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Travel with Kids Hawaii: The Island of Kauai.

Travel with Kids Hawaii: The Island of Kauai

Equator Creative Media LLC

PO Box 80646, Phoenix, AZ 85060


Travel with Kids Hawaii: The Island of Kauai is a DVD guide ideal for families who want to travel to this lush and wondrous state, or simply learn about the rich culture of the Polynesian islands. From old Polynesian folktales, to the beauty of Kauai's natural flora and fauna, a seaside luau, and much more, Travel with Kids Hawaii: The Island of Kauai is an armchair traveler's delight as well as an exciting preview of what tourists and their children can hope to see. A thoroughly enjoyable, family-friendly experience, featuring a trip planner with expanded information, videos about accommodation, activities and transportation, tips and resources, and much more. 37 minutes, color.
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Date:Jun 1, 2007
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