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Trees ablaze; Looking up before the fall.

We know, we know -- we seem to hear this every year. But it's true.

This year, the trees are tremendous.

The dreamy landscape that makes seasonal change so easy to take is out there, in our area and throughout New England. Opinions shift as to where the foliage is peaking at this moment; all that really matters is we stop to have a peek, wherever we are.

The leaves, in golds and pinks, bold reds and rusty browns, create a panorama of prettiness. Scientists remind us the leaves aren't "turning'' into these earthy colors from their spring greens; chlorophyll is fading away with the onset of colder weather, unmasking other pigments.

We all know the colorful carpet's coming before winter's snow arrives. Each shaking of the leaves in the breezes high in the branches tells us this, if we care to listen: Buy a rake. Get the gloves out. Gather the kids and the tarps and the black plastic bags. There's going to be quite the job to do out there on the lawn, and as happens every year, we'll all be raking up blown leaves we suspect belong rightly to the neighbors.

The rakes can wait. We're turning a deaf ear to that particular call of fall. For now, the leaves are everyone's, all ours. They paint their presence in the sky. They may in fact be dying, but not to our enlivened eyes.
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Date:Oct 12, 2013
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