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Treat yourself to a new looking you; Epilight New Skin Clinic Advertising Feature.

WE would all love to have perfectly smooth clear healthy looking skin.

The body's largest and fastest growing organ, the skin is a real indicator of our health and lifestyle and can also give away our age!

As Linda Cunningham, managing director of Epilight New Skin Clinic, explains: "We all start to notice changes in how our skin looks and feels as time passes.

"As we get older, we lose our youthful facial contours. The hollowing out and shadows, lines and folds, drooping features and sagging cheeks are created by the loss of volume in our faces or the wearing away of the sub cutaneous fat.

"We also show signs of sun damage with lots of freckles, mottling, redness and pigment changes. Common problems include larger pores, acne, broken veins and rosacea." However, the good news is that the health and looks of our skin can be maintained as we age so we can enjoy beautiful smooth skin which reflects the light.

Linda reveals: "Until not long ago we thought that our skin couldn't make new collagen structure once it was lost. "But science has now proven that our bodies can rebuild the collagen and structure of our skin particularly when heat is delivered to the specific skin planes.

"The best way to create new skin is to deliver a controlled injury in the form of 'heat energy' from lasers, radio frequency or ultra sound.

"This shrinks the rope-like collagen fibres and initiates a process in the body called collagenesis which stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin to literally restructure and renew the skin."

Epilight New Skin Clinic on Rodney Street has over 20 years' experience specialising in medical aesthetic solutions for optimum skin health, including wrinkle injections, meso-therapy, multiple and numerous types of laser treatments, intense pulsed light treatments, radio frequency treatments, ultra sound treatment, acoustic treatment and Ice-shock-lipolysis or cryolipo.

Says Linda: "At Epilight we have all the different lasers and treatments that deliver the controlled amount of heat energy to reach all the parts of the skin without side effects, resulting in healthy, regenerated, fresher, smoother, younger looking skin.

"We can combine state-ofthe-art skin tightening and resurfacing lasers with volume replacement treatments to treat all skin conditions and to help you regain your more youthful face shape.

"You might worry about rough texture, lines, red veins or pigment, not realising this can be so easily reversed.

"At Epilight you can have a bespoke course of skin treatment designed just for you combining unique state-ofthe-art treatments." And now, perfect skin is cheaper than ever at Epilight, costing less than half price at under PS1,000 for a full course of treatments.

Plus the clinic specialises in facial volume replacement.

Adds Linda: "Most people don't realise that they need mid face volume replacement until we point it out to them. The cheeks have shrunk and dropped and they've lost the cost hanger through the middle of their face so everything is dropping south to the jawline."

Volume replacement products are continually evolving and over the last year or two, an elite range of natural HA three dimensional products have emerged offering natural and long lasting results which replace volume and stimulate your own collagen too.

Says Linda: "You can feel confident in the knowledge that at Epilight we are true masters in what is a real art of volume replacement.

"We use the rule of the golden ratio or the mask of beauty and phi measurements and we continually update to deliver the latest and best techniques to give you a natural, refreshed look."

Treatments can often be done in one hour and right now, there's some amazing offers to be had at Epilight.

It's just PS295 for a wrinkle treatment, dermal filler and a sin treatment! You can have an eight point vector lift for under PS1,000 Plus you can combine Ulthera with a skin and volume treatment for a natural, healthy, non-surgical alternative to a face lift.

Book now and you can look more like you in time for Christmas!

Call 0151 709 0099 to book your free consultation or visit


Before and after Ultherapy treatment eyebrows .appear lifted

Before and after photo-rejuvination, which reduces .red veins and signs of aging
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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Nov 5, 2014
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