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Tricks of the trade the PR Marketing Advisory Council helps the Chamber communicate.

The communications business is changing quickly, in the Detroit Region and around the world. It is happening at a rapid pace, faster than most organizations can handle on their own. To plan for these changes successfully and be able move forward with programs that will continue to be effective, you need a team of experts who are up-to-date on the latest trends, across the communications spectrum. The Detroit Regional Chamber understands this. That is why the PR and Marketing Advisory Council is able to make a significant impact. Unlike the many so-called "advisory boards" elsewhere, where staff members merely conduct group presentations to committee members a few times a year, our Council actually interacts with the Chamber's staff in two-way dialogue. This year, the Council was able to provide opinions, insights and recommendations to the Chamber to shape virtually all aspects of its communications programs, including branding, event planning, graphic design, editorial content and Internet strategy. Over the past year, at a pivotal time for the Chamber and our community, something unusual happened on this Council-competitors actually became collaborators-for the benefit of the Chamber and the region.

Matt Friedman, Partner. Tanner Fredman, is the chair of the PR/Marketing Advisory Council


2006-2007 PR Marketing Advisory Council Impact At-a-Glance

Detroiter magazine

The newly redesigned Detroiter quickly became popular with members as a way to spread the word about their company via the numerous editorial and advertising opportunities inside. For the first time ever, the Detroiter debuted as the "Official Mackinac Policy Conference Publicator," won accolades from attendees on content and design and was ever featured on the WXYZ's "Sunday Spotlight On the News Show" with Chuck Stokes.


This fall the new Detroiter Online section of the Chamber's Website will launch, offering members a place where they can interact, share expertise and have a unique membership experience daily. Look also for the E-Detroiter Weekly newsletter that will provide members everything they need to know about doing business in the region.


Membership Maximizers

In January 2007 the Champer launched the Membership Maximizer program. Held quarterly at Andiamo's locations throughout the region, the event provides new and seasoned members an opportunity to learn how to make the most of their membership and see a return on their investment.

Members have enjoyed hearing anecdotal examples from other members on the panels at the events.


The next event is scheduled for Monday, September 24 at Andiamo's in Bloomfield Township from 5.30-7.30 p. m. To register, visit:

Chamber Champion Advertising Campaign

From March 30 to June 7. the Chamber ran an eight-week advertising campaign featuring rest monials of our members on Champer events, product savings, committee involvement, business referrals, publications, networking opportunities and policy and political advocacy efforts. Many members volunteered to tell us their story. and six member businesses were chosen to appear in a major media campaign that provided a combined value of $50,000 worth of exposure through onrt and radio advertising. This campaign not only gave exposure to the members who participated, but it also helped the Chamber tell the region at large the benefits of being a member for your business to be considered as a Chamber Champian, go to and click on Chamber Champions.
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Title Annotation:Member Communication
Author:By Matt Friedman
Date:Sep 1, 2007
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