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Trickle-down theory of sedimentology.

Trickle-down theory of sedimentology

A priceless geology talk was given at a session on geo-sciences education by Wilbert R. Danner at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. Danner has applied the principles of sedimentology to money that he finds lying on the ground during his walks through campus. He has found that the rate at which coins are deposited on parking lots is greatest in the winter, when short days, snow or storms make it difficult to see coins or make it undesirable to retrieve them.

In contrast, a nearby nude beach receives its greatest deposits of coins during the summer, when people take off their clothes and carry them. Danner says there was a deficit in coin sedimentation during a bus strike last summer and when the bus company began to require paper currency or tickets.

He has also studied the deposition of cans and bottles -- a different kind of sedimentation, more like that from the explosive eruptions of volcanoes, he says. All in all, he's netted (for a student fund) $653.72 from his studies of money as well as about $5,000 from his field collections of cans and bottles. This kind of research is especially lucrative for geology students, he says, "because they're always looking at the ground and not at the birds."
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Author:Weisburd, Stefi
Publication:Science News
Date:Nov 29, 1986
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