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Travel through time.

The ARTmobile has just arrived bringing art treasures--this time from the faraway land of Egypt. What artifacts will you discover inside? As you open the door, a gaint Sphinx welcomes you to the land of pharaohs. Just press a button and she will talk to you. Now enter the Tomb Room and visit the mummy of King Tutankhamen, child ruler of Egypt, and see the many treasures of his pyramid shown in slides against the dark tomb wall. Next, travel into the great room where ancient Egyptian art objects of gold and basalt stone glitter beneath the stage lights. Giant columns tower above you. The room is filled with a magical air of ancient artistic wonders.

A painted wall shows us scenes of everyday life on the Nile. Papyrus leves edge the top border of the wall, while hieroglyphss line the bottom. Take a rubbing of the relief hieroglyphic alphabet and spell your name, or visit life-sized Egyptians dressed in their native clothes. Would you like to dress like these children? There's a video too--you can watch and learn about the life, art and culture of Egypt. Most important of all, observe and explore the wondrous artworks on display in the ARTmobile of Pinellas County!

The Pinellas County ARTmobile is an old concept with a new twist. The ARTmobile is a traveling art gallery begun in 1960. Each year the ARTmobile travels around the country visiting an elementary and that takes four years to complete. At the journey's close, the ARTmobile is disassembled, and a new concept is explored. Over the years, notable themes have included American Folk Arts and Crafts, Animals in Art, Japanese Arts, Puppets, Weaving, Ceramics and Textiles. The concept is decided upon by a group of four or five art teachers and the art resource teacher. Numerous ideas are discussed; a theme is chosen and research is begun.

For the Egyptian exhibit, we collected all the resource material we could find--museum booklets, curriculum ideas and informative books. Since the ARTmobile is rectangular in shape, we divided it into areas, and each agreed to design a certain space. Building a cardboard model helped us visualize how to divide and break up the space to make it more exciting.

Egyptian art was the major focus; but history and cultural references were lso easy to incorporate. Art reproductions were ordered from museum catalogs. Actual pieces were loaned from the ST. Petersburg Historical Society. Color was another important considerastion since it helps to create atmosphere. Turquoise, gold, ochre and earth tones offered a striking contrast against the jet black ceiling and floor. Spotlights focusing on the artwork gave emphasis to each piece.

After the design decisions were made, another team of art teachers implemented the design from the cardboard model. This job took many summer hours, and sometimes it was necessasry to go back to the drawing board. But when the finishing touches were complete, the ARTmobile was well worth the effort.

In light of art education's emphasis on art instruction through art history, motivating children to be interested and excited in actual artworks has become essential. It is not always possible to visit art museums or have enough classroom time to allow children to really experience artworks. The ARTmobile attempts to satisfy both of these concerns by bringing works of art to the school. The Artmobile not only provides an interdisciplinary approach for further classroom enrichment, but is also emphasizes DBASE principles. Students view art history, develop an understanding of aesthetics and learn to criticize works of art effectively. Back in the classroom when students create their own artwork, the art experience becomes more meaningful because it incroporates a deeper level of understanding.

As the ARTmobile departs, it leaves behind an experince that connects with each student in a special way. It instills a new perspective into this lifestyles, art and culture of a faraway land. But most of all, it leaves an

eagerness for learning, and a spark for things to come.
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Title Annotation:mobile art exhibit in Florida schools
Author:Terry, Teresa
Publication:School Arts
Date:Nov 1, 1993
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