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Trident an unhealthy obsession.

Byline: Mhairi Black @MHAIRIBLACK

I WAS pleased to hear this week that pensioners Brian Quail and Angela Zelter - who have been protesting peacefully against nuclear weapons - have been released after 16 days in jail.

The Trident Two were released after the procurator fiscal dropped a bail condition that stipulated they couldn't protest within a hundred metres of the Trident bases.

It comes as the UK finds itself isolated by its obsession with nuclear weapons in the international community - a recent vote of 122 states at the UN for a treaty to ban nuclear weapons placed them at the same international legal status as chemical and other weapons of mass destruction.

The SNP have, and will always be, against Trident.

Nuclear weapons make absolutely no sense in the modern world. They have no strategic value, they are immoral and eye-wateringly expensive.

Trident cannot defend us against the biggest threats to UK security, they would cause unimaginable death and suffering if they were they to be used, and they cost an unjustifiable amount of money in an age of austerity where Tory cuts are being made to public services left, right and centre.

The commitment of pensioners Brian and Angela to make a stand against Trident is admirable to say the least.


FREED Protester Brian Quail

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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Jul 31, 2017
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