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Trellis and screen for front-yard privacy.

Trellis and screen for front-yard privacy

Privacy and an entry garden replaced the exposed approach to this U-shaped ranch-style house at the end of a Seattle cul-de-sac. Before, cars could drive almost up to the front door.

To block direct views of the house, landscape architect Thomas L. Berger ran a 37-foot-long screening fence between the ends of the U. Capped with a slender trellis, the richly textured fence doesn't actually connect the wings; it stands 6 feet in front of the end of the garage. This provides a side entry to a new 18-foot-deep garden and patio area.

Layers of wood give the fence depth and create shadow patterns. Pairs of 6-by-6s, spaced 5 inches apart, break the fence into three 8-foot-long sections and form a jamb for the 6-foot-wide entry-walk opening. Each section is framed with 2-by-6s on edge; within each frame, an inner frame of out-facing 2-by-6s sandwiches a grid of 1-by-3s.

The posts rise 30 inches above the 6-foot-tall fence. Horizontal 2-by-10s faced with 1-by-6s flank the posts. Spaced 6 inches apart, short 2-by-6s with pointed ends sit on edge across the top.

Photo: Pairs of posts space fence sections and rise to support 3-foot-wide trellis, which spans entire recessed portion of house's front; fence creates entry garden inside, keeping it private from parking area
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Date:Oct 1, 1987
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