016 4618
Akcea Announces Publication of Positive Volanesorsen Clinical Data Showing Reduced Triglycerides and Improved Insulin Sensitivity in Patients with High Triglycerides and Type 2 Diabetes. Jun 27, 2016 1501
Triglyceride For Autoanalyzer Enzymatic Endpoint Method , With Standard Incubation. Jun 26, 2016 395
Biochemistry:Triglycerides Gpo-Pap Mtd- Liophilized Without Diluent ,Direct. Jun 20, 2016 129
Triglyceride kit (250 test/kit) for cobas integra 400 plus. Jun 13, 2016 109
Triglyceride kit mono sl 12x20 ml. Jun 13, 2016 109
Supply of bio-chemical reagent kit (ranbaxy/ beacon/ kee. pharma/ precision biotech) required for fully automatic analyzer & photoelectric cholorimeter for the session 2016-17: Glucose , Cholesterol Total , HDC cholesterol , Triglyceride , Urea ,Creatin. Jun 4, 2016 144
Triglycerides: the "other" lipid that affects your health: a high triglyceride level is cause for concern, but diet and exercise can lower your level and your health risks. Jun 1, 2016 917
Fatty Acid Ester Market Analysis By Product (Medium Chain Triglycerides, Glyceryl Monostearate, Isopropyl Esters), By Application (Personal Care & Cosmetics, Lubricants, Food Processing, Surfactants & Detergents, Pharmaceuticals) and Segment Forecasts To. May 30, 2016 551
Experimental investigation of diesel engine fuelled with calophyllum inophyllum methyl ester blends. Prabhakar, Rajan; Vijayan, Raghavan; Murugesan, Arthanarisamy; Buvaneswari, Natesan May 30, 2016 3904
Purchase of Biochemistry Materials:31.Total Bilirubin Cartridge 86032.Total Protein Cartridge 4x 12033.Triglycerides Cartridge 4x12034.Uric Acid Cartridge 8x6035.TBI/DBI Calibrator 6x1.0ml. May 12, 2016 156
Toxicity of mycotoxins from contaminated corn with or without yeast cell wall adsorbent on broiler chickens. Shang, Q.H.; Yang, Z.B.; Yang, W.R.; Li, Z.; Zhang, G.G.; Jiang, S.Z. Report May 1, 2016 5041
New studies on blood pressure, weight loss, and lowering triglycerides. Hudson, Tori May 1, 2016 1732
High triglycerides tied to mortality in coronary heart disease. Karon, Amy Clinical report Apr 15, 2016 345
Take triglycerides seriously. Watson, Karol E.; Wiesner, Philipp Apr 15, 2016 184
(ph no.:40350) triglycerides kit 5 x 20 ml. Apr 4, 2016 109
Increased remnant cholesterol explains part of residual risk of all-cause mortality in 5414 patients with ischemic heart disease. Jepsen, Anne-Marie K.; Langsted, Anne; Varbo, Anette; Bang, Lia E.; Kamstrup, Pia R.; Nordestgaard, Report Apr 1, 2016 9030
Thermally induced cis-trans isomerisation in trilinolein studied by infrared spectroscopy and gas chromatography. Christy, Alfred A.; Arachchi, Subashini L. Report Apr 1, 2016 3849
Medium-chain Triglycerides (MCT) Industry Asia Market Research Report 2016. Company overview Mar 29, 2016 1491
Effect of feeding date pits on milk production, composition and blood parameters of lactating Ardi goats. Suwaiegh, S.B. Al- Report Mar 23, 2016 5143
(ph no.:40286) rg kit triglyceride for erbachem 5 plus auto analyser 5 x 20 ml. Mar 16, 2016 114
(ph no.:40542) triglycerides kit for erba xl-640 auto analyser. Mar 16, 2016 108
(ph no.:40350) triglycerides kit 5 x 20 ml. Mar 11, 2016 107
The in vitro effects of nano-encapsulated conjugated linoleic acid on stability of conjugated Linoleic acid and fermentation profiles in the Rumen. Heo, Wan; Kim, Eun Tae; Cho, Sung Do; Kim, Jun Ho; Kwon, Seong Min; Jeong, Ha Yeon; Ki, Kwang Seok; Report Mar 1, 2016 4079
Effects of chromium methionine supplementation on blood metabolites and fatty acid profile of beef during late fattening period in Holstein steers. Nejad, Jalil Ghassemi; Lee, Bae-Hun; Kim, Byong-Wan; Ohh, Sang-Jip; Sung, Kyung Il Report Mar 1, 2016 4744
Heat shock protein augmentation of Angelica gigas Nakai root hot water extract on adipogenic differentiation in murine 3T3-L1 preadipocytes. Lumbera, Wenchie Marie L.; dela Cruz, Joseph; Yang, Seung-Hak; Hwang, Seong Gu Report Mar 1, 2016 4316
A Food Guide to Lowering Blood Triglycerides. Book review Mar 1, 2016 332
Nonfasting sample for the determination of routine lipid profile: is it an idea whose time has come? Mar 1, 2016 6206
Coenzyme Q10 supplementation modulates NF[kappa]B and Nrf2 pathways in exercise training. Pala, Ragip; Orhan, Cemal; Tuzcu, Mehmet; Sahin, Nurhan; Ali, Shakir; Cinar, Vedat; Atalay, Mustafa; Report Mar 1, 2016 5151
