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Travel Health Watch Alert.

New York (AirGuide - Travel Health Watch) Nov 18, 2012

Premier Traveler Readers Rank the Best More than 10,000 Premier Traveler readers, a demanding breed who traverse the globe for a living, have selected a handful of airlines including Etihad, Virgin America, Virgin Atlantic and Delta as the Best of 2012. On November 8th, at a glittering awards gala at Sofitel LA, publisher Linda Vaughan shared center stage with actor Chad Michael Murray to kick off the magazine's annual charity auction benefiting RMDH-NY. Two young airlines in the Middle East took top prizes for flying long haul routes with panache. Qatar Airways, voted Best Airline to the Middle East and Best Overall Airline in the World, begins pampering passengers before boarding in Doha at a resort style Premium Terminal, where First and Business Class flyers can spa, sleep and dine white tablecloth style, even at breakfast. "We will always cater to the frequent traveler and will indulge them with unmatched luxury and comfort in flight," vows Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker. "The future looks bright for us and we will continue to grow at a bold pace." In 2013 Qatar adds nonstops to Doha from Chicago, the fourth US gateway after New York, Houston and Washington, DC, and will be the first Middle Eastern airline to join an Alliance. Gracious hospitality earns Etihad Airways the Best Airline in the Middle East crown: "Our onboard culinary professionals come from luxury restaurants and hotels," reveals Peter Baumgartner, Etihad Airways' Chief Commercial Officer, "enabling Etihad Airways to deliver five star dining in the air." Classically trained chefs prepare meals for Diamond First Class passengers and professional Food and Beverage managers will supervise culinary and wine service in both Premium cabins. Seamless end-to-end service is the goal at Etihad Airways where Premium passengers receive extras like complimentary chauffeur service on both ends of their journey and frequent flyer benefits valid on other airlines, with veteran crews flying one of the youngest fleets in the skies. Delta, the legacy carrier voted Best Airline for North American Travel, is not resting on its laurels. "Delta is currently investing billions on everything from booking to baggage claim," says Tim Mapes, SVP-Marketing. "For customers, this means more onboard comfort, world-class airport facilities, innovative technology and exceptional personal service." When our readers hear "Virgin" they know they're in for a treat. "At Virgin Atlantic," voted Airline with the Best Business Class Service in the World, "it's about constantly creating a unique flying experience," says Chris Rossi, Senior VP of North America. "In the last year, despite the tough economic climate, we've invested nearly $160 million in product. Onboard our new A330s, passengers now enjoy an Upper Class Suite with a longer and even more comfortable seat, a stylish bar, a new inflight entertainment system and mood lighting to enhance their experience day or night." On the ground, Virgin Atlantic is revamping its lounges: The New York-themed JFK Clubhouse is now located post security, closer to the gates, for maximum relaxation before boarding. As always, this pioneering airline goes above and beyond: "For us at Virgin," Rossi maintains, "it's about challenging the status quo." For its exceptional mix of low fares, stylish design, tech-forward amenities and outstanding guest service, Virgin America has been voted Best North American Airline for First-Class Service, Best In-Flight Service in North America and Best Domestic Airline. "Our teammates have worked tirelessly to reinvent the flying experience for travelers over the last five years," observes Director of Loyalty Phil Seward, most recently a suite of enhancements to the Elevate[umlaut] frequent flyer program that gives elite members priority check-in, security clearance and boarding, free checked bag allowances, and complimentary space-available upgrades to Main Cabin Select. The newest twist offers elite level frequent fliers from United and American comparable status on Elevate through April 30, 2013. For example, MileagePlus Premier Silver and AAdvantage Gold members become Elevate Silver for six months with just a few clicks. In addition to celebrating this year's victors, the Sofitel LA Gala launched Premier Traveler's annual fundraising efforts to benefit the RMDH-NY. After actor Chad Michael Murray spoke about the organization's work, Calli Kalman and her father Frank Kalman presented a riveting first person success account: Calli, who had battled cancer since age 12, half her life, is now a healthy college graduate married to "the love of her life" after RMDH-NY helped her receive treatment. Patrick Khoury, Senior Director of U.S. Sales at Air Canada,was so moved by their story he offered Calli and her new husband two tickets to anywhere the airline flies. Nov 16, 2012

