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Travel Safety Update.

Oct 16, 2006

FAA Bans Most Small Planes From NY Flight Path. US regulators have banned virtually all small planes from a popular New York flight path over safety and security concerns prompted by this week's crash of a plane that hit a Manhattan high rise. Oct 15, 2006

New York Times' Sharkey survives collision in Brazil. New York Times reporter Joe Sharkey was aboard the corporate jet that collided with a Boeing 737 in Brazil on Friday. All passengers and crew on the Boeing plane died, but all on the Embraer 600 legacy business jet survived. The Embraer pilots made an emergency landing at a military base deep in the Amazon. Oct 14, 2006

Staffing, maintenance added to ATC problems, technicians say. A change in maintenance philosophy caused several air traffic control problems this summer in Southern California, according to Federal Aviation Administration technicians. FAA officials say staffing and maintenance were not factors in the July outage in Palmdale and a subsequent problem at Los Angeles International Airport in which a critical landing system malfunctioned. Oct 14, 2006

New York crash raises questions about security. Fighter aircraft circled major cities moments after a single-engine plane crashed into a New York high-rise on Wednesday. Still, analysts say the reaction to the event was not a true test of the nation's upgraded defense system because the plane was not hijacked or reported missing. Security consultants advise the U.S. government to more carefully examine what goes on small planes, conduct background checks on people who rent aircraft and more strictly enforce airspace rules over U.S. cities. Oct 13, 2006

China Orders Passengers Back To Seats. China is cracking down on airline passengers who change seats, smoke and wander the cabin at inappropriate times, threatening them with fines of up to 10,000 yuan (USD$1,300), local media reported on Friday. Oct 13, 2006

New York airplane crash raises questions about GA security, rules. Questions about current general aviation (GA) flight rules and security measures are being rekindled after the crash of a private plane into a Manhattan high-rise Wednesday. Some are arguing for tighter controls to increase security. Oct 12, 2006

Two Killed In New York Light Plane Crash. At least two people were killed when a small aircraft crashed into a 52-floor building on Manhattan's Upper East Side on Wednesday in what appeared to be an accident, officials said. Oct 11, 2006

Sharkey shares lessons learned from Brazil incident. New York Times columnist Joe Sharkey learned important lessons after surviving a midair collision at 37,000 feet over the Amazon rainforest. Sharkey says it is essential for international travelers to carry cell phones that will work overseas and in remote areas. Oct 10, 2006

No clear evidence on the safest seats in an airliner. It is impossible to say that one seat on an airliner is safer than another, according to aviation safety expert Todd Curtis of and However, some experts say large planes are safer because they have more structure to absorb energy during an impact and because they are subject to stricter safety regulations. Oct 10, 2006

Four Dead In Plane Fire In Norway. Four people died after a plane with 16 people on board burst into flames after landing at an airport in western Norway, police said on Tuesday. Oct 10, 2006

Collision-avoidance systems effective, becoming more essential. Aviation experts say collision-avoidance systems generally work well and that the technology will become more important as skies become more crowded with very light jets and more airliners. The Sept. 29 collision in Brazil was only the second midair crash out of tens of millions of flights involving two aircraft equipped with anti-collision systems.

Oct 9, 2006

AmSafe Aviation

Sales of device to protect children while flying take off. AmSafe Aviation has sold more than 1,500 Child Aviation Restraint Systems since the Federal Aviation Administration approved the device last month. The system, designed by a former Department of Transportation assistant secretary, is similar to a harness. It connects to an airplane seat belt and fits around the back of an airplane seat. Oct 12, 2006

Flight Safety

Flight Safety's Voss urges depoliticization of accident investigations. Flight Safety Foundation President and CEO Bill Voss said yesterday that he is concerned about the increasing "criminalization" of aircraft accident investigations, warning that politics can interfere with finding the true causes of crashes. Voss, formerly ICAO's air navigation director, assumed the FSF lead role last week amid the ongoing investigation into the Gol 737-800 crash in Brazi. With controversy growing over Brazilian authorities' decision to detain the two American pilots operating the ExcelAire Legacy 600 that collided in midair with the dash 800, the crash investigation is becoming "some sort of football match between the US and Brazil," Voss said. "The tenor of the debate is affecting the investigation." US Rep. Peter King (D-N.Y.) has called on Brazil to allow the pilots, whose passports have been confiscated, "to return home immediately." Voss told reporters at a briefing in Washington that the investigation has become too focused on "all that noise" rather than "trying to find out what happened." Too much focus on laying blame "puts a chill into the system," he said. "Let's depoliticize this as far as we can and let the technical people do their job...In the case of clear negligence, appropriate civil and administrative remedies exist to deal with this tragedy after all the facts are in." Oct 12, 2006

Gol, Boeing

Gol 737-800 crash investigators have concluded that the ExcelAire Legacy 600 had its transponder switched off before colliding with the passenger aircraft, Estado de Sao Paulo reported. The transponder, which alerts air traffic controllers to a plane's position, apparently was turned on after the midair collision. The Legacy's two American pilots, who are being held in Brazil for questioning, have denied turning off the transponder. Estado said investigators determined that the Legacy, which landed safely, flew just underneath the larger jet, cutting off part of the dash 800's right wing and a stabilizer. The collision sent the Gol plane plunging into dense Amazon rain forest, killing all 154 passengers and crew. Oct 10, 2006

Helios Airways

Helios Air Disputes Greek Crash Report. Cypriot airline Helios Airways on Wednesday challenged a Greek investigator's report blaming the carrier for safety lapses in the country's worst air disaster in which 121 people died last year. Oct 11, 2006

Helios Airways

Human Error Caused Cypriot Air Crash. A series of human errors on the ground and in the air caused Cyprus's worst airline disaster, when a passenger jet crashed near Athens last year killing all 121 people on board, a Greek inquiry report said on Tuesday. Oct 10, 2006 Los Angeles

Baseball Player's Jet Overshoots Runway. A private jet reportedly carrying New York Yankees baseball star player Alex Rodriguez overshot the runway at a Los Angeles area airport on Friday, just days after teammate Cory Lidle died in a small plane crash in New York. Oct 15, 2006


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Oct 9, 2006
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