Supply of various laborotory equipments: 1. Blood Sugar kit (Glucose)2. Cholesterol Kit CHDL3. Urea Kit4. Greatinine Kit5. Bilirubin Kit6. Uric Acid Kit7. SGPT Kit8. SGOT Kit9. ALP Kit10. Triglyceride. Feb 19, 2016 465
Auto hdl (direct) cholestrol & triglycerides 5x50. Feb 12, 2016 106
Order 409/2016 Amount 24,000 Code 13801 Triglycerides reagent for the determination of, test. Feb 5, 2016 104
Effects of arsenite exposure during fetal development on energy metabolism and susceptibility to diet-induced fatty liver disease in male mice. Ditzel, Eric J.; Nguyen, Thu; Parker, Patricia; Camenisch, Todd D. Report Feb 1, 2016 8742
Tackle triglycerides for better heart health. Feb 1, 2016 920
Cryptotanshinone, a compound of Salvia miltiorrhiza inhibits pre-adipocytes differentiation by regulation of adipogenesis-related genes expression via STAT3 signaling. Rahman, Naimur; Jeon, Miso; Song, Ho-Yeon; Kim, Yong-Sik Report Jan 15, 2016 6673
United States : Triglycerides: the Next Big Lipid Target? Clinical report Jan 13, 2016 442
Landmark Trial Entitled "PROMINENT" To Explore The Prevention Of Heart Disease In Diabetic Patients With High Triglycerides And Low HDL-C. Jan 12, 2016 711
Landmark Trial Entitled "PROMINENT" To Explore The Prevention Of Heart Disease In Diabetic Patients With High Triglycerides And Low HDL-C. Jan 12, 2016 750
Intelligent Labs Announces the UK Launch of the Strongest Triglyceride Omega 3 Fish Oil in the UK Marketplace. Jan 11, 2016 668
Intelligent Labs Announces the UK Launch of the Strongest Triglyceride Omega 3 Fish Oil in the UK Marketplace. Jan 11, 2016 673
Triglyceride 2 x 50 test cobas c iii and cfas 12 x 3ml cobas c iii. Jan 7, 2016 124
Supply of Blood Testing Kit as per the Glucose kit DT 60, Total Protein kit DT 60, Triglycerides kit DT 60, BUN kit DT 60, SGPT/ALT kit DT 60, Albumin Kit DT 60, ALKP kit DT 60, SGOT/ALT Kit DT 60,. Jan 3, 2016 124
Male sexual dysfunction, leptin, pituitary and gonadal hormones in Nigerian males with metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes mellitus. Fabian, Unyime Aniekpon; Charles-Davies, Mabel Ayebatonyo; Fasanmade, Adesoji Adedipe; Olaniyi, John Report Jan 1, 2016 5553
Chronic exposure to arsenic and markers of cardiometabolic risk: a cross-sectional study in Chihuahua, Mexico. Mendez, Michelle A.; Gonzalez-Horta, Carmen; Sanchez-Ramirez, Blanca; Ballinas-Casarrubias, Lourdes; Report Jan 1, 2016 10255
Lipid profile and glycemic response of rats fed on a semi-purified diet supplemented with Agaricus brasiliensis mushroom/ Perfil lipidico e resposta glicemica de ratos alimentados com uma racao semi-purificada suplementada com o cogumelo Agaricus brasiliensis. Henriques, Gilberto Simeone; Helm, Cristiane Vieira; Busato, Ana Paula; Simeone, Maria Lucia Ferreir Jan 1, 2016 6277
Relationship between serum lipid profiles and severity of respiratory distress in preterm infants. Sanjay, D.; Basha, Mohamed Haseen; Gururaj; Gouli, Chandrashekar; Anandappa, Ashoka; Shamanur, Latha Dec 28, 2015 1519
supply of lab reagents : Chol-cholesterol df 27 siemens, triglycerides df-69 a siemens, ahdl non pretreatment hdl df48a siemens, aldl-non pretreatment ldl df131 siemens, bun-urea nitrogen df-21 siemen. Dec 27, 2015 282
Ggt reagent for purchase, glucose, sgot / ast, creatinine, sgpt / alt, uric acid, albumin, amylase, triglycerides for the national hospital of san marcos "dr. moses villagrn mazariegos". Dec 19, 2015 117
Triglycerides 5x44 ml/5x11 ml for fully automatic analyser xl-300. Dec 16, 2015 186
Reagent kit for triglyceride for semiauto analyser (5x20ml). Dec 11, 2015 184
Supply of Bilirubin, Sgot, S6pt, Alk Phosphatase, Total Protein, Albumin, Gama Gt, Cholestrol, Triglycerides -I. Cholestrol Oncometer Glucdmeter Strip, Lancet Cotton Roll, Semi Automatk Analyzer, B. Dec 7, 2015 119
Assessment of inflammatory markers and lipid profile levels in normotensive, primary hypertensive and secondary hypertensive male obese individuals. Suri, Srinivasa Ravikiran; Siddiqui, Abdul Raoof Omer; Manikanta, M. Dec 7, 2015 2590
Efecto de la cafeina sobre parametros sanguineos de ratones con diabetes mellitus inducida por streptozotocina. Ruiz, S.; Lucena, E.; Linarez, R.; Matheus, N.; Mendoza, C. Dec 1, 2015 2335
