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Tresses go to Hairfinity and beyond.

HAIRFINITY Hair Care from Brock Beauty consists of products specifically targeted to promote healthy hair from the inside out. It is recommended for all hair types and is safe for color-treated hair: Advanced Haircare Gentle Cleanse Shampoo, Balanced Moisture Conditioner, Nourishing Botanical Oil, Strengthening Amino Masque, and Infinite Edges Serum. Each is specifically targeted to help your hair grow longer and stronger.

Gentle Cleanse Shampoo is a sulfate-free, hydrating cleanser that removes impurities from the scalp and strands. The result: hair that is soft and refreshed--but definitely not stripped.

Balanced Moisture Conditioner is a moisture-rich formula that gently detangles and smoothes strands from root to ends. The result: less-stressed hair that feels healthy, soft, and manageable.

Nourishing Botanical Oil is a versatile elixir that supports hair health from root to tip. This concentrated blend of powerful oils deeply penetrates the scalp and hair to restore vitality, elasticity, and strength.

Strengthening Amino Masque is a reparative formula that reinforces the hair's cuticle by infusing amino acids deep into the hair shaft. The result: revitalized tresses that look and feel stronger, smoother, and healthier.

Infinite Edges Serum is an intense infusion of vitamins and active botanicals that nourishes targeted areas to promote healthy hair. This effective scalp conditioner will revitalize the delicate, weak, and overworked areas of your hair. Daily use is an effective way to nourish and condition your hairline.

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