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Treatment options.

Around one in 30,000 males and one in 100,000 females seek to change their sex in the UK.

A person with gender dysphoria experiences anxiety, uncertainty or persistently uncomfortable feelings about their birth gender.

Once referred to a gender dysphoria clinic, alternatives to sex reassignment are considered. Counselling is offered about the range of treatment options and their implications.

Many people will choose to live as the sex they are psychologically. This can involve counselling, speech therapy, electrolysis or hormone treatments.

Sex reassignment surgery, commonly known as a sex-change operation, is given to people who are convinced they are of the wrong anatomical sex.

Such people are said to be transsexual and complete a detailed psychiatric and psychological evaluation to ensure the desire is genuine and permanent.

For a male becoming female, female hormones are taken orally to produce changes in the secondary sex characteristics, such as body hair reduction and breast development.

The person is also required to live as a female for a minimum of one year before surgery is authorised.
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Date:Mar 17, 2004
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