Reduce triglycerides and other cardiovascular disease markers with beets and hawthorne. Dec 1, 2015 474
Evaluation of serum interleukin-6 levels and lipid profile as biomarkers in Egyptian patients with atherosclerotic coronary artery disease. Borai, Ibrahim H.; Shaker, Olfat G.; Hassan, Nahla S.; Ashour, Esmat; Badrawy, Mohammed El; Fawzy, O Report Dec 1, 2015 4439
Study of lipid profile components in relation with type of stroke. Jayachandra; Mohan, G. Chandra; Veeranna, Gowda K.M.; Raghavendra, B.; Viswanatha, Reddy N. Report Nov 26, 2015 1951
Supply of Lab Reagents /Kits/Items/Consumables; Hospital Consumables-glucose hexokinase, bun/urea,creatinine, cholesterol,triglyceride,total protein,albumin e,total bilirubin,direct bilirubin,alkaline. Nov 21, 2015 128
Lipid peroxidation and lipid profile in patients with senile cataract. Uppu, Satya Devi; Gupta, Madhur M. Nov 19, 2015 2302
Effects of forage: concentrate ratio on growth performance, ruminal fermentation and blood metabolites in housing-feeding yaks. Chen, G.J.; Song, S.D.; Wang, B.X.; Zhang, Z.F.; Peng, Z.L.; Guo, C.H.; Zhong, J.C.; Wang, Y. Report Nov 18, 2015 4931
Triglyceride kit (250 test per kit) for cobas integra 400 plus. Nov 14, 2015 110
High triglycerides, LDL may interfere with vitamin E absorption. Nov 1, 2015 230
Ask the doctors. Cho, Leslie; Grasso, Adam W. Nov 1, 2015 638
Supply of Glucose, Urea estimation diagnostic XL system, Triglyceride estimation diagnostic XL, HDL estimation diagnostic XL system, Total Bilirubin estimation diagnostic XL system, Direct Bilirubin e. Oct 31, 2015 117
supply of Serum Triglyceride Auto pack (5x20), Make-Erba. Oct 25, 2015 136
Triglyceride kit (250 test per kit) for cobas integra 400 plus. Oct 8, 2015 110
Nordic naturals premieres ultra concentrated fish oil: the highly absorbent formula offers 80% EPA+DHA and 90+% triglycerides. Oct 1, 2015 220
The association of prenatal exposure to perfluorinated chemicals with maternal essential and long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids during pregnancy and the birth weight of their offspring: the Hokkaido study. Kishi, Reiko; Nakajima, Tamie; Goudarzi, Houman; Kobayashi, Sachiko; Sasaki, Seiko; Okada, Emiko; Mi Report Oct 1, 2015 9903
Effects of dietary L-carnosine and alpha-lipoic acid on growth performance, blood thyroid hormones and lipid profiles in finishing pigs. Bao, Yinghui; Gao, Chunqi; Hao, Wenbo; Ji, Cheng; Zhao, Lihong; Zhang, Jianyun; Liu, Tao; Ma, Qiugan Author abstract Sep 19, 2015 4391
Triglyceride kit (250 test per kit) for cobas integra 400 plus. Sep 19, 2015 110
Study of umbilical cord blood lipid profile in term and preterm babies. Nazeer, Sirajuddin; Nirmaladevi, K.; Mythili, B.; Saravanan, B.; Thangavel, A. Report Sep 17, 2015 1647
Triglycerides reagent for the determination of. test Order 2308/2015 Code 13801 Quantity 20750. Sep 14, 2015 106
Nature-based adipose management cosmetics: the number of scientifically driven topical ingredients for body sculpting and adipose management is quickly growing. Stanek, John; Wochner, Melinda; Gupta, Shyam Sep 1, 2015 3787
Cardiometabolic risk factors in patients with ankylosing spondylitis. Ucar, Mehmet; Sarikaya, Savas; Sarp, Umit; Turan, Yasar; Akyol, Lutfi; Borekci, Elif; Erbay, Ali Riz Sep 1, 2015 2715
Novel bio-based poly(vinyl ether)s for coating applications. Chisholm, Bret J.; Kalita, Harjoyti; Kalita, Deep; Alam, Samim; Chernykh, Andrey; Tarnavchyk, Ihor; Sep 1, 2015 4864
Lethal and sublethal toxicities of Annona sylvatica (Magnoliales: Annonaceae) extracts to Zabrotes subfasciatus (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Bruchinae). Goncalves, Gabriel Luiz Padoan; Ribeiro, Leandro do Prado; Gimenes, Leila; Vieira, Paulo Cezar; Silv Report Sep 1, 2015 8150
Physical health of people with severe mental illness: don't just screen ... intervene! Latoo, Javed; Omodunbi, Oladipupo; Hindley, David; Derbyshire, Amanda; Kane, Rachael Sep 1, 2015 3255
(ph no.:40286) rg kit triglyceride for erbachem 5 plus auto analyser 5 x 20 ml. Aug 2, 2015 122
Obesogens beyond vertebrates: lipid perturbation by tributyltin in the crustacean daphnia magna. Jordao, Rita; Casas, Josefina; Fabrias, Gemma; Campos, Bruno; Pina, Benjamin; Lemos, Marco F.L.; Soa Report Aug 1, 2015 7302
