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Travel and the spiritual quest.

THE JOURNEY: A GUIDE FOR THE MODERN PILGRIM By Maria Ruiz Scaperlanda and Michael Scaperlanda Loyola Press, 257 pages, $14.95

The spiritual quest of a pilgrimage, write the married coauthors of The Journey, can be found in physical travel to a different place, near or far, or in our daily lives at home, if it is approached with a "pilgrim heart."

"Somehow, I have always known that I'm here, in this life, yet on my way to somewhere else," writes Maria, who was an immigrant from Cuba at age 2. Her uprooted childhood gave her a "hunger for home," which is God's call "to set my eyes on my eternal home."

Such an inner journey is part of the concern of this book. But where the book is most interesting and useful is in its focus on the outer journey of travel. "We propose that all travel, precisely because it disturbs our daily routines, presents great opportunities for heightened awareness of God and his universe," Michael writes.

They recount the pilgrimage they and their four children took in the Jubilee Year 2000 to Europe, where they backpacked and traveled by train, stayed in monasteries and visited such places as Rome and Lourdes. They give lively and helpful advice on how to involve all family members in the planning, and how to make the trip a prayerful experience.

The authors say that approach can and should be applied to other travels as well--whether recreational family vacations or business trips. Rounding out the experience of travel, chapters examine the experience of coming home and sharing your stories, and the gift of hospitality, of receiving visitors into your own home.
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Title Annotation:DESTINATIONS
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Date:Apr 15, 2005
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