"Premier Traveler" magazine applauds Four Stellar Airlines It was a night to applaud great achievements: A November 9th gala at the soigne Sofitel Los Angeles celebrated the airlines, hotels and service providers voted Best of 2012 by 10,000 Premier Traveler magazine readers. Editor-in Chief Ally Miola took center stage alongside actor-writer-director Chad Michael Murray to honor airlines including Singapore, Asiana, ANA and Hainan, and to kick off the magazine's annual fundraising efforts for Ronald McDonald House New York providing a temporary "home-away-from-home" for pediatric cancer patients and their families. Singapore Airlines took three awards, including Airline with the Best First Class Service in the World. Yachting is the pastime passengers may recall flying Suite Class on this world-renowned carrier. "The A380 is some of the most expensive real estate in the world," says James Boyd, Vice President, Public Relations. "So we engaged a designer of luxury yachts, who must accomplish the same goals, to help us utilize every square inch." To create an atmosphere that is comfortable and comforting, both crucial to passengers aloft, Boyd notes, Singapore Airlines takes inspiration from stars in a variety of fields: Celebrity Chef Alfred Portale contributes the cutting edge culinary concept of bathing dishes in a 'nage,' herbed broth, to soften the drying effects of altitude, and Suite Class has hand stitched armchairs in the style of master Italian craftsmen at Poltrona Frau. And even if competitors may ultimately match the high end hardware and systems, personalized service is the foundation of Singapore Airlines' win for Best In-Flight Services in the World and Airline with the Best Economy-Class Service in the World, supported by its hub Changi Airport voted Best Airport in the World. "When passengers tell us our longest haul flights are their favorites," says Ken Bright, Vice President of Marketing-Americas, "we feel that's a testament to our cabin crews: their training, the selection process -- only 10% of those who apply are chosen -- and their dedication." Flying Asiana Airlines, which took honors for Best Airline to Asia, Best Flight Attendants in the World and Best Airline Advertizing Campaign, can be a magical experience. Literally. Teams of flight attendants help passengers pass the time on long-haul flights with magic tricks, caricature sketches, mini facials and "The Delighter," a cultural pageant that revolves around 5,000 years of traditional Korean fashion. Will the sushi chef be on today's flight? Will I have time for a manicure and makeup consultation? We board every Asiana Airlines plane with a sense of charmed anticipation. "Since our inauguration in 1988, Asiana has been centered on the philosophy of achieving customer satisfaction," says Mr. Tae-Keun Han, executive vice president of Airport and Cabin Services. "And it's this foundation that motivates the Korean carrier to take in-flight entertainment to new heights." Does it seem as though business people travel on their stomachs? We know there's more to ANA's win for Best Trans-Pacific Business Class Service than the food: There's staggered seating to give many passengers a window AND an aisle, and a flock of new Boeing 787 Dreamliners waiting in the wings. Still, it takes some serious culinary chops to win an award for Best Airline Cuisine: Dishes like the thick, savory breakfast omelet redolent of earthy kudzu root from the two Michelin star chefs at Sekiyou, a traditional Japanese hot springs inn. "This is just one part of ANA's Inspiration of Japan," promises Yuji Hirako, Senior Vice President, ANA The Americas, "that transforms an airline cabin into a memorable one-of-a-kind traveling experience." Another airline that goes the extra mile is Hainan Airlines, voted Best Airline in China. "Our people work hard day after day to provide personalized service to all our customers, and know many of them by name," says Managing Director, North America, Joel Chusid. "Those with special needs are especially looked after by our in-flight and ground staff. Still," Chusid notes, "as a fast-growing airline with global expansion plans, we are not immune to criticism. So when customers do contact us with a concern, we respond promptly and take it as a challenge to resolve the situation and avoid a recurrence." Still, the evening's most dramatic moment may have been the heartfelt thanks bestowed by Frank Kalman upon Ronald McDonald House of New York, which supported his family during several rounds of daughter Calli's cancer treatment, an experience he compares to "running through a minefield carrying your child in your arms." On November 8th a healthy Calli appeared at her father's side, a college graduate and married the "love of her life," a story Patrick Khoury, Senior Director at Air Canada, found so inspiring he offered Calli and her new husband two tickets to anywhere the airline flies. Nov 14, 2012

Feds look to the private sector to bolster tech innovation In light of stifling budget restrictions and the looming "fiscal cliff," federal agencies are looking to technology startups in the private sector to fill the void, experts say. In lieu of direct support, government initiatives such as the Startup America Partnership -- formed by the White House to promote collaboration with businesses and philanthropists -- and the Presidential Innovation Fellows program are working to expand opportunities for companies in industries such as health IT and the smart grid, which rank high on the Obama administration's priority list. Nov 13, 2012

Why health care IT will remain a robust job market Going into 2013, health care IT will remain one of the top job markets, given all the activity taking place around Big Data, information privacy and security, and greater use of virtualization, mobile solutions and cloud computing. "Clinical analytics are a top priority for all providers, and Big Data is beginning to move from research to mainstream," said Bill Spooner, senior vice president and chief information officer at Sharp HealthCare. Nov 13, 2012