Gene expression patterns associated with peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor (PPAR) signaling in the longissimus dorsi of Hanwoo (Korean cattle). Lim, Dajeong; Chai, Han-Ha; Lee, Seung-Hwan; Cho, Yong-Min; Choi, Jung-Woo; Kim, Nam-Kuk Report Aug 1, 2015 5792
Best practices: Vascepa [R] (icosapent ethyl) for the treatment of patients with Triglycerides [greater than or equal to]500 mg/dL. Aug 1, 2015 1555
Positive Clinical Data From Volanesorsen Published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Clinical report Jul 29, 2015 1845
(ph no.:40350) triglycerides kit 5 x 20 ml. Jul 15, 2015 114
Modulation by geraniol of gene expression involved in lipid metabolism leading to a reduction of serum-cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Galle, Marianela; Kladniew, Boris Rodenak; Castro, Maria Agustina; Villegas, Sandra Montero; Lacunza Report Jul 15, 2015 6703
Evaluation of the apo lipoprotein--A1 levels in type II diabetes mellitus, with and without cad. Rajini, P.V.; Babu, A. Kasi Jul 6, 2015 2528
Recalibration of blood analytes over 25 years in the Atherosclerosis risk in communities study: impact of recalibration on chronic kidney disease prevalence and incidence. Parrinello, Christina M.; Grams, Morgan E.; Couper, David; Ballantyne, Christie M.; Hoogeveen, Ron C Clinical report Jul 1, 2015 6186
Using maternal triglyceride levels as marker for pregnancy risk. Wiznitzer, Arnon Jul 1, 2015 865
Effects of dietary lycopene supplementation on plasma lipid profile, lipid peroxidation and antioxidant defense system in feedlot Bamei lamb. Jiang, Hongqin; Wang, Zhenzhen; Ma, Yong; Qu, Yanghua; Lu, Xiaonan; Luo, Hailing Report Jul 1, 2015 5893
(ph no.:40542) triglycerides kit for erba xl-640 auto analyser. Jun 24, 2015 115
Lemon verbena (Lippia citriodora) polyphenols alleviate obesity-related disturbances in hypertrophic adipocytes through AMPK-dependent mechanisms. Herranz-Lopez, Maria; Barrajon-Catalan, Enrique; Segura-Carretero, Antonio; Menendez, Javier A.; Jov Report Jun 15, 2015 6614
Number of metabolic syndrome risk factors is related to carotid intima-media thickness in rheumatoid arthritis patients. Gokmen, Ferhat; Temiz, Ahmet; Akbal, Ayla; Sen, Hacer; Zateri, Coskun; Gokmen, Esra; Bozkurt, Emre; Jun 1, 2015 3080
Correlation between high sensitivity C-reactive protein and lipids in obesity among Indians. Sadanand C.D.; Bindumathi, P.L.; Madhusudhana, L. May 25, 2015 2449
1)triglyceride (liq.Stable) 6*50 qty: 10 null 8)null qty: null null. May 14, 2015 109
Providing of vendors for medicines supply of Glucose (GOD-POD), Field Stain A/B 15 bottles, Cholesterol, Triglyceride, Drabkin Solution, Uric Acid, G6PD Kit, Glass dispensor bottle, and HbsAg Rapid T. May 14, 2015 105
Study of lipid profile in patients with subclinical hypothyroidism. Ranjith, Kumar G. K. Clinical report May 11, 2015 2723
Triglyceride levels and chronic heart failure. Klotter, Jule May 1, 2015 374
[alpha]-Cyclodextrin and metabolic disorders. Olmstead, Stephen F. Report May 1, 2015 2948
GlycA: a composite nuclear magnetic resonance biomarker of systemic inflammation. Otvos, James D.; Shalaurova, Irina; Wolak-Dinsmore, Justyna; Connelly, Margery A.; Mackey, Rachel H. May 1, 2015 5909
Pivotal receives Health Canada approval to expand the indication of OMAZEN[R] to include products with claims to maintain and support cardiovascular health and normal triglyceride levels. Apr 27, 2015 888
Biochemistry triglycerides - gpo - pap mtd liophilized without diluent, direct linearity greater than 1000 mg per dl - ce mark. Apr 21, 2015 112
-gingerol dampens hepatic steatosis and inflammation in experimental nonalcoholic steatohepatitis. Tzeng, Thing-Fong; Liou, Shorong-Shii; Chang, Chia Ju; Liu, I.-Min Report Apr 15, 2015 9414
Characterization of Carya illinoiensis and Juglans regia oils obtained by different extraction systems/Caracterizacao de oleos de Carya illinoiensis e Juglans regia obtidos por diferentes sistemas de extracao. Costa-Singh, Tainara; Jorge, Neuza Apr 1, 2015 5035
Study of oxidative stress in pregnency induced hypertension (PIH). Rao, B. Narayana; Babu, M. Jayaprakash Report Mar 23, 2015 2378
Correlation of obesity, insulin resistance and lipid profile in women with PCOS in Kims Hospital Bangalore. Gowda, Shashikala H.; Dhingra, Mansi Mar 5, 2015 3233
