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Mar 17, 2008

Airlines hope to eventually use biofuel to improve the efficiency of jetliners, lower their fuel costs and reduce emissions. "We want it. And unlike car drivers, we'll use it," said John Heimlich, chief economist of the Air Transport Association. He noted that airlines paid $41.2 billion for jet fuel last year, up from $15.2 billion in 2003. Mar 11, 2008

Carriers face shareholder resolutions on climate change. Two airlines are facing shareholder resolutions that would require them to report plans for cutting greenhouse gas emissions. Investors have filed 54 resolutions related to climate change and are asking retailers, homebuilders and other companies to provide details on how they will address climate change. Mar 10, 2008

Airlines looking for ways to become greener are reducing their fuel consumption, modernizing their equipment and investing in sustainable technology. Most airlines now use ground equipment powered by electricity. Meanwhile, airports are taking steps to incorporate environmental principles into new technology. Mar 10, 2008


Aviation must continue to make progress on climate change Airlines have become more efficient and environmentally friendly over the past 40 years, writes Airbus President Tom Enders in the Guardian. He says the industry must continue to collaborate in order to reduce carbon emissions. "It is essential that we rise to the environmental challenge or, as an industry, we can fully expect that regulatory authorities and governments will take matters into their own hands," Enders writes. "We must come together and move to the forefront of eco-efficiency. We must, and we can." Mar 14, 2008

Continental Airlines

Continental Airlines will start testing biofuels in the first half of next year as part of a partnership with Boeing and GE Aviation. The airline will conduct the first civilian biofuel demonstration flight in North America and may use a mixture of 50/50 kerojet and biofuel. Mar 13, 2008

Continental Airlines, Boeing, GE Aviation

Continental Airlines, Boeing and GE Aviation announced plans to conduct a biofuels demonstration flight in the first half of 2009 in an effort to identify sustainable fuel solutions for the aviation industry. Continental is the first major U.S. carrier to announce plans to highlight technological advancements in sustainable biofuels that can help to further reduce carbon emissions. The biofuel flight will use a Boeing Next-Generation 737 equipped with CFM International CFM56-7B engines. CFM is a 50/50 joint company of General Electric Company and Snecma (SAFRAN Group). In the months leading up to the flight, Continental, Boeing and GE will work together and with an undisclosed fuel provider to identify sustainable fuel sources that don't impact food crops, water resources or contribute to deforestation, and which can be produced in sufficient quantities to support a pre-flight test schedule that includes laboratory and ground-based jet engine performance testing to ensure compliance with stringent aviation fuel performance and safety requirements. Mar 13, 2008


EasyJet plane solution and it is no secret that their plane proposal shares many of the characteristics of the US propfan efforts in the late eighties and early nineties. The propfan system was expected to give 40 to 70 percent better fuel efficiency over turbofan engines of the time while still providing jet-like aircraft speeds. Historically, the two leading domestic commercial airplane builders, Boeing with its 7J7 and McDonnell Douglas Corp., were planning to introduce propfan engines, also known as ultra-high bypass engines, on new jetliners. Remember, fuel had risen to over $1 US per gallon and settled to half that after the crisis abated. Mar 13, 2008


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Date:Mar 17, 2008
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