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Trash receptacles. (Welcome to: kitchen tools & accessories).


Antibacterial inner bins, bag fasteners, and slip-resistant bottoms have made high-end trash receptacles remarkably high-tech houseware items for kitchen and bath. Are your customers aware of the latest and greatest innovations in this category? Educational signage and creative merchandising are the best way to avoid a "bin there, done that" attitude amongst your customers. Hidden under sinks or tucked into corners, unsightly trashcans are nuisances that are last on consumers' shopping lists. Put your best trash receptacles in a heavily trafficked area of your store to remind customers whose trash bins have become "has bins" that they need to upgrade.


Want your customers to go gaga for upscale trash receptacles? Appeal to parents-to-be. Expectant moms and dads spend many a weekend outfitting Junior's room with enough onesies, bottlebrushes, and diaper cream for quintuplets. One of their most important purchases is a high-quality diaper pail. Skimping on this necessity is punishable by two to four years of malodorous misery. A high-quality trash receptacle in the two- to four-gallon size provides the perfect solution for this potential problem. Capture the attention of new and expectant parents with a display that features your smaller trash receptacles decked out in pink and blue bows. Use pastel pink and blue signage to explain important features, such as: Tight-fitting lids that control diaper odor; easy-to-remove, bacteria-resistant liners; solid, stainless steel construction; and nonskid bottoms--a welcome safety feature in a baby room Draw additional attention to your display with an oversized basket or bassinet filled with the pretty, yet practical items new parents will need most. If you carry plasticware for children, bottlebrushes, bottle warmers, etc., you're all set. If not, new parents need items like blenders for pureeing homemade baby food, cookbooks featuring kid-friendly recipes, new dishtowels, and antibacterial everything! Invite customers to fill out an entry form for an opportunity to win the baby basket at the end of your promotion. Include a space on each entry form where customers may enter their addresses and their babies' due dates. Create a database from the completed entry forms. One year after the due date indicated on each entry form, send each family a birthday card complete with a 10-percent discount off of any item in your store.


Antibacterial qualities--nothing excites germ freaks and clean geeks more. From antibacterial soap to bacteria-resistant cutting boards to trash receptacles with antibacterial liners, we all take comfort in cleaner kitchens and bathrooms. Appeal to customers from the casual cleaner to the most fastidious scrubber with a Clean Sweep Display that cross-merchandises products designed to help purchasers keep a cleaner home. A trash receptacle with an antibacterial liner is the ideal focal point for this display. Use signage to explain why the featured trash bin is easy to keep clean. Highlight the high-end trashcan's durable stainless steel design, rounded edges for easy cleaning, smell-stopping lids, and easy-to-remove, antistick liner. Round out your display with kitchen soaps, dustpans. brooms, and other quality cleaning products. Since organization plays an important role in all household cleanup jobs, be sure to include the space-saving and organizational products you carry in this display. The compact, sleek designs of upscale trash receptacles make them a perfect fit for any kitchen or bathroom.


High-quality trash receptacles that feature dual waste sorters for recycling and garbage, small bins for bathrooms and baby rooms, and medium to large trash receptacles with lids openable via foot pedals or push buttons are available. In other words, there's a trash bin that's perfect for every customer's needs. Promote the features that separate upscale bins from those at the bottom of the barrel with a Build a Better Bin Display that emphasizes a high-quality trash receptacle's good points. Create a sign that replicates blueprints for a high-tech trash receptacle. Use arrows to point out the handsomely constructed bin's most important features and benefits. For example, trash receptacles with push-button lids are an excellent match for people who find foot pedals difficult to use. Easily removable liners that are a snap to clean, fasteners that keep trash bags from slipping and making a mess, and nonskid bottoms that protect flooring are just some of the features worth highlighting. Anyone who has ever experienced a leaky trash bag knows how difficult it can be to clean an outdated trashcan. Some of today's upscale trash receptacles feature liners with a nonstick coating. Even if the bag breaks, cleanup is a breeze. Your attention-grabbing Build a Better Bin signage will entice customers who previously didn't realize they needed to trash their old trashcans to invest in the best.


Play up the practicality of using small high-end trash bins for dirty diapers with a pastel pink and blue baby inspire display aimed at expectant parents.

Cross-merchandise all of your antibacterial and cleaning products, including trash receptacles with bacteria-resistant liners, with a Clean Sweep Display.

Encourage customers to upgrade to better trash receptacles with a Build a Better Bin Display that emphasizes the high-quality construction and innovative designs of today's upscale trash bins.
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Date:Aug 1, 2003
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