Lipid profile and its relationship with blood glucose levels in metabolic syndrome. Singh, Onkar; Gupta, Mrityunjay; Khajuria, Vijay Mar 1, 2015 2615
Effect of dietary marine microalgae (Schizochytrium) powder on egg production, blood lipid profiles, egg quality, and fatty acid composition of egg yolk in layers. Park, J.H.; Upadhaya, S.D.; Kim, I.H. Report Mar 1, 2015 4998
Triglyceride kit tr asia biomedical. Feb 28, 2015 120
Hospital based study of lipid profile in newly diagnosed cases of plasmodium falciparum infected malaria patients in Kosi region of Bihar. Kumar, Rakesh; Uddin, Md. Jamal; Mehdi, Mehre Darakhshan; Agrawal, Pramod Kumar; Abhishek, Kumar Feb 9, 2015 2045
The effect of physical activity and Atorvastatin action on lipid profile of sedentary and non sedentary alcoholic myocardial infarction patients. Syamala, D.; Kumari, N. Indira; Pavan, G. Teja Feb 5, 2015 1630
Study on vitamin D3 and lipid profile levels in obese population of North India. Pal, Singh Saran; Shirin, Garg; Ramneesh, Garg Clinical report Jan 26, 2015 2426
A study of dose dependant effect of cigarette smoking on lipid profile. Beenakumari, R.; Balachandran, J. Jan 22, 2015 3305
Effect of high dietary carbohydrate on the growth performance, blood chemistry, hepatic enzyme activities and growth hormone gene expression of Wuchang bream (Megalobrama amblycephala) at two temperatures. Zhou, Chuanpeng; Ge, Xianping; Liu, Bo; Xie, Jun; Chen, Ruli; Ren, Mingchun Report Jan 15, 2015 6659
High triglycerides, cholesterol linked to prostate cancer recurrence. Jan 1, 2015 196
Effects of castration on expression of lipid metabolism genes in the liver of Korean cattle. Baik, Myunggi; Nguyen, Trang Hoa; Jeong, Jin Young; Piao, Min Yu; Kang, Hyeok Joong Report Jan 1, 2015 4246
Vitamin D may benefit serum triglyceride levels: meta-analysis confirms oat beta-glucans can help reduce cholesterol. Jan 1, 2015 252
Knowledge of recommended dietary cholesterol allowance in an academic community. Anyasor, Godswill N.; Adetunji, J.A.; Ibrahim, H.O.; Adekunle, A. Report Jan 1, 2015 5812
A Survey of the Relationship Between Serum Cholesterol and Triglyceride to Glaucoma: A Case Control Study. Dec 31, 2014 3178
Gestational diabetes mellitus and impaired glucose tolerance in pregnant women. Dec 31, 2014 3868
Global Fatty Esters Industry. Dec 16, 2014 6754
Rare Gene Mutations Raise Risk Of Early Heart Attack. Dec 10, 2014 1325
ISIS-APOCIII Rx Phase 2 Study in Patients With Familial Chylomicronemia Published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Dec 3, 2014 2402
Association of postprandial hypertriglyceridemia and carotid atherosclerosis in patients with type 2 DM. Harsoor, Suresh; Kinagi, Akshaya; Chincholi, Akshay S. Dec 1, 2014 4609
Rice distillers dried grain is a promising ingredient as a partial replacement of plant origin sources in the diet for juvenile red seabream (Pagrus major). Choi, Jin; Rahman, Mostafizur; Lee, Sang-Min Report Dec 1, 2014 5802
Effect of different dietary n-6 to n-3 fatty acid ratios on the performance and fatty acid composition in muscles of broiler chickens. Mandal, G.P.; Ghosh, T.K.; Patra, A.K. Report Nov 1, 2014 5564
Plant sterols plus EPA/DHA may lower LDL cholesterol & triglycerides: low-fat, fortified spread offers opportunity to improve blood lipid profiles. Nov 1, 2014 411
Elevated cholesterol and triglycerides may increase the risk for prostate cancer recurrence. Brief article Nov 1, 2014 262
Variation of biological markers under hot and cold seasons in goats. Nawel, Aouaidjia; Abdennour, Cherif; Ouanes, Ilhem Report Oct 1, 2014 5286
Dyslipidaemia in woman with polycystic ovarian syndrome: A case control study in tertiary care hospital of Karachi. Sep 30, 2014 2571
Global Fatty Esters Industry. Sep 16, 2014 6785
Comparative study of lipoprotein (a) and lipid profile in chronic kidney disease patients with hemodialysis and without hemodialysis. Lakshmi, P. Mohana; Silambanan, Santhi Report Sep 11, 2014 3499
Risk factors for cardiovascular disease in professors from a public university/Factores de riesgo para enfermedad cardiovascular en profesores de una universidad publica/Fatores de risco para doenca cardiovascular em professores de uma universidade publica. Moreira, Osvaldo Costa; de Oliveira, Renata Aparecida Rodrigues; Oliveira, Claudia Eliza Patrocinio; Sep 1, 2014 5925
