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Travel Environment Watch - Europe.

New York, Geneva (AirGuide - Travel Environment Watch Europe) Jan 1, 2012

A4A, DOT A4A lauds DOT efforts against emissions trading scheme. Airlines for America has praised the Department of Transportation's efforts against the European Union's emissions trading scheme. "We applaud the government efforts to turn back the application of the unilateral scheme and to bring the EU and its member states back to the international negotiating table to implement the global sectoral approach framework provisionally agreed last year by the International Civil Aviation Organization," the A4A said. Dec 19, 2011

A4A, EU ETS ECJ decision isolates Europe from the rest of the world, says A4A. WednesdayOs ruling to include aviation in the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) by the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) Ofurther isolates the EU from the rest of the world and will keep in place a unilateral scheme that is counterproductive to concerted global action on aviation and climate change,O Airlines for America (A4A) said in an initial reaction. A4A said the CJEU Odid not fully address legal issues raised and has established a damaging and questionable precedent by ruling that the European Union can ignore the Chicago Convention and other longstanding international provisions that have enabled governments around the world to work cooperatively to make flying safer and more secure, and to reduce aviationOs environmental footprint.O A4A, together with two of its membersNUnited Continental and American AirlinesNinitiated the legal challenge to the EUOs inclusion of aviation in its ETS in 2009 and said it will review its options to pursue in the English High Court. The legal action was initially brought in a UK court, which referred the case to EUOs Court of Justice. IATA said it was disappointed at the CJEUO ruling to uphold EU plans to include international aviation in its ETS from 2012 and noted the decision represents a OEuropean legal interpretation of EU ETS.O OThe CJEU decision may reflect European confidence in European plans. But that confidence is by no means shared by the outside world where opposition is growing,O IATAOs DG and CEO Tony Tyler said. The legislation would prohibit U.S. aviation operators from complying with the European Union's emissions trading scheme on the basis that the plan violates U.S. sovereignty and, thanks in part to significant increased costs to the airlines, will imperil American jobs. It is estimated that the EU ETS would cost U.S. airlines USD3.1 billion between 2012 and year-end 2020. "[T]he EU ETS will increase costs in the industry significantly, which will reduce consumer demand, and will hamper airlines' and other operators' ability to invest in research and development and in new aircraft and equipment," the letter stated. EUOs climate commissioner Connie Hedegaard said Wednesday she was Overy satisfiedO with the ruling of EuropeOs highest court. OA number of American airlines decided to challenge our legislation in court and thus abide by the rule of law. So now we expect them to respect European law,O she said. Also the European Low Fares Airline Assn. (ELFAA) welcomed todayOs judgment and urged its colleagues in the industry Oto halt their resistance and lend their constructive support to the implementation of EU ETSO from January. OThe European Commission has rightly preferred EU ETS over all other options, including taxation, and views it as the MBM [market based measures] which will achieve the greatest environmental benefit at the lowest cost to society. Airlines are not being forced to change behavior but are rather incentivized to do so,O it said. Dec 22, 2011

Air France, Airbus Air France is laying claim to the world's lowest CO emissions commercial flight, after operating a service from Toulouse-Blagnac to Paris-Orly using a combination of 50% mix biofuel mix and new air traffic management technologies. Airbus said the Air France Airbus A321 was able to demonstrate how CO2 emissions could be halved in comparison to a regular flight. Using a 50:50 mix of conventional kerosene and bio-kerosene made from hydrogenated used vegetable oils, Air France said the flight also featured optimised flight procedures and a reduced on-board mass. It added that the optimised flight path using a higher cruising altitude and continuous descent, resulted in 10% less CO emissions than a traditional flight. Dec 30, 2012

Air India, Jet, Kingfisher India tells country's airlines not to submit data for ETS. The Indian government has instructed the country's airlines to avoid submitting carbon emissions data to the European Union. Air India, Jet Airways and Kingfisher Airlines are among Indian carriers that fly to Europe. India has joined several other countries in protesting inclusion in the EU's emissions trading scheme. Dec 19, 2011

Avon Companies must overcome consumer indifference, says Avon exec. Customers still don't care too much about how green their products are, says Avon CSR chief Susan Arnot Heaney, so it's incumbent upon brands not just to go green but also to create the demand for green products. That sometimes means working with competitors to implement industrywide changes, Heaney says. "Our goal is not just to do our purchasing sustainably, but also to help drive demand for sustainable palm oil and influence other bigger buyers," she adds. Dec 23, 2011

