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Trident Creates Multimedia for IBM's Top of the Line ThinkPad 770x.

Cyber9397 DVD(TM) Provides Numerous Firsts for Award-Winning Notebook Line

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Nov. 5 /PRNewswire/ -- Trident Microsystems, Inc. (Nasdaq: TRID) today announced that IBM's notebook PC, the ThinkPad 770X uses the Cyber9397 DVD multimedia accelerator.

The notebook is one of the first designs to use Intel's Pentium II 300MHz processor and be equipped with a DVD ROM drive, advanced audio capability and a 56Kbps modem. Delivered standard with an 8.1 GB hard drive, 64 or 128 MB of SDRAM, and 4MB or 8MB of video SGRAM, the IBM ThinkPad 770X will outperform most available desktop units.

The Cyber9397 DVD incorporates a number of industry firsts including:

* Windows 98 WDM DVD (Windows Driver Model with DirectShow). A driver model based on the Windows NT model designed to provide a common architecture of I/O services for both Windows NT and Windows operating systems for specific classes of drivers. These include USB and IEEE 1394 buses, audio, still-image capture, video capture, and HID-compliant devices.

* Windows98 MHS (Multiple Head Standard), a Microsoft standard covering the chip's ability to handle multiple outputs to various display devices such as TVs, LCD or a monitor at the same time with different rates, and resolutions.

* Windows 98 WDM Video Capture, a WDM-based kernel-mode extension of Microsoft DirectShow, providing kernel connection and streaming services as used by the WDM Stream class driver.

* AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port), an Intel port for graphics display.

* PC98, the 1998-99 requirements for PC system and peripheral design that serve as the basis for the "Designed for Windows" logo, as defined in the PC 98 System Design Guide.

* DX6, the new API (Application Programming Interface) from Microsoft that covers 3D graphics advancement.

* ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) a specification that defines a new interface to the system board that enables the operating system to implement operating system directed power management and system configuration and allows instant on PCs.

* APM (Advanced Power Management), A software interface, defined by Microsoft and Intel, between hardware-specific power management software and an operating system power management driver. It has recently been replaced on Windows 98 compliant systems by the ACPI.

"Because it meets the latest and most stringent specifications, the Cyber9397 DVD is probably the best videographics solution for the advanced notebook manufacturer today. As part of our Cyber line of notebook products which includes both embedded memory devices for the entry-level PC and sophisticated discrete ICs, it is the result of Trident's eleven years of experience in producing multimedia chips," said Frank Lin, president and CEO of Trident. "We are extremely pleased that Trident devices once again are chosen for the multimedia graphics solution of the IBM ThinkPad notebook product line. We, at Trident, are committed to making IBM notebooks successful in the marketplace."

The single-cycle 3D graphics engine can perform premium 3D functions at more than 500k triangles per second. The 3D engine off-loads the CPU of 50% of its 3D tasks, enabling the ThinkPad's CPU to concentrate on other processing. The 3D engine, integrated with a triangle setup engine, provides Gouraud shading, texture mapping, alpha blending, Z-buffering, fogging and anti-aliasing, resulting in arcade-quality graphics on notebook PCs.

The Cyber9397 DVD allows the display shown on the LCD and the CRT or TV to run at different refresh rates, different resolutions and different color depths. For example, while the slides of a presentation are being projected onto a screen, the presenter can read notes off his/her notebook.

The Cyber9397 DVD provides flexible and extensive mobile power management capabilities. The chip operates at 3.3V with independent power planes for different functions in the chip. This ensures that each function can be individually powered down when not in use. With an appropriate configuration, a suitable balance can be achieved between graphics power consumption and performance by adjusting the frame buffer size, and speed.

Trident Microsystems, Inc., with headquarters in Mountain View, California, designs, develops and markets graphics controllers and multimedia integrated circuits for PCs. Trident's products are sold through a network of OEMs, original design manufacturers and system integrators worldwide. For further information about Trident and its products please consult our web site: .

Note: Trident is a registered trademark of Trident Microsystems, Inc. ClearTV and Cyber9397 are trademarks of Trident Microsystems, Inc. All other trademarks used herein are the property of their respective owners.
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