Isis Pharmaceuticals reports launch of Phase 3 study of ISIS-APOCIII Rx in patients with the rare orphan disease characterised by extremely high triglyceride levels FCS. Clinical report Aug 28, 2014 197
Isis Pharmaceuticals reports launch of Phase 3 study of ISIS-APOCIII Rx in patients with the rare orphan disease characterised by extremely high triglyceride levels FCS. Clinical report Aug 28, 2014 193
University students' cardiovascular risk factors and their relationship with body composition/Factores de riesgo cardiovascular y su relacion con la composicion corporal en estudiantes universitarios. Zea-Robles, Aura C.; Leon-Ariza, Henry H.; Botero-Rosas, Daniel A.; Afanador-Castaneda, Hugo D.; Pin Aug 1, 2014 4185
Microalbuminuria as a marker of cardiovascular and renal risk in type II diabetes mellitus. Yarasani, Aruna Jul 14, 2014 2613
Beneficial effects of Sudarshana Kriya in type II diabetes mellitus. Anupama, N.; Malhotra, Varun; Garg, Rinku; Venkiduswami; Ranganath Jul 7, 2014 1657
A study of changes in lipid profile in obese and non-obese females with acne vulgaris. Bassi, Roopam; Sharma, Saurabh; Kaur, Manjeet; Sharma, Aditi Report Jul 1, 2014 2188
Evaluation of metabolic syndrome variables in morning walkers. Singh, Onkar; Gupta, Mrityunjay; Khajuria, Vijay Jul 1, 2014 2860
Study of lipid profile and homocysteine levels in cases of chronic kidney disease. Katiyar, Ajay Kumar; Katiyar, S.K. Report Jun 30, 2014 2182
Metabolic syndrome as a risk factor for elevated intraocular pressure. Report Jun 30, 2014 3599
Rick Harrison of Television's "Pawn Stars" Discusses His Revelations on Seeking Treatment for His Very High Triglycerides in National Awareness Campaign. Jun 25, 2014 1593
Is the FDA ignoring heart risks from high triglycerides in the face of mounting evidence to the contrary? Jun 25, 2014 940
The effects of hydro-alcoholic extract of celery on lipid profile of rats fed a high fat diet. Kooti, Wesam; Ghasemiboroon, Maryam; Asadi-Samani, Majid; Ahangarpoor, Akaram; Abadi, Mosayeb Noori Report Jun 20, 2014 3559
In gene, a path to fight heart attacks. Kolata, Gina Jun 19, 2014 841
Broken gene found to protect against heart disease. Jun 18, 2014 1800
Effects of black pepper (Piper nigrum), turmeric powder (Curcuma longa) and coriander seeds (Coriandrum sativum) and their combinations as feed additives on growth performance, carcass traits, some blood parameters and humoral immune response of broiler chickens. Abou-Elkhair, R.; Ahmed, H.A.; Selim, S. Report Jun 1, 2014 5556
Superba krill may reduce triglyceride levels. Jun 1, 2014 250
Are all fish oil supplements safe during pregnancy? Opperman, Maretha; Benade, Spinnler Letter to the editor Jun 1, 2014 532
Measurements for 8 common analytes in native sera identify inadequate standardization among 6 routine laboratory assays. Stepman, Hedwig C.M.; Tiikkainen, Ulla; Stockl, Dietmar; Vesper, Hubert W.; Edwards, Selvin H.; Lait Report Jun 1, 2014 5722
Suppression of adipocyte hypertrophy by polymethoxyflavonoids isolated from Kaempferia parviflora. Okabe, Yui; Shimada, Tsutomu; Horikawa, Takumi; Kinoshita, Kaoru; Koyama, Kiyotaka; Ichinose, Koji; Report May 15, 2014 4403
Isis Reports Final Phase 2 Data on ISIS-APOCIII Rx in Patients With Familial Chylomicronemia. May 2, 2014 1361
Isis Reports Final Phase 2 Data on ISIS-APOCIII Rx in Patients With High Triglycerides and Type 2 Diabetes. May 1, 2014 1317
Genetically low triglycerides and mortality: further support for "the earlier the better"? Martin, Seth S.; Blaha, Michael J. May 1, 2014 2074
Low nonfasting triglycerides and reduced all-cause mortality: a mendelian randomization study. Thomsen, Mette; Varbo, Anette; Tybjaerg-Hansen, Anne; Nordestgaard, Borge G. Report May 1, 2014 5782
Extract of Cassiae semen attenuates diabetic nephropathy via inhibition of advanced glycation end products accumulation in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats. Kim, Young Sook; Jung, Dong Ho; Sohn, Eunjin; Lee, Yun Mi; Kim, Chan-Sik; Kim, Jin Sook Report Apr 15, 2014 4447
Spheroid organization and adipogenesis on copolymers of elastin-like polypeptides. Turner, Paul A.; Janorkar, Amol V. Report Apr 1, 2014 1676
