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Trends: boost for donkey power.

Donkeys have played an important role in building the economy of Namibia, but now the half-million or so, most of them strays, are considered a nuisance, degraders of the ecology and a danger on the roads. Looking into the issue is a British-based welfare organisation with plans to revive the productive role once played by the desert country's beasts of burden.


A project called Namibia Donkey Welfare is meeting with encouraging response from donors who want to help convert Namibia's donkeys from their errant ways and make them useful members of the community once more. Organisers hope to direct donkey power back into ploughing, transporting the sick to hospitals, carrying people and bringing food to homesteads.
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Title Annotation:BUSINESS BRIEFS; services of Namibia Donkey Welfare
Publication:African Business
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Date:Apr 1, 2005
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