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It's hard to find travel-size, environmentally friendly shampoo and shaving gel, and when you finally do, what becomes of the almost-empty plastic bottles you bring back from your backpacking adventure in Ecuador or business trip in France? Nova Scotia-based Backpackers Bliss addresses both concerns by offering all-natural toiletry products in several sizes that you can refill at participating retailers, including hostels, B&Bs and natural food stores. The company's two-week travel pack contains shampoo and conditioner, aluminum-free deodorant, body wash, hair gel, lotion (in the women's) and shaving gel (in the men's), and comes in a durable, naturally dyed canvas bag. The biodegradable items ate made with aloe vera and refreshing botanical scents, including citrus and eucalyptus. You can even purchase the products hi bulk. CONTACT: Backpackers Bliss, (902) 422-4147,
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Title Annotation:Tools for green living: resources for eco-awareness and action
Author:Eichenseher, Tasha
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Date:Mar 1, 2004
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