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Treat dairy waste water profitably.

With the launch of the UCD205, Westfalia Separator Ltd can now offer dairies precisely the right sized clarifying decanter to enable them to purify their waste water and reduce their costs in the short to medium term.

This small advanced dewatering decanter has a bowl size of 200mm and a throughput capacity of 1 to 3[m.sup.3] making it ideal for low volume use in dairies. The 'baby' of the 'crocodile' range of decanters, this dairy version features proven technology for reliability and cost effective operation.

Dairies that take steps to reduce their waste water volumes and associated costs can quite literally prevent their profits going down the drain by using the UCD205. With average waste water volumes in dairies around l:31/kg milk the potential for savings is clear.

Dairy waste water comes from many different sources, both from the process plant itself and non-process sources such as rain water and sanitary facilities whilst waste water from cooling, evaporation and spray drying adds to the total volume.

Figures show that dairies that treat their own waste water and discharge directly into a water course have lower costs than those that rely on municipal treatment after minimal in-house pre-treatment. The average costs have been shown to be up to two thirds higher for dairies operating the latter option.

Investment into a low volume, UCD205 decanter offers increased waste water control, whilst on the solids side thickened sludge reduces storage and disposal costs which help towards the overall cost savings and short pay-back time on equipment purchased. The thickened sludge produced can also be effectively dosed with quicklime (CAO), to additionally stabilize it and reduce odour, creating a more environmentally friendly product for disposal/spreading.

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Comment:Treat dairy waste water profitably.(PLANT AND EQUIPMENT)
Publication:Food Trade Review
Date:Aug 1, 2007
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