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Treating Sex Offenders in Correctional Institutions and Outpatient Clinics: A Guide to Clinical Practice.

This excellent book will be a useful information source for clinicians and also is of interest to anyone in corrections who interacts with sex offenders.

Author William E. Prendergast covers specific sex offender characteristics and treatment methods throughout the book and addresses the training and experience required for anyone who works with these offenders. His observations and recommendations are sound throughout the book.

One unfortunate problem with the book is the implied view that all sex offenders are men. All of the case histories offered are of male offenders, some of whom clearly had been abused in their formative years by women. Even though only a small percentage of sex offenders are women, I believe a chapter addressing this issue would have been a good addition.

Nevertheless, the book is a storehouse of information. It contains an index, references, and many illustrations, graphs and tables that highlight and enhance the text.

Increased understanding and effective treatment are the obvious goals of Treating Sex Offenders. Prendergast's contribution to realizing these goals is valuable and timely, making this book must reading for those who work with sex offenders.

Reviewed by Sister Mary Winifred, C.H.S., a volunteer at the Taconic Correctional Facility in Bedford Hills, N.Y.
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Author:Andring, Ron
Publication:Corrections Today
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Feb 1, 1993
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