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Tremendous tree scholarship event.

If you haven't registered for the 1997 Tulip Time Scholarship Games, there's still time. Just fill out the registration form on page 26, and mail it before April 15.

Can you tell a blue spruce from a cherry tree? Do you know what the bark of a weeping willow looks like? Or the seed of a maple tree

These are things you'll need to know to participate in our "tree"-mendous tree event. Remember, kids eight and under will identify the trees on the front nine. Kids nine to twelve will identify the trees on both the front nine and the back nine. And each time you identify a tree, you must also know how to correctly spell the name of that tree. There will be clues along the way to help you. So start "leafing" through those tree books at the library, and learn how to identify the trees below. Good luck!


Front Nine

1. Dogwood 2. Oak 3. Blue Spruce 4. Austrian Pine 5. Catalpa 6. Birch 7. Maple 8. Cherry 9. Hickory

Back Nine

10. Sweet Gum 11. White Pine 12. Norway Spruce 13. Apple 14. Crab Apple 15. Weeping Willow 16. Pear 17. Hawthorn 18. Tulip
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Title Annotation:information about the 1997 Tulip Time Scholarship Games
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Date:Apr 1, 1997
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