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Travel Security Update.

New York (AirGuide - Travel Security Update) May 9, 2010

US government told airlines that they now must consult the "No-Fly" list 2 hr. after being notified The US government yesterday told airlines operating flights to, from or within the US that they now must consult the "No-Fly" list no more than 2 hr. after being notified that a new name has been added. Previously, airlines had 24 hr. The new rule, which went into effect yesterday, is in response to this week's incident in which the man eventually arrested and charged with trying to detonate a car bomb in New York's Times Square Saturday night was allowed to board an Emirates flight bound for Dubai at New York JFK. The flight was called back to the gate and Faisal Shahzad was apprehended. May 6, 2010

Chinease kits are being sold for easy cracking of WEP/WPA-protected networks Owen Fletcher reports from China for the IDG News Service that kits are being sold for easy cracking of WEP/WPA-protected networks. Fletcher apparently bought one for about USD24 (YEN165) at a bazaar, including setup help. The kit is a CD-ROM with software, a six-inch antenna and Wi-Fi adapter, and a live boot CD. While WEP is easily cracked, sometimes in seconds, WPA requires a large precomputed set of keys in the terabytes. The reporter cracked a 40-bit WEP key ("sugar") in an hour, which is quite a while. That implies that the router had only strong initialization vectors and other improvements in WEP that typically only forestall cracking by minutes. (With weak IVs, a subset of the counters used to create separate keying material for each packet, an older or unpatched router's key could be broken in 30 seconds to about 5 minutes.) May 6, 2010

U.S. airlines have achieved their goal of inspecting 75% of passenger flight cargo U.S. airlines have achieved their interim goal of inspecting 75% of passenger flight cargo by May 1, according to the TSA, and now appear on-target to achieve 100% inspections within three months. The cost of screening all passenger flight cargo could hit $2.8 billion over the next decade, but technology investments are helping shippers and airlines to meet the goal "without disrupting the flow of commerce," the TSA says. Ultimately, airlines bear the responsibility for complying with the 100% cargo inspection mandate. "The air cargo industry -- airlines, shippers and forwarders -- have been working hard to make the Aug. 1 deadline," says a spokeswoman for the Air Transport Association. "This is a very demanding requirement, and this collaboration has been indispensable." May 4, 2010

Boston Logan International Airport Boston Logan International Airport is testing a first-of-its-kind security camera capable of providing an undistorted, 360-degree view while simultaneously zooming in on small objects up to 450 feet away. A DHS official says the camera will limit disruptions in case of a security breach because its high-resolution images allow the quick identification of a subject. A second-generation camera promises to be "twice as powerful," according to Dennis Treece, Massport's director of corporate security, and will also be able to flag unattended bags or suspicious activities. May 3, 2010

Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport Visitors would be able to carry guns at the world's busiest airport if Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue signs a bill approved by the state legislature. The law allows licensed firearms in non-secure areas of Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, despite strong opposition by airport officials. May 3, 2010

L-3 Communications L-3 Communications yesterday announced an order from the US Transportation Security Administration for "approximately" 200 of its millimeter-wave ProVision advanced imaging technology body-scanning machines. It said TSA will use them to screen passengers at US airport checkpoints but further details, including delivery dates, were not disclosed. ProVision's millimeter-wave technology uses radio waves to detect both metallic and nonmetallic threat items that may be hidden under a passenger's clothing. ProVision machines were installed last year at US airports as part of trial programs that helped convince TSA to deploy body-scanners widely at airport checkpoints. May 6, 2010

Lockheed Martin In a response to the Pentagon's $142 million push for lower-cost unmanned systems for use in Iraq and Afghanistan, Lockheed Martin says it expects to double its production of new tethered unmanned surveillance airships to eight per month by June. The company also is also moving ahead with the development of an unmanned cargo helicopter being built with a unit of Kaman Corp., and which it hopes to sell to the military for just $10 million per aircraft. May 5, 2010

New York Kennedy Customs officials at New York Kennedy intercepted Faisal Shahzad as he prepared to board a flight to Dubai Monday night, and the Pakistani native -- a naturalized U.S. citizen -- will face federal terrorism charges today in connection with a failed bombing attempt in Times Square over the weekend. "They just caught him at the last second," a source tells CNN, noting that the 30-year-old suspect had already boarded his Emirates Airlines flight and the jetway had been pulled back. Authorities believe Shahzad was the driver of the explosive-packed SUV found Saturday in Times Square, though they do not know if he was acting alone or in cooperation with international terrorist groups. May 4, 2010

Philadelphia International Airport An Airbus A320 was kept away from the terminal after landing at Philadelphia International Airport on Saturday due to a threatening note found on board. "Out of an abundance of caution, the plane was directed to a remote location and was met by law enforcement and TSA. All passengers were deplaned and the aircraft was swept, with negative findings," a TSA spokeswoman said. May 3, 2010

Thai Airways As Thai Airways performance has been severely battered by both the volcano ash and the political turmoil in Thailand, the airlineOs management has unveiled a series of tactical moves to limit the impact of the current turbulence on the carrier. Thai tourism has been hit by travel warnings issued by 47 countries. The airline forecasts a drop up to 70% of its cabin factor over the upcoming weeks. In April, cabin factor was already down, at 72.16%. May 4, 2010

Times Square Saturday after authorities discovered an SUV packed with explosives parked on the street. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano called the incident "a potential terrorist attack," though officials stressed that they did not yet know if the would-be bomber was acting on his own or in coordination with an international terrorist organization. Investigators said the incident recalled a suicide bombing at Scotland's Glasgow airport in June 2007. May 3, 2010

TSA Sixteen months is too long to go without a permanent administrator for the TSA, David Collogan writes, faulting both the "toxic" atmosphere on Capitol Hill and the "amateur" vetting of candidates by the White House. Business aviation needs a TSA leader in place to lay the groundwork for understanding before any terrorist event occurs, according to Collogan: "Conducting a positive discussion about the merits of business aviation with senior government officials is much easier done before a high-profile security event unfolds." May 4, 2010

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