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Trent Foltz.


Trent Foltz was born in 1966 in Genesco, Ill., a small town located in the northwestern portion of the state. Raised amidst the rural backdrop of the Midwest, Foltz developed an appreciation for the simplicity of country life. After high school, he moved away from his hometown in search of a more urban setting. Foltz graduated from the University of Illinois in Carbondale where he received a Bachelor of Arts in photography and a Bachelor of Science in forestry.


After college, Foltz worked for the National Park Service in Harpers Ferry, W.Va., and the National Forest Service in Fairplay, Colo., where he sharpened his skills in multimedia presentations and photography. Foltz eventually moved to St. Louis and opened a commercial photography studio. He enjoyed the stimulation of the city but decided to return to his hometown to raise his sons Liam, 9, and Hayden, 7. It was then that Foltz realized he had taken the simple beauty of rural life for granted. The three now live in Genesco with their German short-haired puppy, Fritz.


"As a commercial photographer in St. Louis, I traveled on assignment for blue-chip companies such as Hard Rock Cafe, Anheuser-Busch, Monsanto and Cracker Barrel. It was fast-paced and exciting.


"But in 2002, I returned to my roots in rural Illinois to raise my two boys. What I found was a landscape very different than the one I left in the '80s. Gone are the days of the small farmer. Wooden barns and fence lines are making way for housing and business developments, and certain breeds of livestock are in danger of becoming extinct. There is great beauty in Midwestern landscape. My goal is to capture that beauty before it's too late and convey it in my photography."


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