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Travel Business News - Latin America / Caribbean.

New York, West Palm Beach (AirGuideBusiness - Travel Business News Latin America / Caribbean) Oct 17, 2010

China, Dominican Republic The Bank of China and the Foreign Trade Bank of China will provide USD462 million in financing for a tourism project in the eastern Dominican Republic being led by Spanish investors, tourism officials in that Caribbean country said. The transaction marks the first Chinese capital investment in the Dominican Republic and will permit completion of the initial stage of the exclusive Punta Perla complex in the tourist resort of Punta Cana, located in the easternmost province of La Altagracia. The announcement was made Thursday at the end of Dominican Tourism Minister Francisco Javier GarciaOs meeting with Chinese and Punta Perla executives. The announcement was made Thursday at the end of Dominican Tourism Minister Francisco Javier GarciaOs meeting with Chinese and Punta Perla executives. Oct 14, 2010

Curaao The Dutch Caribbean island of Curaao is now an autonomous country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands as of Oct. 10, 2010. Curaao has been one of five island territories of the Netherlands Antilles, which has had its seat in Willemstad, Curaao, and no longer exists as of October 10, 2010. The installation of the first Prime Minister of Curaao, Prime Minister Gerrit Schotte, the youngest prime minister in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, at age 36, is an major event for Curaao. Curaao will now exclusively reap the benefit of taxes brought in from its rapidly developing tourist industry. The change in CuraaoOs status to that of being an independent nation within the Dutch Kingdom translates to more tax dollars available for tourism development. Now, greater resources will be available on-island to develop new port facilities and hotels, positioning Curaao for significant growth in its tourism product. Looking to 2011, Curaao said it is well-positioned, proving popular among sophisticated, upscale travelers, having been named as one of the O9 Top Spots for the Savvy Luxury TravelerO in a recent article on Curaao also has plans to increase airlift from the Eastern Seaboard in the coming months, which will further enhance tourism to the island. The new flight schedules are projected to launch by the end of 2010. Oct 11, 2010

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