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Travel Security Update.

For more safety & security news, data and analysis, please go to: Jun 5, 2006 Airlines caught in the middle in passenger data dispute. Airlines say a decision by a European court to stop a passenger data sharing agreement between the U.S. and the EU has left them in a legal bind. Under a 2004 anti-terrorism pact, European airlines have been obliged to give U.S. authorities up to 34 pieces of information on passengers flying to the United States. On Tuesday, a European court ruled the agreement illegal. Jun 2, 2006 Airport postpones launch of Registered Traveler. Officials at the Indianapolis International Airport say they must receive federal guidelines before they can launch the Registered Traveler program at the airport. They said the airport will miss its June 20 launch date for the program. Jun 2, 2006 Terrorism Risk Act kept some carriers flying. The Terrorism Risk Insurance Act was considered "indispensable" for the airlines after the September 2001 attacks, according to the Air Transport Association. Lawmakers will consider extending the legislation in December 2007. Jun 2, 2006

Air marshal who appeared on TV is still allowed to fly. An air marshal who appeared on television to demonstrate how federal rules make it too easy to spot undercover officers is still allowed to fly as a marshal on commercial flights. Marshals are supposed to blend in with other passengers so terrorists will not notice them. Jun 1, 2006 EU plans to draft new passenger data agreement. European Union officials say they will draft a new agreement on air passenger data that they hope will win court approval. Officials will make technical changes to the agreement without changing the substance of the pact. Earlier this week, the European Court of Justice canceled the agreement between the EU and the U.S. Jun 1, 2006 TSA mandates sweeping changes in cargo security rules. The Transportation Security Administration's new security regulations will require consolidation of lists of Known Shippers into a central database. It would also mandate background checks for off-airport freight forwarder employees and requires workers to attend security training classes. Jun 1, 2006 European court rules against agreement on fliers' information. Europe's highest court found that an agreement to share data on airline passengers flying from Europe to the U.S. is illegal. The court said privacy rules forbid the use of commercial data to fight terrorism. U.S. and European Union officials say they hope to reach a new agreement. May 31, 2006 TSA to create data network for Registered Traveler. The Transportation Security Administration will create an information network to assemble, store and distribute data to contractors involved in the Registered Traveler program. The TSA is expected to roll out the program in up to 20 airports in the second half of this year. May 30, 2006
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Date:Jun 5, 2006
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