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Travelmaster and Government Travelmaster.

Travelmaster and Government Travelmaster

Travelmaster and its Government Travelmaster Module are financial and accounting T & E software systems that integrate with a corporation's other accounting systems. They are compatible with a wide variety of hardware, from the most sophisticated mainframe computers to stand-alone personal computers. Federal requirements, the results of 1986 legislation, call for more stringent accounting for T & E expenses incurred under government contracts. Allowable and unallowable items have been defined in a wide range of expense categories and per diem spending limits have been define for allowable expenses. Government Travelmaster, already in use by more than 20 major government contractors including General Dynamics and Westinghouse Electric, was designed to meet the specific requirements of Public Law 99-234. Government Travelmaster is designed to help contractors comply with federal regulations by: tracking lodging, meal and incidental expenses compared to specific allowances in each category; calculating and accounting for per diem excesses.
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Publication:The National Public Accountant
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Date:Apr 1, 1990
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