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All you need is water to power H-Racer, the latest environmentally friendly car. But don't expect to see automobiles filling up at water fountains. Why not? H-Racer is a toy car that can fit in your hand.

When "drivers" fill up with water ([H.sub.2]0), hydrogen molecules ([H.sub.2]) flow into the car's onboard storage tank. When the driver flips a switch on the car to rev the engine, a chemical reaction starts in the car's onboard fuel cell. This device strips an electron from each atom of hydrogen (H). These negatively charged particles flow through wires in the fuel cell, producing electricity that powers the car's motor.

One advantage of using a fuel cell is that the only waste is a mist of water, says Taras Wankewycz the car's inventor. Compare that with most toy cars, which run on batteries. The batteries eventually end up in landfills. There, the used batteries can leach out harmful chemicals that pollute the environment.
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Date:Oct 9, 2006
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