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Trenton Cold Storage Limited 90 years of progress.

In 1902, Eben James established Trenton Cold Storage to serve the apple industry.

Ninety years later, Eben would recognize that the main plant is still where he built it all, at the mouth of the Trent River in downtown Trenton, Ontario, but he would recognize little else. We don't store apples any more. Frozen foods are the focus and whereas Mr. James took weeks to get his product to market, we now do it in hours

The business is still owned and operated by the family. Pictured here is the senior management team. From the left, seated, is Babe James, Vice President; Eben James II, President; and, standing from the far left, Al Borthwick, Vice President and General Manager; and Eben James III, Vice President of Finance.


"The TCS Group is committed to building a dynamic, profitable company through the production, preservation and distribution of frozen and chilled foods. This will be accomplished by a safe and healthy environment so as to give the greatest fulfillment, reward and satisfaction to customers, employees and the community alike."

The plant on the left is Produce Processors Limited, a custom vegetable processing and freezing facility with an IQF freezing capacity of 15 tons per hour. On the right is the Glenburnie warehouse, which offers over 4-million cubic feet of racked and bulk storage. Three quarters of this capacity was new construction in the last five years.

Tri-County is one of the finest and most versatile facilities in the country, offering a freezer, cooler and dry storage. This is a semi-highrise distribution centre used by major nationally branded accounts. The central location of Trenton, relative to the markets and the distribution programs offered make Trenton a natural choice.

Transportation, consolidated, cost-effective, on time. A key to a distribution plan is the consolidation system. Operating coast to coast, we can engage partners of the highest calibre to provide the over-the-road service. Direct-to-customer eliminates the need for our customer to deal with anyone else but Trenton Cold Storage, thereby cutting out costs and making the logistic system more efficient.

The latest in computer hardware and software is used to tailor our service to the customer. We know that your customer is just as important to us as you are. We can provide complete logistics services from point of manufacturer to the end user. TCS was a pioneer of EDI in Canada and boasts the best system available.

As we said, Mr. James wouldn't recognize his company today, but he sure would be proud of how it has grown and how the customer was being served.
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Date:Apr 1, 1993
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