Isis Reports Final Phase 2 Data On ISIS-APOCIII Rx In Patients With High Triglycerides Taking Fibrates. Mar 31, 2014 1785
Abaxis Receives CLIA Waiver For Capillary Sampling For Cholesterol, HDL And Triglycerides. Mar 28, 2014 1072
Ern laboratory - march chemical reagents (gpt, chloride, ldh, magnesium, urea nitrogen, potassium, total protein, urine protein, sodium, triglycerides, ammonium). Mar 8, 2014 105
Effects of saturated long-chain fatty acid on mRNA expression of genes associated with milk fat and protein biosynthesis in bovine mammary epithelial cells. Qi, Lizhi; Yan, Sumei; Sheng, Ran; Zhao, Yanli; Guo, Xiaoyu Report Mar 1, 2014 6106
Approaches in the utilization of Jatrophacurcas oil as feedstock for biodiesel synthesis: a review. Mohamed, Nurudeen Ishola; Kabbashi, Nassereldeen Ahmed; Alam, Zahangir; ElwathigMirghani, Mohammed Report Mar 1, 2014 4557
Effect of roping on some risk factors of cardiovascular. Bahram, Pourfazeli; Hassan, Dashti Khavydaky Mohammad; Mohsen, Afrouzeh; Ehsan, Ghasvarian Jahromi; Report Jan 1, 2014 3488
Correlation between metabolic controls and changes in retina in patients having diabetes/Povezanost metabolicke regulacije sa promenama na ocnom dnu kod obolelih od secerne bolesti. Petrovic, Mirjana A. Janicijevic; Veljkovic, Biljana; Janicijevic, Katarina; Vulovic, Tatjana Sarena Report Jan 1, 2014 3521
Sex differences in the metabolic syndrome: implications for cardiovascular health in women. Pradhan, Aruna D. Report Jan 1, 2014 6616
Comparacion del metodo directo y precipitado, para la determinacion de los niveles de colesterol HDL, en gallinas ponedoras. Henry Osorio, Jose; Darly Florez, Jancy Jan 1, 2014 4255
Effects of resistance training on binge eating, body composition and blood variables in type II diabetics/Efeitos do treinamento resistido sobre a compulsao alimentar, composicao corporal e variaveis sanguineas em diabeticos tipo II. de Sousa, Moises Simao Santa Rosa; dos Reis, Victor Manuel Machado; Novaes, Jefferson da Silva; de S Jan 1, 2014 7008
Abnormal Lipid levels as a risk factor of eclampsia study conducted in tertiary care Hospitals of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province - Pakistan. Dec 31, 2013 3050
An Update on Secondary Metabolites from Haloxylon Species. Dec 31, 2013 4517
Omega-3 Fat Intake May Reduce Triglycerides and Depressive Symptoms While Improving Brain Function and Volume. Dec 23, 2013 461
Cardia 7's Purified Omega 7, a new Fatty Acid, has the Potential to Lower Triglycerides and C - Reactive Protein. Dec 11, 2013 571
An evaluation of mean platelet volume and serum lipid profile in patients with fibromyalgia syndrome: Fibromiyalji Sendromlu Hastalarda Ortalama Trombosit Hacminin ve Lipid Parametrelerinin Deerlendirilmesi. Iyiyapici unubol, Ayse; Tasci Bozbas, Gulnur; Unubol, Mustafa; Gurer, Gulcan Dec 1, 2013 2906
Isis Pharmaceuticals Reports Fifth Positive Phase 2 Data Set for ISIS-APOCIII Rx Showing Significant Reductions in Triglyceride and ApoC-III Levels. Nov 18, 2013 1320
Panel: omega-3 pill needs more CV outcomes data. Mechcatie, Elizabeth Nov 1, 2013 1049
Evaluation of the functional food potential of Bamirad (a ginger-spiced) cheese produced in the western highlands of Cameroon. Dung, Mendi Stephen; Anyangwe, Fonteh Florence; Anselme, Kameni; Moses, Mbofung Carl Report Nov 1, 2013 2973
Sp 1101 dideco / social / adq. 2100 (triglyceride machine and others). Oct 25, 2013 120
October chemical reagents (ldh, magnesium, nitrogen, potassium, total protein, sodium, triglycerides, ammonium, amylase, ck, ckmb, ggt). Oct 10, 2013 115
Study Points to New Heart Drug Targets With a Key Role for Triglycerides. Oct 9, 2013 294
CaPre found to reduce triglyceride levels. Oct 1, 2013 283
A case of hypertriglyceridaemia (?transient infantile hypertriglyceridaemia) with associated hyperglycinaemia and carnitine deficiency. Torkadi, Prasad; Bhute, A.K.; Dhavale, U.P. Clinical report Oct 1, 2013 1594
The effect of walking and dietary intervention on cholesterol levels among adults at risks for CVD. Alshuwaiyer, Ghadah; Taylor, E. Laurette Report Sep 22, 2013 7803
Isis Reports Phase 2 Data on ISIS-APOCIII Rx Showing Substantial Reductions of Triglycerides and Apoc-III in Patients with Familial Chylomicronemia. Sep 21, 2013 2301
