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Mobile phones on ships are not a problem and several cruise companies are now offering (expensive satellite) connections through passenger's own mobile phone. Brittany Ferries have now taken the same route (at competitive prices) to allow customers to make and receive calls as they cross the Channel to France. This was planned before the current air travel crisis. Brittany Ferries is the largest operator on the western channel, with five routes to France and one to Spain and the most modern fleet on the Channel. Also on the mobile technology front the South East of England has launched a major campaign to advance wi-fi technology and drive commercial success throughout the region through a more widespread availability of wireless broadband. The Broadband East Sussex Partnership, one of nine sub-regional broadband partnerships in the South East, is the first to complete a network of hotspots that ensures that visitors to and residents of the region will never be more than a ten minute drive or five mile radius of a high speed wireless broadband connection. Aug 19, 2006

Satellite navigation system could cut carriers' fuel bills. A new performance-based navigation system could save carriers millions each year in fuel expenses. Airlines are eager to have the satellite-based system in place, citing not only fuel savings but better use of runways and airspace and less noise impact on communities. Aug 14, 2006


Boeing it has reached an agreement to acquire C-Map, a leading provider of digital maritime cartography, data services and other navigational information. C-Map will become a part of Jeppesen's marine division. Jeppesen is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Boeing Commercial Aviation Services. C-Map has significant operations throughout Europe, Australasia and the Americas. Aug 18, 2006

Boeing today announced that a detailed business and market analysis of Connexion by Boeing is complete, and the company has decided to exit the high-speed broadband communications connectivity markets. Boeing will work with its customers to facilitate an orderly phase out of the Connexion by Boeing service. Boeing acknowledged it was reviewing the Connexion business on June 26. This effort included an assessment of the market and discussions with existing customers and potential new business partners. Lufthansa, a Connexion customer, said the closing would have no "immediate impact" on its FlyNet service, available on most long-haul flights. Other carriers that have installed Connexion on at least some aircraft include Japan Airlines, ANA, SAS, China Airlines, Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, El Al and Singapore Airlines. Fewer than 150 aircraft are believed to be equipped with the service, well short of the thousands Boeing predicted six years ago. Several US airlines dropped plans to install Connexion in the aftermath of 9/11, dealing the program a major blow as it was just ramping up. Boeing said yesterday that the vast majority of its 560 Connexion employees likely will be. Aug 17, 2006

Boeing, Connexion

Connexion, Boeing's technically successful high-speed broadband communications system, is to be phased out. Boeing says that the market has not materialized in the way it expected, meaning that it can't see a profit at the end of the day. The high-speed wireless Internet system is currently offered on more than 180 routes daily worldwide by a number of airlines including Air China, ANA, Asiana, El Al, Etihad, Singapore and SAS. Lufthansa, another operator, is clearly miffed, reports indicating that the service has been well received by customers, with as many as 40 people using the service at one time on long haul flights. The client airlines are thought to be looking at alternative suppliers. Your editor was one of the first to try the system on a Lufthansa flight in 2004 (see left). Aug 19, 2006

Expedia, US Airways

Expedia signed a five-year contract with US Airways, making the carrier's inventory and services available on and its affiliated sites. Aug 14, 2006

Sabre Holdings, JetBlue Airways

Sabre, JetBlue sign content agreement. Sabre Holdings Corp. has signed a five-year, full-content agreement with JetBlue Airways. JetBlue's fares will be available to subscribers of Sabre's online travel reservation system. Aug 14, 2006
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