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Treatment of miscarriage mums piles on the misery.

Byline: RUKI SAYID Consumer Editor

PREGNANT women who fear they have had a miscarriage are waiting more than three days for a scan, a poll has revealed.

The delay was reported by 18% of those who showed early signs they may have lost their baby. Some 46% had to wait more than 24 hours before having an ultrasound, parenting website said.

And 47% who had miscarried were treated alongside women with ongoing pregnancies.

Of those who miscarried at home, 85% said healthcare workers were not supportive.

One of the 1,065 women polled said: "I was told over the phone, 'Just sit on the toilet and hopefully it will all come out'."

Eleven women were ordered to store their foetus at home as it could be required for tests.

Only 12% were offered counselling but 58% wanted it.

Mumsnet is calling on the Government to draw up a code of care for mums who miscarry and is urging Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt to raise standards.

It wants faster access to scans, more supportive staff, safe and appropriate treatment areas and more information.

Founder Justine Roberts said: "There's no escaping the pain of miscarriage. For it to be compounded is unacceptable."

47% of those who miscarried said they were treated alongside women who were still pregnant
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Article Type:Medical condition overview
Date:Jun 16, 2014
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