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Travel firm has no reservations about ACD software.

Efficient and effective use of business resources is critical for success.

Las Vegas Travel is an example of how one company is challenging the competition with ACD/MIS. Located in Tarzana, Calif., LVT provides reservation services to approximately 55 hotels throughout the United States, with a majority of its clients in Las Vegas. Hotels contract with LVT to answer calls a part of the hotel's reservation staff or as an independent reservation service.

LVT began using a Toshiba Perception/ex PBX and D.04 ACD software in June 1991. It became a beta site user of the D.05 enhancement in October 1991.

Previously, LVT lost 10,000 to 15,000 calls per month. With an average sale per call of $200, saving those calls was paramount.

"Our old system required incoming calls to be answered manually. It was a very slow and inefficient way of doing business. We realized this situation was making it difficult for us to grow and improve our profitability," says Gerritt Beatty, operations manager at LVT,

LVT has two ACD groups: One is dedicated to sales; the other handles customer service. With 12 to 15 agents working at any given time, LVT handles 45,000 calls per month to 43 inbound. WATS numbers. D.05's Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS) enables LVT to give each of these numbers a customized greeting, increasing the system's call processing capability and caller satisfaction.

DNIS is a powerful end user productivity tool. It enables a long-distance service provider or local telco to inform the end user's telephone system of the actual number dialed by the calling party. The Perception's flexible approach to DNIS provides benefits such as the ability to route and inbound call to specific answering points and assign a unique alphanumeric identifier based on the number dialed.

With these capabilities, D.05 permits all incoming DNIS numbers to share a single group of trunks, for significant cost savings.

Coupled with Station Message Detail Recording, DNIS gives LVT a way to analyze the business generated by calls to each of its separate numbers.

"Each number we use represents a significant amount of business for us and for our clients. Before, we had no way of tracking the effectivenes of each number. Now, we can evaluate it, change our marketing stance and make the number perform its full potential," Beatty says.

The PBX's flexibility enables LVT agents to distinguish which number and client is receiving a call. Agents know how to identify themselves to a caller.

"Each client is different. To some, we are transparent to the caller--the caller assumes he is talking to the hote, while other clients want us to identify ourselves as a reservation service," Beatty explains.

D.05 also enhances several existing ACD features including silent monitoring and overflow look-ahead functions which help maximize efficiency of inbound call processing operations.

"We have begun to use the silent monitoring function to train our agents more effectively," Beatty says. "Our business is based on large volumes of calls being handled, and this training capability gives us additional efficiency in handling customer requests."

In addition to its ACD capabilities, LVT expects the PBX's strong MIS capability to have a significant impact on their ability to service callers.

"As our company evolved, it became clear that effective tracking mechanisms were essential if we were to keep growing," Beatty says.

The MIS processor provides four realtime displays that enable ACD group supervisors to monitor the current activity of individual agents, groups or the entire ACD operation. It also generates, 10 historical reports that can be displayed on a monitor and printed out. These reports analyze and evaluate agent, group and system performance for up to two years.

LVT uses the work unit capability of the MIS package to identify important information about particular calls as well as agent and group efficiency.

"Now we can determine if this just an informational call or an actual sales call that resulted in revenue for us, and we can monitor the effectiveness of our agents and our system."

Prior to using the ACD/MIS package, LVT had to wait for monthly reports from the supplier of their former phone system. This enhanced package lets them manage calls and personnel more efficiently with the daily, weekly, monthly or yearly reports generated by the MIS package.
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Title Annotation:Las Vegas Travel of Tarzana, California; automatic call distribution
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Date:Mar 1, 1992
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