Master Lock Encourages Holiday Travelers to Check Their Safety List Twice During the holidays an average of 34 percent of Americans spend one to three nights away from home1 -- making safe travel precautions an important item on the holiday check-list. Master Lock reminds holiday travelers to check their lists twice before departing and while in-transit to enjoy a safe and happy holiday season. "Inclement weather and an abundance of travelers can make heading out of town to see loved ones for the holidays a stressful experience where safety precautions are often overlooked," said Rebecca Smith, vice president, marketing for Master Lock. "By planning ahead and taking the time to think through proper safety and security measures, travelers can ensure the holidays are spent focused on good friends and family." To keep the home and family secure during the holiday season's hustle and bustle, Master Lock offers five tips to help travelers keep safety top-of-mind: 1. Keep that lived in look. In 2010, more than 1.8 million homes were burglarized2 with 400,000 of those burglaries taking place between November and December3. Making the home appear active while away can discourage potential break-ins. Set a timer for both inside and outside lights to switch on and off and turn a radio or TV on to create the illusion that someone is home. Hold your mail deliveries at, and contact your other providers to stop newspaper and package drop-offs while you're away. 2. Toast don't post. Resist the temptation to update your social network accounts with travel plans to avoid having the news of the unoccupied status of your home fall into the wrong hands. Instead, spend that time in the company of friends and family toasting to health and happiness, and wait to post photos of holiday fun until you return home. 3. Check (Twice) Before Travel. Before departing for a holiday destination, check the schedules and status of your flight, train or traffic route to stay aware of delays, bad weather and other potential changes. Checking in on the status of your method of travel will guarantee you are prepared for any delays and keep you calm during the holiday rush. And don't forget to double-check your travel documents before leaving the house. 4. Activity and Emergency Kits Are Key. Whether traveling by train or car, always carry a first aid kit stocked with bottled water, snacks, medication, bandages, a flashlight and cell phone charger. Should you encounter a problem or a long distance between rest-stops on your route, these items can help keep you nourished and your travel companions busy. Keep children occupied by bringing fun games or movies to lessen driving distractions. If traveling by car, have it inspected by a mechanic or someone you trust before a long journey to make sure all systems are primed and tires are filled. 5. Lock It Down & Carry It On. A reported 200 items are stolen each day from JFK Airport4, one of the busiest airports in the world. Keep your valuables including cell phones, wallets, watches/jewelry and other important property safe by carrying them with you at all times and locking them up while on-the-go. Storage solutions like the 5900D SafeSpace* are perfect for keeping these items secure. In addition, use generic luggage, be mindful of wearing flashy jewelry and dress down to prevent being targeted for theft. Secure checked and carry-on luggage with a TSA-accepted lock, such as the 4688D Combination Lock while traveling to prevent unauthorized access to your possessions. Nov 13, 2012

Airlines Prepare For Peak Holiday Travel And Germ Season Offering NOZIN[umlaut] Nasal Sanitizer[umlaut] To Help Keep Passengers Healthy The nose is a primary entry point for germs and studies show one-in-five airline passengers become infected from fellow travelers and may be 100 times more likely to catch a cold on a plane than in their daily lives (Journal of Environmental Health Research). To help passengers reduce the risk of infection, major global airlines have recently added NOZIN[umlaut] Nasal Sanitizer[umlaut] antiseptic to their Duty Free selection. NOZIN[umlaut] Nasal Sanitizer[umlaut] is a clinically proven, all-natural wellness product that works like a hand sanitizer for the nose to help protect against germs. NOZIN[umlaut] Nasal Sanitizer[umlaut] is available for sale in Duty Free selections on international flights for United Airlines, Hong Kong Airlines (China), Jet Airways (India), GOL and Tam Airlines (Brazil). The product is also available in cough & cold sections at Walgreens and other retailers nationwide in the U.S. "We applaud some of the world's finest airlines for adding NOZIN Nasal Sanitizer to their Duty Free offerings--it's a perfect fit," says John Willimann, president of Global Life Technologies Corp., maker of NOZIN products. "Clearly the airlines are concerned about the well-being of their passengers not only during flight, but after they depart as well." According to Willimann, NOZIN[umlaut] Nasal Sanitizer[umlaut] is moisturizing, safe for children and can be part of a daily wellness regimen. He says customers range from business and social travelers to teachers, families, flight attendants, the elderly and the health conscious. "The nose is our protective filter to the environment around us," says David Ashe, M.D., F.A.A.P., assistant professor of Pediatrics at New York Medical College. "I advise the use of NOZIN Nasal Sanitizer to support healthy nasal function and to help reduce the risk of infection." Nasal Sanitizer[umlaut] has a natural citrus scent and its solution is applied with a swab to the front of the nose around the nostrils where many infections first occur. Based on laboratory testing, Nasal Sanitizer[umlaut] kills 99.99 percent of germs and is clinically proven to work for up to eight hours after application. More than 600 million people fly through U.S. airports annually exposing travelers to a variety of germs. According to the CDC, a main contributor to the spread of germs is close proximity to others with infections ( Germs accumulate in the air from coughing, sneezing and talking and often settle on objects such as seats, door handles, and trays. Passengers may breathe them in or pick them up by hand, then touch their noses or spread them to others. Medical experts note that people on average touch their noses hundreds of times a day, potentially transferring germs that cause illness. Also, cold and flu season tends to coincide with peak holiday travel. "In addition to using NOZIN Nasal Sanitizer," Dr. Ashe suggests, "ways to help protect yourself during travel or any other time include washing hands, using hand sanitizers and avoid touching the eyes, mouth and especially the nose." NOZIN[umlaut] Nasal Sanitizer[umlaut] is available in an 8ml bottle, containing 60 applications and 30 swabs with an MSRP of $12.99. The product also comes in a convenient ten pack of prefilled POPswab[umlaut] ampules with an MSRP of $9.99. Nov 13, 2012

