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Triangle Chevrolet Buick collaborates with Walton County Sheriff's Office to launch Teen Life Class.

Auto Business News-June 17, 2016--Triangle Chevrolet Buick collaborates with Walton County Sheriff's Office to launch Teen Life Class

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Auto Business News - 17 June 2016

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Triangle Chevrolet Buick, a Florida-based auto dealer, has collaborated with the Walton County Sheriff's Office to launch its Teen Life Class to teach life skills not taught in the classroom, including changing a flat tyre.

Around a dozen teens were present on a Saturday morning at a county high school to hear general manager, Taylor Lathinghouse, explain routine vehicle maintenance, how to check the oil, when the check engine light is a true emergency and the proper time to pull over, among other car-related tasks.

Edmunds has reported, citing Lathinghouse, 'It was a hot day and early on a Saturday, so I was thrilled with the group. We wanted to give them some confidence when dealing with a situation and the sheriff wanted them to get away from their video games in the summer.'

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Publication:Auto Business News (ABN)
Date:Jun 17, 2016
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