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THE TAMPA AM WENT OFF WITH A REPORTED 200 ENTRANTS, 150 of which were rippers. Caswell snagged the top spot just ahead of secret new Brazilian Flip am Danny Cerezini, who is 14 and rumored to be on par with Bastien. Josh "The Stormin' Mormon" Maready grabbed best trick honors and Larry Perkins once again awarded the winner the keys to a brand new (to him) car, aptly titled "Caswell's Whip." Ams rumored to be taking the post-Tampa pro plunge: Tosh, Chris Cole, and The Lutzka.

Jeremy "J-Wray" Wray has returned to his beloved Indys along with Danny Barley, who left Element and Innes but signed on with Quicksilver. Independent has inducted Alex "Trainwreck" Gall into the order. Natas Kaupas is doing some design work for Quiksilver as well.

In an Osiris shake down Scott Pazelt and Chad Knight got demoted to flow. Rumors of a new Osiris-sponsored board company for Tyrone "T-Bone" Olson are also going around, with Dave "Not Leaf Boy" Coyne as co-conspirator.

Savier expanded their line-up, adding superams Jesse Silvey and Jani Laitiala, while Karl Watson's kind new Organika skateboards will be guided along the bay blocks by boy wonder Seth Cheeks from 4:20 'til the sun goes down. Practitioner of unusual tricks, Emeric Pratt, is on Iota now.

Adam McNatt will be cutting off the tops of ralls to shred them on Media Skateboards.

Tommy "The Brain" Budjanec has left his Media slot to shred for Status, who are no longer just elevating the amateur, but the professional as well, including Paul Zitzer and some as-of-yet unnamed East Coast talent.


Kenny Anderson will rock Quattro wheels, but not on Hawk's new vert ramp because he's more of a street skater. Speaking of the Bird, reports of a giant vertical structure sprouting up in Chris Borst's Oceanside, California backyard are going around with area vert dogs grabbing their PD's and runnin' in anticipation.

Zero skateboards has become the sole property of Jamie Thomas, who, through his Black Box distribution company, also slangs Innes, Monster and other popular brands. In unrelated Zero news, Matt "Mutt" Mumford became a homeowner with a sweet spread that features, among other amenities, G&R piped into every room. Jesse "Street" Fritsch also signed his life away buying a new Encinitas home across the street from the dude from Blink 182.

Heath Kirchart on a cross-country Harley Tour? The truth can be stranger than fiction.

Watch out crossing the street 'cause 16-year-old Foundation flimer Danny "Wee D" Jaffee got his license and is presently sketchily piloting a friggin' BMW from spot to spot. Any self-respecting crack head that doesn't try and car jack a 16-year-old who looks 13 driving a Beemer should have his pipe taken away and be forced to get a real job. Another Beemer pilot is new driver Mark Appleyard, who bought Arto's old 3 Series and has managed to scare the pants off of every one of his friends with his skate-influenced approach to roadway travel.


Real Skateboards throws caution and money to the wind as their ams hi-jack Nate Jones and the van and head out on a Southern-fried am tour with JT Aultz, Chris Trembley, Dennis Busenitz, and Damien Bravo. Cairo, Huf, Max, and Mark will be flying in to make sure Nate is OK. Look for this to be the first in a series of Skull Chest Presents videos, murdered together by Thunder guy Jasin Phares. Gonz persists in refusing to drive, even though he owns an operational Mercedes Benz.

Warner Brothers has released the rather suspicious Most Vertical Primate starring Alex Chalmers, Ryan Sheckler, and Bob Burnquist. (Actually Bernie The Chimp who plays Jack The Chimp in the film gets top billing.) All of this animal action has inspired Bob to found an organic farm. watch for homegrown produce and fruits in Bob's Melodia restaurant in Leucadia, CA.

Also expect to witness the little monkey Bernie on a national tour, "intended to reach out to the core sport audience." In the drippingly sincere words of MVP producer Robert Vince, "I wanted the skateboarding community to know that even though this is a movie about a chimpanzee that skates, the chimp really does it and that's what makes it fun."

For seven years, the Portland Oregon Skate Church has combined a skatepark with obligatory religious indoctrination. To skate you must "volunteer" to listen to a mandatory half-hour sermon. The church's success is proclaimed by many to demonstrate a rise in Christian skate awareness. Are salvation and mind control synonymous?

More alarming enlightenment is available via a scary website that displays the work of longtime Skateboarder staff member and Transworld cover boy Jim Goodrich. In this self proclaimed "Good Dog" site, full frontal male nudity shares space with skateboarding and dating tips. Is this real? Is this normal? Do we really need these explicit insights into the making of a mass media man?

The flick Dogtown and Z Boys continues to rack up praise. Most recently the production premiered in Australia to strong reviews. In the US the trailer for Sony Classics April release of it has appeared on 2,000 screens. The documentary has made the top 10 of the Academy Awards in nominations for its category. DTZB has also been nominated for an Independent Spirit Award.

David Hackett and Steve Olson are fronting Black Leather Racing.

Assertive type Justin McCormack is said to be representing Jay Adams, Hackett, and Pineapple among others. Justin is also organizing an art exhibition at Los Angeles' Petersen Automotive Museum. Discussed artists and collaborators include Steve Olson, Douglas Nason, Shepard Fairey, Pat Ganahl, and the estates of Von Dutch Howard and Ed "Big Daddy" Roth.

The energetic Jay Adams has been giggling at Black Fly's House Of Flys in Honolulu. His skate activities arouse speculation, as he is simultaneously rumored to be on Black Box, 110% Skateboarder, and Z Flex. Tony Magnusson is believed to have conceived of a $100,000 plus shoe deal involving Jay and Osiris. Christian Hosoi is additionally conjectured to be involved.

What do you do if the city busts your ramp? Rick McCrank went and opened an art/skate/clothing shop in Vancouver, Canada that just may be home to his old ramp. The shop is called "AntiSocial." Nice.

A new, old-stock Red Dog Dogtown skate is said to have netted $8,000 on EBay. Hand made Skip Engblom boards are next on the auction block. Bob "Bullet" Biniak and Jim Muir are believed to be doing a DTS joint release.

The USPA was also slinging autographed boards on EBay to support the union. The National Football League Player's Association is also lending financial backing to the United Professional Skateboard Association.

Willy Santos, Donny Barley, and Dave Brummet are the board of directors for the emergent organization.

Canadian chronicler Michael Brook is out promoting another new book called Skate Legends, which promises to "showcase 150 skateboarders from the last 40 years." With a claim like that, who isn't going to argue?

"I've got to have money before I even think." --Steve Olson

"You are my perfect dream guy. Let's get married." --Jim Goodrich

"Dude, the punishment that Jesus suffered--that punishment was totally gnarly."

--Gerald Griffin, Portland skate pastor

"Don't you get sick of the Sex Pistols after a few songs?"

--Mark Gonzales

"Why? I can just use yours and then you'll get all the cancer."

--Ed Templeton, on why he won't get a cellphone

"I rolled off a curb." --Mark Appleyard, on his driving test

"I'm very fragile right now." --Geoff Rowley, on the last month of filming

"If you read through TRASH and don't see your name, you're stoked."

--Jamie Thomas
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Date:Apr 1, 2002
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