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IMPERIAL DISTRIBUTION HAS CLOSED UP SHOP, DOING AWAY with its popular Maple, Judah and 151 brands. After several alcohol-fueled years, 151 finally got cirrhosis, leaving new pro Pat Smith in the lurch once again. No news on Sam Hitz, but Chet "Screaming Lord Chalba" Childress has signed on with Jason Adams' Label sub-brand Six Gun. Maple riders up for grabs include Chad Knight, Daxter Lussier and radical ams Dan Roberts and Tyler Hansen. Judah's Satva Leung and co. will likely be shopping around as well. Maybe Smith and Frank Hirata will start another new company.

Up in NorCal, Dan "Corpsy" Drehobl has retired from Think to become the first rider for Gonz' Krooked, with Gest (sic) models in the works for Alex "Trainwreck" Gall and Matt "Hot Rod" Rodriguez.

The highly anticipated tradeshow boxing match between Kris "The Fist" Markovich and "Bad" Chad Fernandez was called off by Kris due to a wrist injury. "My skating comes first," said Markovich, who did not announce a make-up date for the event. Chad, meanwhile, has been taking out his aggression on giant handrails all over Southern California, including his beloved Hollywood 16. Concurrently The Nuge, Justin Roy, and KM were off the map hanging with the kanakas out in the Sandwich Islands. The Hollywood-goes-Hawaiian gig involved no commercial actions of any sort. Jeremiah Babb and Phil Kent have been added to the Consolidated team. Go Atlanta! No news as of yet on Stormy Pruett. In the chickens-coming-home-to-roost department, Jesse Paez has rejoined his lil' bro Richard and the rest of the Central Valley boys back at Consolidated, as well. East Coast powerhouse Alexis Sablone is a new am for The Firm. Yanni, the skater, apparently has turned pro.


Giant's new Populus line is taking shape with the dope dudes from New Deal, mixed with Kenny Reed and Cairo, who split with Real. The Deal is holding strong, don't you worry.

Call off the death watch, Point Loma High's well-known Leap of Faith has been removed during recent remodeling. In other spot clobbering, the San Diego bump over the ditch is no longer with us. RIP. On the brighter side, the Mission Valley YMCA park is up and running in San Diego with a giant vert ramp, a mellow street course and, best of all (if you're over 30), a sweet combi-pool built by Wally Hollyday. Full pads are required and the place is run by a team of gruff-but-lovable teenage girls with silky-smooth skin.

Keith Wilbur just happened to be rolling around nearby the Topanga Canyon ramp and he found a package addressed to Maria Shriver. Inside was a diamond bracelet. What did "Willie the Pearl" do? He returned it of course! Shriver's grateful husband Arnold Schwarzenegger swore his eternal friendship to Keith. The Terminator also dropped Tony Alva's name just to demonstrate that he was down.

The Quik-subsidized 16mm film These Colors Taste Like Music was not finished on its widely advertised due date, but was presented in its rough-cut version anyway. The flick, which highlights the skate-snow-surf-art-music-moto activities of Nathan Fletcher, was well received. It was hard to judge Fletcher's take since he went to the islands before the final-final was done. And how did Q film executive MJ take all of the last minute pressure? Some say his acerbic critique of one of the film's creator's lateness reeked of bug out. MJ's purported rant was instantly stopped when the unnamed filmmaker allegedly offered to perform some dental alteration on the spot.

The reconstituted Jay Adams is now being represented by PJ Mark, who operates out of the New York branch of the prestigious powerhouse International Marketing Group. The IMG represents such notable athletic celebs as Bobby Knight, the Williams sisters and Tiger Woods. IMG Literary is currently shopping around Jay's unexpurgated life story Fred Durst has also reportedly been calling Adams to get insight into how to direct the upcoming Lords of Dogtown feature film project. If all goes well Jay may be back on the mainland soon and perhaps working on the film, his book, his boards...


And how fares the bounty of big business? Fran Richards, the public face for the AOL-Time Warner-TWS combine, has left the corp. Ditto for long-time editor Miki Vucovich, who is favoring a change to video direction. Mega ad agency McElroy-FCB is said to have been axed from the Vans' campaign. Popular V-team manager Tim Sauers is also now absent from the shoe empire. One of the Hill brothers came over from OZ to baby-sit and peruse Dwindle, which is Globe's most blatant recent acquisition. Meanwhile back in Australia, the Globe owners made the country's most wealthy individuals list. The Skateboarder/Surfer cartel is losing their building in the latest Prime Media corporate absorptive strategy Many execs were made edgier when a tel-number with the 666 prefix mysteriously arrived on their desks in the middle of all the aforementioned trauma. Were they surprised when they called it and discovered it to be World founder Steve Rocco's private cell unit?

This year's installment of the Tim Brauch Memorial Skate Park Fund Contest will donate la-percent of the generated revenue to the family of Joe Lopes. The event will be held at the Vans Park in Milpitas, CA.

Mic-E Reyes and Ren Messer are collaborating with TNT on a spot for Fox television.

Ray Barbee played for a Laguna Art Museum showing of Thomas Campbell's film The Seedling. Campbell is working on films dealing with Tommy Guerrero and Twist Barry McGee.


Blue Bitch Crush the movie is so successful that there's talk of a sequel. More horrifying, is that this one supposedly will have more skating Brian Grazer, Crush mogul and alleged Malibu rider, has been seen near Papa Jack's skatepark. Is it recon? In the vicinity was Jonathan Paskowitz who is rumored to be Grazer's board coach.

Steve Olson went from headlining the Skate Punk 111 symposium at Seattle's Experience Music Project Museum to designing a piece of artwork which looked remarkably similar to a trade show booth. The booth, piece was so provocative that pieces of it were sold off after the trade show to art collectors. Can Olson be serious? Originally Steve had been scheduled to do a solo show at this time in New York's Mary Fauch Gallery.


"I lost my cherry to Tony Alva's sister in a closet in Bel Air." --Jay Adams

"I am a Mormon priest by day and I am a Krishna devotee by night and a skater by necessity." --Ray Flores

"The morons who run the skate industry are so boring that I just might have to take it all over again." --Steve Rocco

"Why he's a Crush icon? Eric Koston is the Tom Hanks of the skate world." --Blue Crush Culture

"America's national pastime is past its time. Donate old ballparks for new stakeparks."


I picked up the September 2002 issue end was stoked to see the spread on the Louisville Kentucky Park. A road trip was in order. When we got down there we couldn't believe our eyes. There was like 300 kids on all kinds of vehicles, mostly BMX, getting in everyone's way. We were having a tucking blast, It was a great session until 4:30am. I was taking a run down the line in the pipe and tell backwards off the wall taking a frontside turn. I smashed my heel on impact. Pretty much tore my toot right off. Geoff Shenk came and scraped me off the bottom of the pipe and took me to the hospital. They told me my ankle was broken in three places and required major reconstructive surgery. They couldn't get an orthopedist to come in at 6am on a Saturday to perform surgery, so they gave me six shots of Demerol and a script for Vicodin, wrapped my leg in a splint, and put me in our car back to Boston. I had to wait five days until surgery because he couldn't fit me into his schedule. I now have a metal plate, three pins, a nd about a dozen screws.

Gregg Bernstein, Boston, Massachusetts


Poser: Rachel Imhof

Crime: Power Puff Tailslizzy

Punishment: Knee pads


Joel Foltz of Vancouver, WA got branded by the SAD Corral. At least it's not an ankle tat
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