New data shows consistent browth for Business Aviation in Asia, Eastern Europe and The Middle East As the United States continues to slowly recover from what many are calling the Great Recession, the business aviation industry can report it, too, is returning to health, with growth around the world in markets like Asia Pacific (+6.1 percent), Eastern Europe (+10.7 percent) and the Middle East (+3 percent). Flight hours were not as strong for Europe or North America, with a dip of 4.4 percent and 1.6 percent respectively. Africa fared the worst with a loss of 16.9 percent. JSSI, the world's leading provider of maintenance support and financial services to the business aviation industry, has released a quarterly, in-depth index that tracks the number of hours that business aircraft have flown, by region and aircraft type. "Flight hours are a direct indicator of the overall health of the economy," said JSSI Co-President, Susan Marr. "It's not surprising that North America remained relatively flat, while growth markets like Asia Pacific and Eastern Europe continued with steady growth. The European economy is still very much hampered by the Euro Zone crisis, and our numbers reflect that." In response to the growth in Asia, JSSI recently announced the opening of its Asian headquarters at the Hong Kong International Airport. The company has also forged a strategic partnership with China Business Aviation Group, China's leading provider of turnkey solutions for aircraft purchases and operations, in order to support JSSI's business development strategies throughout the region. The business aviation industry has been a political hot button issue of late. But the industry itself, a $150 billion industry, is vital to a healthy U.S. economy. It allows companies large and small the ability to do business on a global scale while supporting more than 2.1 million middle class American jobs. Annual #Flight Hour Growth Region 2007-2008 2008-2009 2009-2010 2010-2011 2011-2012 Africa 15.70% -4.10% -8.00% 10.00% -16.90% Americas 8.20% -11.90% 21.70% 25.20% -0.60% Asia Pacific 10.00% -26.90% -2.60% 49.90% 6.10% Eastern Europe 70.90% 13.10% -11.50% 14.60% 10.70% Europe 6.70% -21.20% 7.40% -2.20% -4.40% Middle East 106.60% -8.70% 4.60% 8.00% 3.00% North America -12.30% -26.30% 16.40% 4.80% -1.60% Total -3.30% -22.10% 11.80% 5.90% -2.00% Annual % Growth by Aircraft Size 2007-2008 2008-2009 2009-2010 2010-2011 2011-2012 Helicopter 19.85% -12.46% 47.69% -5.63% 25.22% Large/Long Range 4.89% -21.40% 17.45% 13.82% 8.15% Mid-size -4.42% -24.26% 1.62% -2.64% -10.00% Single/Turboprop 110.07% 17.58% 16.01% 0.17% -14.82% Small/Light -9.00% -25.64% 28.02% -13.67% -6.21% Bizliner -12.36% 144.98% -1471.42% -103.73% 0.42% Total -3.29% -22.07% 11.77% 5.91% -2.03% Nov 12, 2012

More frequent travel equals poorer health It is harder for frequent business travelers to stay healthy, according to a Columbia University study. The report notes that regular travelers had higher body mass indexes and obesity levels, and those on the road more than 20 nights per month were 2.61 times more likely to report being in poor health. Nov 12, 2012 1544-3760

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