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Triage nurses should stop time-wasters in our A&Es; VIEWPOINTS Write to: Viewpoints, M.E.N, Mitchell Henry House, Hollinwood Avenue, Oldham, OL9 8EF Or email:

REGARDING your article pinpointing the time-wasters who attend our overstretched A&E departments with trivial complaints (Hundreds clog up A&E with trivial complaints, M.E.N., April 3).

Where is the triage nurse in all this? Isn't that the time where timewasters could be sent home and told about alternative answers to their problems.

Surely that is the whole point in having a triage nurse to sort out the genuine accidents and emergencies and thus relieve the pressure on the staff in the department. Glenis Harrison, via email Six seconds cost me PS30 HOW can we stop this madness of being cash-cows for councils? On January 22, I pulled across a bus lane into a bus stop to drop off my grandson, which myself and others have done for three years.

Suddenly, we noticed a camera near to the top of a lamp-post, then new road signs - nothing about dropping off at the bus stop. But now, the purpose is to get parents to drop children off near the gates.

I got nothing until March 7. I complained this is the first notice I had. It's not our fault if Royal Mail don't deliver. There's no consistency with our signs from Salford council who are responsible by law and are incompetent - but not when they are cash-cows collectors. My crime was for six seconds for dropping my grandson off at bus stop.

How can Salford council condone this incompetence? We can't a fine local authority so the person responsible for incompetence in the job should be fined for this mistake - like my mistake cost me PS30 for six seconds. Mr Brown, Salford Veni, vidi, vici... Latin STOCKPORT residents have an opportunity to study Latin.

It doesn't matter if they have never studied Latin before, or if they tried to learn Latin at school many years ago.

Our marvellous teacher, Mr Anthony Mellor, can cope with compete beginners or with people who have been attending his class for many years. Everyone goes at their own pace. Mr Mellor goes round the class and helps everyone individually. No lists of vocabulary to learn, nor tables of verb endings. No exams to take either.

Apart from the language itself, you learn about Roman society, their slaves, Pompeii and many other interesting things. It is not often that Latin is on offer.

This coming term we will be having six sessions on alternative Thursday mornings at Marple Sixth Form College at 10.40am.

The lessons last one hour and start at 10.40am. To enrol, and for further information, contact Cheadle Sixth Form College on 0161 486 4600. The first lesson this term is on April 19. Cost for the six lessons is PS31.80.

Mrs Joan Rose, High Lane, Stockport Stamps can help animals WOULD any kind readers of the M.E.N. please send me any unwanted used stamps, any other stamp items and old picture post cards, to assist the RSPCA. Thank you, I am most grateful. Mr Brian Clark, Animal Welfare, Flat 9, Spring Rise, Stalybridge, Cheshire, SK15 1HH Disabled woe at airport IT would seem that the airport management are incapable of understanding or considering the reality of living with difficulties of the disabled. With a mobility scooter and a suitcase it is already difficult from the current drop-off but the new proposals would mean it would make it a major difficulty considering our weather and the assistance currently availability.

Already airport (the only airportapproved) taxis charge THREE times of the standard taxi cost to my home. This would seem like a decision made by a committee of civil servants with nothing else to do but the SOLE objective of increasing income.

PC, Cheadle Hulme, Stockport Sick to back teeth of wait I HAVE now been waiting over six months to have my teeth removed by the NHS dental service.

I had to ring six or seven dentists before anyone would accept me and when it came to removing my teeth I was told that they would have to refer me to the dental hospital.

I waited three months for an initial appointment and I have been waiting a further two months up to now for an appointment to remove my teeth. It is making my life very difficult as I am type 2 diabetic and cannot chew the food I should be eating. Is it just me? The treatment is not free and PS254.40 is a lot of money to find for a pensioner. Gummy Pensioner, Oldham Historic pub turned into flats WHAT you've been saying on the M.E.N. Facebook page about Stockport's White Lion having a new life after 600 years...

WATCHED the 2008 Champions League Final in the White Lion... Think it shut the week after!

Adam Axford HOPE they keep its unique facade, it's so iconic to this town.

Trish Roche HAD my 21st there 1979.

Julie Roden WONDER if the council had any trouble gaining that purchase.

Paul Aaron Barratt THE best place for under 18s to have a beer in Stockport.

Jordan Butler Pompeii Celebrating its 10th birthday in 2018 is 'Tornado', Britain's newest steam engine and the first to travel at 100mph in 50 years. She is pictured leaving Bury station on the East Lancashire Railway by David Worthington, from Wythenshawe. If you have a stunning picture, then we'd love to see it. Send your photos to us at, marking them Picture of the Day

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Publication:Manchester Evening News (Manchester, United Kingdom)
Geographic Code:4EUUK
Date:Apr 4, 2018
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