BP BP will close solar-power division, report says. BP is reportedly planning to shut down its BP Solar unit because of economic reasons, according to an internal e-mail. "Rapid manufacturing expansions have coincided with a slowdown in the growth of global demand," which has meant "intense competition and a fierce price war, and not enough demand to support all of the industry's hundreds of suppliers," noted Sam Wilkinson, an analyst at IMS Research. Dec 22, 2011

China Air Transport Assn., China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Hainan Airlines CATA to adjust EU ETS lawsuit strategy following CJEU ruling. The China Air Transport Assn. (CATA) is rethinking its lawsuit strategy against the European Union Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) in the wake of this weekOs Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU) ruling. Four Chinese carriersNAir China (CA), China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines and Hainan AirlinesNhad planned to file a lawsuit against EU ETS with the support of CATA. OWe wonOt change our clear-cut stance of opposing to EU ETS, although we have to adjust our lawsuit strategy owing to CJEU dismissal of Airlines for AmericaOs argument,O CATA deputy DG Chai Haibo said, without giving details. But CATA did say that it would seek to ensure that including international aviation in the EU ETS would not infringe upon the principles of customary international law or the open skies agreement between the EU and the US. Haibo said the Civil Aviation Administration of China and other Chinese government organizations are uniting to decide Ohow to confront with EU ETS or even take possible counter measures.O Local industry experts are calling on Beijing to put pressure on EU by reducing, or even canceling, Airbus aircraft orders. China Foreign Ministry spokesperson Liu Weimin told reporters Thursday that China opposes EUOs action of unilaterally implementing ETS from Jan. 1. Liu said that China has made its position Oquite clearO many times and also expressed concerns through bilateral channels to EU. OIn fact, many countries are opposed to EU ETS. So we hope EU can take no risks and settle this issue with China properly with a positive and pragmatic attitude.O IATA estimates the initial cost of the ETS in 2012 could be EUR900 million (USD1.2 billion), rising to EUR2.8 billion in 2020. According to CATA, EU ETS will cost Chinese carriers CNY800 million (USD123.6 million) annually. CATA said costs would keep rising to CNY3 billion in 2020 as flights increase between China and Europe. Dec 23, 2011

China Air Transport Association China reportedly plans lawsuit over EU emissions-trading scheme. The China Air Transport Association plans to file a lawsuit challenging the European Union's emissions-trading scheme. "We know that the prospect of victory is dim, but we want to show our firm opposition by launching a lawsuit," said Chai Haibo, deputy secretary of the organization. Dec 27, 2011

Dahlman Rose U.S. airlines need to prepare for EU emissions scheme, writer says. U.S. airlines must face the prospect of the European Union's emissions trading scheme, which is scheduled to go into effect Jan. 1. "Anybody that has to pay is most likely going to try to pass it on to the customer in the form of another tax," said Helane Becker, an analyst with Dahlman Rose & Co. Dec 19, 2011

Danone Danone's environmentally friendly culture. Danone has stayed true to company founder Antoine Riboud's model of a high standard of personal responsibility and societal awareness, according to this article. At each level of the value chain, company practices are in place to promote sustainability and aid underprivileged areas of society. Key in the success of theses efforts is encouragement from the top and bonuses for employees who reach social targets. Dec 28, 2011

Iceland Tourists seek natural fireworks in Iceland. Iceland offers travelers the opportunity to witness one of the wonders of the natural world: the aurora borealis, or northern lights. Travelers can seek this spectacle in the winter, where the lights provide a breathtaking visual experience against the backdrop of Iceland's pristine snowy lands. Dec 23, 2011

Qantas Airways Qantas is reviewing effect of EU ETS on fares, carrier says. Qantas says the European Union's emissions-trading scheme could cost the Australian carrier millions of dollars in 2012. "We'll be exposed to the European carbon price from January 2012, and we're reviewing our liability and considering what impact this may have on fares," a spokesman said. Qantas has decided to cancel flights from Bangkok and Hong Kong to London because of the emissions scheme. Dec 28, 2011

UPS UPS may alter routes to minimize EU emissions trading scheme. United Parcel Service may reroute flights to lessen the effect of the European Union's emissions trading scheme. Mitch Nichols, president of UPS Airlines, says the cargo carrier could add a stop in Mumbai, India, to a former direct route between Cologne, Germany, and Hong Kong. Although it's a longer trip, the route would incur emissions costs only from Germany to India. Dec 21, 2011

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