Aggregation of lipoprotein(a) to apolipoprotein A-I underlying HDL dysfunction as a major coronary risk factor/HDL disfonksiyonunun temelindekilipoprotein(a)'nin apolipoprotein A-I'e agregasyonu major bir koroner risk faktorudur. Onat, Altan; Can, Gunay; Murat, Sani; Cicek, Gokhan; Ornek, Ender; Yuksel, Husniye Report Sep 1, 2013 7031
Isis Reports Interim Phase 2 Data on ISIS-APOCIII Rx as a Single Agent in Patients With Very High to Severely High Triglycerides. Aug 31, 2013 1809
Catabasis' CAT-2003 Demonstrates Significant Reduction of Fasting and Post-Prandial Triglycerides in Successful Phase 1 Trial. Jul 30, 2013 928
Purchase glucose and triglyceride determination tape. Jul 26, 2013 118
Mylan Inc reports availibility of one of the first generic Trilipix Capsules to reduce triglyceride. Jul 16, 2013 172
Mylan Inc reports availibility of one of the first generic Trilipix Capsules to reduce triglyceride. Jul 16, 2013 168
Omthera Pharmaceuticals Announces NDA Submission for Epanova(TM) for the Treatment of Patients with Very High Triglycerides. Jul 9, 2013 1402
Omthera Pharmaceuticals Inc submits NDA to US FDA for Epanova for patients with very high triglycerides. Jul 9, 2013 188
Omthera Pharmaceuticals Inc submits NDA to US FDA for Epanova for patients with very high triglycerides. Jul 9, 2013 184
Thermally curable benzoxazine-modified vegetable oil as a coating material. Yildirim, Can; Erciyes, A. Tuncer; Yagci, Yusuf Jul 1, 2013 5055
Isis Reports Phase 2 Data on ISIS-APOCIII Rx Showing Significant Reductions in Triglycerides and APOC-III in Patients with High Triglycerides and Type 2 Diabetes. Jun 23, 2013 1514
Most Consumers Unaware that Management of High Triglyceride Levels Is Important for Cardiovascular Health. Jun 5, 2013 6736
The effects of Rhodobacter capsulatus KCTC-2583 on cholesterol metabolism, egg production and quality parameters during the late laying periods in hens. Lokhande, Anushka; Ingale, S.L.; Lee, S.H.; Kim, J.S.; Lohakare, J.D.; Chae, B.J.; Kwon, I.K. Report Jun 1, 2013 5558
Aerobic exercise effect along with fenugreek supplemental consumption on cholesterol and triglyceride changes in blood. Mirhosseini, Fatemeh Moeinzadeh; Khoshnam, Ebrahim; Nikseresht, Asghar Report Jun 1, 2013 2487
Increased apolipoprotein A-I levels mediate the development of prehypertension among Turks/Artmis apolipoprotein A-I duzeyleri prehipertansiyon gelismesine Turk yetiskinlerinde aracilik etmektedir. Onat, Altan; Can, Gunay; Ornek, Ender; Cicek, Gokhan; Murat, Sani N.; Yuksel, Husniye Report Jun 1, 2013 6816
A new index (CHOLINDEX) in detecting coronary artery disease risk/Koroner arter hastaligi riskini belirlemede yeni bir index (CHOLINDEX). Akpinar, Onur; Bozkurt, Abdi; Acarturk, Esmeray; Seydaoglu, Gulsah Report Jun 1, 2013 3065
Amarin Corporation plc receives patent allowance notification of Vascepa and Statin therapy to reduce triglycerides. May 23, 2013 224
Amarin Corporation plc receives patent allowance notification of Vascepa and Statin therapy to reduce triglycerides. May 23, 2013 220
Pivotal Therapeutics VASCAZEN-REVEAL Trial Meets Primary and Secondary Endpoints - VASCAZEN Shows 121% Correction of an Omega-3 Deficiency (p< 0.0001) with a Concomittant 48% Reduction in Triglycerides (p<0.0005). Correction notice May 7, 2013 1617
Pivotal Therapeutics VASCAZEN[R]-REVEAL trial meets primary and secondary endpoints - VASCAZEN[R] shows 121% correction of an Omega-3 deficiency (p< 0.0001) with a concomittant 48% reduction in triglycerides (p<0.0005). May 7, 2013 1587
Light exercise after a meal keeps unhealthy fats at bay. Brief article May 1, 2013 134
Growth performance, plasma fatty acids, villous height and crypt depth of preweaning piglets fed with medium chain triacylglycerol. Chwen, Loh Teck; Foo, Hooi Ling; Thanh, Nguyen Tien; Choe, D.W. Report May 1, 2013 4462
Effect of short term match program on certain blood lipids of football players. Cengiz, Sebnem; Cinar, Vedat; Pala, Ragip; Dundar, Aykut Report May 1, 2013 2298
Influence of gender, C-reactive protein and triglycerides in risk prediction of coronary heart disease/Koroner arter hastaligi riskini ongormede cinsiyet, C-reaktif protein ve trigliseridin etkisi. Lozano, Roberto; Marin, Reyes; Santacruz, M.-Jesus Letter to the editor May 1, 2013 1021

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