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TriaGnoSys develops TriaComMa Internet access software for Airbus A380.


TriaGnoSys, a provider of remote communications using satellite technology, has revealed that its TriaComMa Internet access software for the Airbus A380 has been successfully tested.

The company has developed the solution for the A380, providing the flexibility for crew and passengers to use a laptop or the aircraft's in-flight entertainment (IFE) system to access live Internet.

According to TriaGnoSys, TriaComMa will control all cabin crew, passenger and IFE data communications to and from the aircraft during flight. The solution is able to support a range of satellite services such as Inmarsat Swift64 and SwiftBroadband, Gatelink and Ku-band and supports commercial off the shelf applications, providing maximum flexibility of integration, the company said.

The software will control passenger applications such as webmail e-mail and instant messaging access through the IFE system as well as broadband Internet access and will also power non-flight-critical crew applications. These include IFE operational data, emergency applications, embedded Internet access from the IFE system, crew e-mail, baggage tracing, inventory control, cabin surveillance, gate information and electronic flight bag.

TriaComMa provides automatic bandwidth control of the satellite links, QoS data, prioritisation, firewall and security in addition to accounting support for passenger applications, and will be available on other Airbus models in the future.

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Publication:Airline Industry Information
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Date:Sep 8, 2006
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