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Body count

TOY MACHINE KEEPS CRANKING WITH CHICAGO-TRANSPLANT-turned-IE hot shoe Josh Harmony frontside crooking onto the am roster along with ex-Firm bad boy Billy Marks. Rounding out the new recruits is Houston hellion Nate "Not the Bruiser" Broussard. Flip took another chance on a Yank, with PJ Ladd adding his technical American-ness to the squad and putting himself on a McCrankish deadline of two weeks to film a part for the Sorry video.

In addition to Flip, PJ signed up with the eS shoe program. In other Flip news, rumors of Penny moving to the States are--sadly--false, however there is talk of an eS signature kick to keep the fans happy. Meanwhile Arto has relocated to Barcelona with Antton and his special lady friend in tow.

Other new shoes include an Erik Ellington model on Emerica and a Bastien Salabanzi for Vans. Earlier reports of the end of the popular Chad Knight signature shoe on Osiris were grossly incorrect, as the big fella is fully recovered from a broken leg and ripping the streets of SD. No reprieve on T-Bone, however. Jason "The Kid" Adams gave up his slot at Vans for a shot at a shoe on Duffs.

Rotten apples

Hsu York? Jerry Hsu is rumored to be relocating to the Big Apple by way of the O'Dell house. Yo, dogs! Hide yer spotz!

In Zero news, Scottish legend John Rattray is rumored to be slipping his dogs into Saviers. The big chief, JT, has reportedly parted ways with Innes.

The wrestling poet may be gone, but Black Label has added Cacka upstart Pat "the Street Rake" Rakestraw to the am list. The Label offices were recently ransacked, with hundreds of custom boards stolen only to be traded for cash at Play-it-Again-Sports. Bounty hunter Black Tom is reportedly on the case and the perp is as good as caught--scumbag.

Think life after the Bones Brigade is all wine and roses? Powell whipping boy Mike McGill has recently leant his endorsement to some very modestly-priced shoes and boards available at Wad-Mart. The kicks, which retail for the unheard-of price of $17, are displayed on elaborate cardboard displays featuring McGill in a full-tilt crail slide attack! If this trend continues (which, shit, let's hope it does), look for Steve Schneer shoes from Target and Lonnie Hiramoto boards from Safeway.

Bob Burnquist added a loop to his already monstrous backyard ramp complex, with the bonus of a removable top for mid-loop gap jumping and even a slappy bar for inverted grinding. Other Bob projects include a slot on Hawk's Skate Circus tour and a cable Pay-Per-View special set to include Koston, among others.

Hot sides

Fabrizio "The Breeze" Santos had a minor moped accident in Thailand requiring a short hospital visit. And since it's Thailand, you know Kenny Reed was there along with close friend Cairo Foster.

Bootleg added some raw meat in the form of handrail trickster Scott Kane and ex-Consolidated soldier Van Wastell. NHS-sister brand Santa Cruz enlisted Greg Myers, who has been getting offers from all over town.

Fu Manchu (the group) has signed with Gravity Skateboards.

Slayer is fronting Pig Wheels (the industrial conglomerate political reeducation front) propaganda imagery on stage.

Feet street

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Templeton went on the Texas tour with Fugazi. This interaction so disrupted Ed's psyche that he showed up in Avalon town on Catalina Island at a slalom contest Inn Mackaye of Fugazi was tweaked enough by the Templeton twins that he went off on a Glen E Friedman book signing tour. Naturally this ended in disaster in a shopping mall in Orange Califas where someone was observed forging Friedman's signature. The hosts of the affair claimed they did not know the bogus signer was an impostor. Ian was observed skulking away into the night shortly thereafter.

Vans, the original skate shoe maker (according to figures appearing in Forbes and the Wall Street Journal financial publications) is prosperous to the tune of 400 million dollars or so annually. The Journal detailed Vans astute marketing savvy and somewhat lampooned the efforts of Beaverton behemoth Nike to enter the skate market. "Just don't do it" is a typical quote. The story also delineated some of the trials and tribulations of trying to promote the Dogtown and Z-Boys motion picture, This major expose came on the heels of Vans' formation of a records division.

Jay Adams has been designing his new shoe with David Hackett's assistance. DH claims that the new product "is revolutionary." A prototype effort looked a lot like an old Converse Chuck Taylor with a re-worked toe cap.

The femme du fashionistas of Resurrection in New York City are claiming that gentine surplus skate gear is the next big thing in culture and couture.

Lisa Eisner, the photographer and publisher whom is reputed to have a huge collection of vintage polyester '70s team skate threads as well as Sammy Davis Jr's personal wardrobe, appeared in Harper's Bazzar rag attired in same.

