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Trick or treat.

It's trick or treat time at the zoo. Many zoos celebrate in a "beastly" way by giving pumpkin presents to animals.

Pumpkins make great playthings to hold, roll, squeeze, squash, and climb on. This young orangutan (photo at right) is sitting in a pumpkin playground. It seems to be saying, "Oooooh, cool!" Pumpkins also make good zoo food. The parrots below are chipping away at a jack-o'-lantern. They're trying to reach the pumpkin seeds--and peanuts that the zookeeper stuffed inside.

The baby elephant above played pumpkin soccer. But when the game was through, so was the pumpkin!

A large elephant (left) can pop a small pumpkin right into its mouth.

Why is this sun bear (right) balancing a pumpkin on its feet? It's getting ready to tear the pumpkin open with its long claws and sharp teeth. Then the balancing trick will turn into a treat!

The gorilla above found a fast way to open a pumpkin--toss it on the ground and smash it. Now he can sit back and snack on the seeds and squishy stuff.

With the largest mouth in the zoo, a hippopotamus (right) has no trouble chomping a pumpkin with one big bite!

Hey--maybe the animals at a zoo near you will be having a stompin'-chompin' good time with pumpkins this Halloween. Why not find out?.

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Title Annotation:zoo animals play with pumpkins
Author:Munsey, Debbie
Publication:Ranger Rick
Date:Nov 1, 1995
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