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Trend toward high quality premium products bolsters growing ice cream market in Germany.

Trend Toward High Quality Premium Products Bolsters Growing Ice Cream Market in Germany

While rain put a damper on ice cream sales in Great Britain last summer, such was not the case in Germany. Indeed, many producers there racked up their best year ever thanks to cooperation from a blazing sun and unusually high temperatures.

One company that enjoyed extra-brisk business was Langnese-Iglo. The Hamburg-headquartered Unilever concern's premium Magnum ice cream bar was in such great demand during July and August that out-of-stocks resulted as inventories were depleted. Shortages notwithstanding, the product's heavy sales volume translated to a record 7.2 units purchased per second by consumers all summer long!

Hoping to build on this solid performance in 1992, Langnese introduced a number of new ice cream products at the recent ANUGA show in Cologne. Carte D'Or Patisse was added to the international line of upscale fare. Selling for DM 6.99 per 750 ml. box, the premium mocha, dark and white chocolate ice cream is topped with generous shavings of rich chocolate.

"Our range now has some 14 products," Hartmut Wilde told Quick Frozen Foods International. "It represents synergies between retail trade and restaurant sectors, and will be tied in with premium events like expositions and tennis matches."

The Magnum line has been extended to include a white chocolate-covered creamy vanilla offering, retailing at DM 6.99 per three-pack. Also being targeted is the children's market. Langnese's 8 Tschisi vanilla ice milk novelties resemble Swiss cheese. Mouse cut-outs made of cardboard are included in the package to add to the consumer's fun.

Scholler's Lineup

Another German ice cream packer that had a very good year is Nuremberg-based Scholler Lebensmittel GmbH. Although total 1991 sales figures had not been released when this magazine went to press in mid-January, suffice to say that the company claimed 31% of the market in 1990 on sales of DM 881.4 million. Turnover certainly rose last year.

Scholler offers 163 different frozen concoctions manufactured in four German plants, including one in the former DDR city of Pottsdam. The expansive line runs the gamut from dairy ice cream (which contains a minimum of 10% milk fat) to fruit ingredient varieties (8% milk fat) and standard ice cream (3%), plus sorbet (20% fresh fruit pulp or juice).

Production also takes place at factories situated in Austria, Belgium and Hungary. Sales offices have been established in the Netherlands, France and Britain. Other export markets served are Greece, Italy, Switzerland and Spain.

Scholler showcased a number of new products at the ANUGA fair which will be launched on the German market in February. Among them was The Simpsons line of novelty pops for the kiddie sector. It seems that the popular American TV cartoon show characters have created an animated appetite for frozen Barts and Homers on sticks. Available either singly or in four-packs, flavors are lemon or multi-fruit. The price is DM 1 per unit or DM 3.20 for a value package.

For the more sophisticated adult palate comes the Milka Lila Pause ice cream range, which is packed by Scholler in cooperation with Jacobs Suchard Deutschland. Featured are: Nougat-Crisp (vanilla ice cream surrounded with Alps-style milk chocolate); Vanilla-Crisp (vanilla ice cream enrobed with white chocolate made with Alps milk); Strawberry Yogurt-Crisp (strawberry yogurt ice cream covered with Alps milk chocolate). Selling for DM 1.50 per unit or DM 4.95 for a package of four, they have already been successfully test-marketed in Konigsbrunn and Hannover.

Also new for the domestic market is New York Cheese Cake, which will join Scholler's line of Manhattan brand ice cream first introduced during 1987. The retail price will range from DM 5 to DM 6 for the 1.5 liter container. Other products in the segment-leading Manhattan range include french vanilla, double chocolate, strawberry rib, banana nut and peanut choc.

For the national catering trade, a number of new seasonal ice cream desserts were unveiled. Among the winter theme products in the Scholler-Movenpick range are: Creme Elise (DM 9.16 per liter); Macadamia (DM 9.16 per liter); Diplomat Glace with Walnuts and Truffles (DM 1.95 per unit). Also being marketed are Rote Grutze (a red berry dessert listing at DM 9.95 per kilo), and Rondo Marzipan-Praline Nougat (DM 3.45 a unit).

Export Offerings

Scholler has also been very busy on the export front. Sales increased 43% in the United Kingdom, while advancing 22% in France and 9% in the Benelux.

Led by a novelty item called Macao (a dairy vanilla ice cream coated with chocolate), impulse products were launched into the UK in earnest during 1991. Their favorable reception reflects a strong trend toward premium items in Britain and other countries.

Steady demand for sorbets came from France and the Benelux nations. Consequently, a new line of 500 ml. take-home packs was introduced. Flavors are: raspberry, cassis, maracuja (passion fruit) and mango-papaya.

The Movenpick range was extended with an ice cream torte called Symphony Peach Yogurt. It is composed of peach yogurt ice cream and raspberry sorbet with vanilla decoration.

Two new multipacks featuring Cornet Maple Walnuts and White Chocolate Choc were brought out. The former consists of ice cream with maple syrup and carmelized walnuts, cocoa sauce, chocolate-flavored coating and chocolate flakes filled into an extra-crisp cone. The latter is a premium bar featuring white chocolate ice cream with a liberal sprinkling of chocolate flakes.


Durigon GmbH is a German company that specializes in Italian-style ice cream as well as conventional tub and stick products. Based in Uthlede, in 1974 it began producing for ice cream cafes and mobile vehicle sales operations. Within the past five years it has branched out to address both retail and catering markets, in addition to dispensing product from 10 of its own shops.

Fat content in typical Durigon offerings is 11% to 12%, making for very rich taste and texture. Among newly launched items are Spaghetti Ice Cream, Tartufo Classico, Tagliatelle Ice Cream, and Coppa-Tiramisu. The latter features three individual-serving containers per 500 ml. box. Ingredients include sponge cake, cream, skim milk, marsala, coffee liquor and cocoa.

PHOTO : The 8 Tschisi product appeals to children. In addition to Swiss cheese shaped ice milk to eat, they get mousey cardboard cut-outs to play with.

PHOTO : Reflecting a very luxurious image is the packaging for Langnese's premium Carte D'Or Patisse chocolate ice cream offering. Retail price is DM 6.99 per 750 ml. package.

PHOTO : Langnese has extended its highly popular Magnum ice cream bar line with the addition of a white chocolate-covered vanilla flavor.

PHOTO : Milka Lila Pause brand ice cream, made in cooperation with Jacobs Suchard Deutschland, is a new line from Scholler Lebensmittel GmbH. Available in nougat-, vanilla-, and strawberry yogurt varieties, four-packs are offered as well as single units.

PHOTO : In February Scholler will start marketing The Simpsons ice cream sticks in Germany under license from producers of the American hit television cartoon show that is taking Europe by storm. Frozen novelty likenesses of Bart and Homer will be selling for about DM 1 per pop, man!

PHOTO : Coppa-Tiramisu is new to the Durigon GmbH line of sophisticated Italian-style ice cream products sold in Germany.
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