Wes Bulldog Humpston and Wynn Metropole Miller are exhibiting together in Silverlake, CA at Ghetto Gloss.

The Venice cartel crashed a Big Brother gig in Orange County and was subjected to a number of rigorously racist comments. A goodly number present claimed they were representing some Aryan Nation group. Several individuals rushed forth but it was a standoff. Will this be the end or will payback be a bitch?

Bradley Dorfman has been shaking the Vision thing around lately, and curious old-schooling lessons have been falling out. What's up exactly no one knows, except that Vision employees appear alternately excited and alarmed. What's next from this venerable brand? Maybe Eric Dressen designs? Or what about retro Vision shoes endorsed by Duane Peters? Also, Beer City changes are rumored to be afoot. Is the presence of a certain ex-Vans man the culprit responsible for Vision's abrupt change of direction?

Scient tology

The RDH factor was at epidemic proportions at the Dogtown and Z Boys round of film openings. Glen E Friedman, the film's associate producer, wins honors for his NY tirade at the Sony-hosted event where he allegedly loudly proclaimed Tom Bernards--the head of Sony Classic--to be "a worthless pile of shit." Tom later told Time Out New York that Sony had no relationship with Friedman whatsoever. Now that sounds pretty good Tom, but besides GEF being credited as a producer on the film you are distributing doesn't your poster and film website have Friedman's photos on them? Only in Hollywood could noteworthy beings such as Cameron Diaz, Tony Alva, Juliette Lewis, Steve Berra, Rose Tarlow, Anthony Kiedis, Henry Rollins, The escalantes, Jeff Ho, Jay Wilson, Allen Sarlo, James Muir, Ian MacKaye, Jeff Ament, Scott Oster, Tom Hayden, Barbara Williams, David Spade, Kent Sherwood, Jennifer Valentine, Paul Crowder, Agi Orsi, Chuck Dukowski, Jonathon Paskowitz, Stephen Nemeth, Melanie Berry, Zach De la Rocha, Bruce Gilbert , Takuji Masuda, Steve Van Doren, Gary Schoenberg, Skip Engblom, Teresa Craft, Sean Penn, Block, Ray Flores, Cris Dawson, Shogo Kubo, Paul Constantineau and Chris Cahill etc. all watch Bob Biniak choking Wentzle Ruml on the real. Or see the fire marshall chase 100 people out of the theatre for crowd control. Or see the cops barging into the screening in search of evil burning hemp. Or witness Ozzy Osbourne's and the Market Street clique's entire rows exit in protest over the Jay Adams sequence. Or see Stacy Peralta's teary induction of Sean Penn onto the Z-Boys team. Or see the lawyers maneuvering as one of the original boys reportedly threatened to shut the entire juggernaut down until the Z-Boys profit participation clause was clarified to everyone's satisfaction.

World report

The far-flung business interests of Steve Rocco are a perennial topic of discussion amongst the industrialists. Now it seems the World Industries founder is focusing directly on the obtainment of vast quantities of precious metals. Steve's latest venture is a gold mining partnership with the legendary Jesse Martinez. No one knows the secret location of Jesse's claim, not even Rocco.

Natas Kaupas is now art directing from the front row at the Fantasy Island flesh circus on Pico Boulevard in West LA. Otherwise Natas can be seen trolling the bottom-most dens of iniquity in New York with his design associate David Carson.

Steve Vadilla got hitched at the Skatelab in Simi with TA as best man.

My line

"I'm 15-feet down and about seven-feet away from the bedrock, and man, it smells rich."

Jesse Martinez

"As extreme goes max Nike nips at skate shoe icon."

Headline, the Wall Street Journal

"So my old board sells on E-Bay for $3,500. I could be disgusted by that or I could be proud of that. I choose to be neither."

Bob "Bullet" Biniak

"You can't trust anyone in life. So why not trust your business partner."

Steve Rocco

"STACY PERALTA: Looks like a young Kid Rock"

Reputed to be from the movie script Lords of Dogtown, written by Stacy Peralta

"If Sean Penn is being made a Z-Boy, does that mean that we'll get to watch him being jumped in?

Steve Olson


Even the top guns get broke. Tosh Townend under the knife for a thorough ankle floss


Posers: Rob Franklin

Crime: Darkslizy

Punishment: Tensor Tour


Nate Jones ponders the hardest job in the biz--skate shutterbug. Just ask Morftechs


Some people say they're down, Mike Henkin of Northridge, WA, can back his shit up

Joel Foltz of Vancouver, WA, has a stained wrist and skating coursing through his veins
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